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Chapter 1796 - 1796 The Goddess of Mercy's Suggestion!

Chapter 1796 - 1796 The Goddess of Mercy's Suggestion!

1796 The Goddess of Mercy’s Suggestion!

Even a moment after the Goddess of Mercy appeared, the elderly man was still silent.

The Goddess of Mercy was quickly weighing her options to decide the attitude to take when she communicated with the Moon Empress or, rather, the Radiance Federation.

The Goddess of Mercy was still a member of the Freedom Federation’s royalty. Given this status, she should not be communicating with the enemy in the Radiance Sacred Hall.

However, the Goddess of Mercy had no choice.


Now that Qian Yu was dead, Lin Yuan was her only hope.

If Lin Yuan had not displayed that mermaid bloodline that was even stronger than Qian Yu’s, Lu Ou would not have needed to summon Na Na as the Goddess Mercy would have stepped in to save Qian Yu.

She would do this because she had the reason for needing to increase her power.

This was also the reason she had come to this place.

Any federation’s member of royalty who possessed decent power would be aware that she had managed to walk down heaven’s path by making use of the mermaid bloodline.

However, it had always been her greatest secret that she needed to obtain the affection of the mermaid emperor clan in order to increase her power.

Only Second Page Revival, the Mirror God, and the God of Fools were aware of this secret.

There was no way that the Goddess of Mercy would allow the Radiance Federation to find out about this.

After all, Lin Yuan was from the Radiance Federation. If they found out about her secret and one of their members of royalty used him to advance their power first, the Goddess of Mercy would lose all hope.

In the past, the Goddess of Mercy had searched far and wide for a lifeform that possessed the mermaid bloodline.

After searching for half a year, during which one of the potential targets died, she finally found Qian Yu.

Hence, the Goddess of Mercy might even be more worried for Lin Yuan’s safety than the Radiance Federation was.

The Goddess of Mercy always regarded the Moon Empress as absolute scum.

Regardless of what the reason was, the member of royalty she had invested a mountain of resources into and was about to awaken the mermaid emperor bloodline had been killed by the Moon Empress while on a mission to the Radiance Federation.

If the Goddess of Mercy had not come to the Radiance Sacred Hall with the intention of protecting Qian Yu, she would have attacked the Moon Empress and fought her to the death.

But at that moment, the Goddess of Mercy felt no resentment toward the Moon Empress. Rather—she could not hate her now because she was Lin Yuan’s master.

She would need to go through the Moon Empress first before she would be able to gain Lin Yuan’s affection.

During the confrontation between Na Na and the Moon Empress, the latter had stood in front of Lin Yuan.

From the way that Lin Yuan looked at the Moon Empress, the Goddess of Mercy could tell how close Lin Yuan and the Moon Empress were.

While the gears in the Goddess of Mercy’s head were turning, the Moon Empress’ brow was deeply furrowed.

The elderly man reached out and touched the armrest of his wheelchair as he said, “Goddess of Mercy, you made the effort of using your birth horoscope to arrange a meeting with us and returned to the Radiance Federation just to stare at us? I’m very old. If that’s the case, I won’t continue to waste time being here.”

The Goddess of Mercy pursed her lips.

The Goddess of Mercy had three possible options in her mind. All of them would take away from her profits.

There was nothing that the Goddess of Mercy hated more than her profits being harmed. Hence, she decided to bring up the plan that would provide her with the most profits first.

“Moon Empress, the young man known as Black or Lin Yuan is your disciple, right?”

The Moon Empress frowned when she heard what the Goddess of Mercy said because she still remembered how the Goddess of Mercy had publicly asked Lin Yuan to be her favored expert and tried to take him back to the Freedom Federation.

At that time, the Moon Empress had been so enraged that she almost attacked the Goddess of Mercy.

Lin Yuan was the most important person to the Moon Empress, and she would not allow anyone to poach him.

This was not a matter of pride but the Moon Empress’ instinctive reaction.

But when the Moon Empress heard what the Goddess of Mercy said, she did not feel any uncontrollable anger this time.

The Goddess of Mercy’s saying such a thing publicly could have been understood as her becoming interested in Lin Yuan’s talent and being overwhelmed by excitement.

However, the Moon Empress could not understand why the Goddess of Mercy was saying such a thing now.

The Moon Empress knew that the Goddess of Mercy had become interested in Lin Yuan for some reason.

From the way she went out of her way to arrange to meet with the Moon Empress to discuss this matter, it meant that she was determined to obtain Lin Yuan.

This caused the Moon Empress’ urge to kill to spike.

The Moon Empress glanced a look at the elderly man, and he immediately understood the look in her eyes.

The Moon Empress wanted him to attack and kill the Goddess of Mercy together with her.

Although a fight between the Radiance Federation and Freedom Federation was inevitable, attacking the Goddess of Mercy would bring forward the timeline of the battle between the two federations, regardless of whether they were able to seriously injure or kill the Goddess of Mercy.

Currently, the mirror cities of the Radiance Federation were still being built. They needed at least a year to finish construction.

Thus, the Radiance Federation had to make good use of the two years before the Major Federation Meeting.

It would not be easy to kill the Goddess of Mercy.

The Moon Empress’ desire to attack the Goddess of Mercy was backed up by the fact that the Rabbit Emperor’s power had also evolved.

However, no one knew if the Goddess of Mercy had accumulated any secret weapons after triggering her birth horoscope long ago.

If they started fighting in the Radiance Sacred Hall, they would put the lives of the people that lived in the Royal Capital at risk.

However, the elderly man knew that the Moon Empress’ heart was set.

At this moment, the Goddess of Mercy went on to say, “Moon Empress, I am willing to trade all the resources from the Freedom Federation desired by the Radiance Federation in exchange for Lin Yuan.”

The Moon Empress and elderly man were stunned.

Although the Moon Empress still wanted to kill the Goddess of Mercy, she still started examining the Goddess of Mercy in a new light.

The Goddess of Mercy had essentially betrayed the Freedom Federation.

Neither the Moon Empress nor the elderly man would have expected such an outcome.

Both of them were suspicious of why the Goddess of Mercy wanted Lin Yuan so badly, to the point that she was willing to make such a decision.

The Goddess of Mercy had said what she said while scrutinizing the Moon Empress’ face to observe if any changes took place.

The Goddess of Mercy felt that her offer should have been enough to be accepted because it would bring unimaginable profits to the Radiance Federation.

This would give the Radiance Federation the advantage over the Freedom Federation in the upcoming fight.

However, the Moon Empress’ expression told the Goddess of Mercy that her offer was about to be turned down.

Although the Moon Empress was interested in the Goddess of Mercy’s offer, her determined expression proved that she had zero intention of giving up her disciple.

Now that the Goddess of Mercy knew what answer was coming, she did not give the Moon Empress the chance to voice it and went on to make her second offer known.

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