Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1792 - 1792 Liu Jie's Choice!

Chapter 1792 - 1792 Liu Jie's Choice!

1792 Liu Jie’s Choice!

When other feys evolved, they would only be improved in one way. The improvement would only be slight.

Not even the improvements that occurred to Genius and Chimey after their bloodlines transformed were as significant as that of the Insect Queen.

The Insect Queen’s evolution boosted its combat power and benefited it in attack, defense, support, control, and scouting.

At that moment, Lin Yuan finally understood why the Insect Queen took up all of its contractor’s spiritual energy and prevented its contractor from ever contracting any other fey.


After every mutation and evolution, the Insect Queen would become even more ferocious.

At that moment, everything that Lin Yuan had been guessing and unsure of cleared up.

Although a fey’s evolution seemed ideal, it would still be lacking in some way.

For example, after the Insect Queen evolved, the Execution Blade Insect could now cut through bone when the Flesh-Mincing Blade Insect used to be unable to.

Liu Jie used the Hurricane Owlet Moths for scouting and not combat.

Thus, its ability to hide was improved when it transformed into the Lonely Night Hurricane Moth.

This made Lin Yuan aware that he could use special methods to guide a fey’s ability in his desired direction.

Lin Yuan wanted to test if he could continuously guide a fey to the point that it developed the ability he wanted.

Lin Yuan looked up at Liu Jie and said, “Big Brother Liu, if the Insect Queen fought Qian Yu now, it would definitely be able to hold him back for twice as long as it had.”

Although the Insect Queen had improved in all ways, it would still be difficult for it to roll grades to defeat a young Freedom Envoy like Qian Yu.

Nonetheless, it would already be very impressive for it to be able to hold him back for twice as long as it had.

Once the Insect Queen reached Suzerain X/pinnacle Myth II, it would be difficult for Qian Yu to defeat the Insect Queen without using the Diving Songstress.

After all, once the Insect Queen reached Suzerain X/pinnacle Myth II, it would be able to use up protein to produce feys of the same grade as itself.

Although Liu Jie was happy over his increase in power, he did not feel cocky or satisfied in the slightest because Lin Yuan was still unimaginably more powerful.

Liu Jie had always been doing his best to chase after Lin Yuan. He only hoped that he did not fall too far behind Lin Yuan because that would make him useless as Lin Yuan’s sword or shield.

“Lin Yuan, you said that you’re going to go off to train soon. Take me with you! Three of the insect-species carcinoma feys that the Insect Queen controlled died during the battle. I want to fill up the empty spots as well as combine the insect-species carcinoma feys that are very beneficial to the insect tide with the Firefly Demon Fetuses to turn them into fairies.”

Liu Jie had only combined the Firefly Demon Fetus with the Blade Queen Bee so far to turn it into a four-winged fairy with intelligence that could comprehend Willpower Runes.

It was now able to advance to higher levels instead of being stuck as a Normal fey that would have been unable to evolve to Fantasy Breed.

Liu Jie had been thinking about which insect-species carcinoma feys he should combine with the Firefly Demon Fetuses.

He only had a few of the Firefly Demon Fetuses and had to be cautious with his use of them.

As the Insect Queen’s spiritual energy increased, it would be able to control more insect-species carcinoma feys.

This gave Liu Jie two possible paths to go down.

The first path would involve Liu Jie fusing the most dangerous insect-species carcinoma feys with the Firefly Demon Fetuses to turn them into ultimate weapons.

The other path would be for Liu Jie to evolve the insect-species carcinoma feys that would greatly support the Insect Queen’s combat system. This would turn Liu Jie into the weapon instead.

The Insect Queen’s transformation led Liu Jie to choose the second path.

His power was the root of everything.

Moreover, Diamond/Legend insect-species carcinoma feys could already create catastrophic disasters.

In some special circumstances, such as when he was faced with the territory of water created by Long Tao and Qian Yu, Liu Jie managed to use the Diamond X/Legend Quiet Floating Hat Insect to turn the entire area of water into glue.

If the Quiet Floating Hat Insect’s power evolved again, its fundamental abilities would not change much.

Now that Liu Jie had made his decision, he planned on going into seclusion for a few days.

Then, all he had to do was to wait for the insect-species carcinoma feys that transformed into fairies to evolve into Fantasy Breed.

In the time to come, all Liu Jie wanted was to perform his duty as a retainer.

He had found out about Lin Yuan’s plans for the Startling Lines Continent in a previous conversation.

Although the Startling Lines Continent did not have a single Class 5 Creation Master, the Divine Wood, Iron Hammer, and Great Lush Federations had existed for centuries.

Although the three federations had been secretly attacking each other all this time, none of them had been able to take down the other. This meant that a dynamic had been formed between the three federations. Another way to put it would be an amazing balance.

When an outsider like Lin Yuan inserted himself into the scene, he would undoubtedly end up targeted by the three federations.

Liu Jie had accompanied Lin Yuan to train in the Divine Wood Federation before.

There had been dangers both within and outside the city.

Although Lin Yuan was powerful enough to handle this issue, Liu Jie still wanted to stay by Lin Yuan’s side and contribute.

When Lin Yuan heard what Liu Jie said, he smiled and said, “Big Brother Liu, I was just about to tell you that we’re going to head to the Divine Wood Federation in a few days. We will probably be there for a very long time before we return.”

Previously, Lin Yuan had felt no rush for his plans regarding the Startling Lines Continent. But now that he knew that the things that could complete Morbius came from the dimensional worlds, Lin Yuan could not help but be anxious to explore the dimensional worlds.

Thus, he needed to speed up his plans and try his best to settle everything within the Startling Lines Continent in six months.

While Lin Yuan and Liu Jie were talking, they arrived at the Return from Faraway Mansion.

The Radiance Hundred Sequence selection and battle had taken less than four days, meaning Lin Yuan had only been apart from the Return from Faraway Mansion for four days.

Yet, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie both felt completely different now from when they left home four days ago.

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