Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392: Insects All Over the Courtyard

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The giant dark green armored insect and the fiery brown and golden monkey flanked Jian Li. They immediately prepared themselves to take on the large black flood dragon.

When the guards summoned their feys, Lin Yuan checked on them using True Data. He learned that one of them was the Diamond X/Fantasy IV Armored Wood Reflect Insect while the other was the Diamond X/Fantasy V Explosive Fire Golden Monkey.

The Armored Wood Reflect Insect’s abilities and exclusive skills were impressive, and it had the ability to reflect damage. However, it had much less potential than Chu Ci’s Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly.

As for the Explosive Fire Golden Monkey, it was a combat-type fey with both physical and elemental attacking skills. There was nothing special about its abilities, but its dual attacking skills meant that it did not have any weaknesses.

Both the Armored Wood Reflect Insect and the Explosive Fire Golden Monkey were pinnacle Fantasy Breed feys. The Explosive Fire Golden Monkey was only one step away from being able to receive the World Cleansing and evolving to Myth Breed.


This meant that the two armored men in front of the short boy were pinnacle king-class experts.

Lin Yuan had come to Phoebe Zhennan City to see Luo Ya and obtain the Item-Storing Walnut Trees from here.

He also wanted to see if any feys like the Clear Sunshine Flower were being sold on Phoebe Zhennan City’s market. This would allow him to get a sense of the price of feys like the Clear Sunshine Flower that could produce weather.

If Phoebe Zhennan City sold many plant-type feys that could produce weather, Lin Yuan would purchase plenty of them so that Gray would be able to increase its power.

If there were not many of such plant-type feys being sold in Phoebe Zhennan City, Lin Yuan would head to Oak City to fetch Su Yiren and contact the Sincere Merchant Group. He wanted to use his connection to the Sincere Merchant Group to obtain a large stock of feys like the Clear Sunshine Flower from the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce.

But now, the situation was different from what Lin Yuan had expected.

Jian Li hurriedly prepared to stop the two guards when they summoned their feys. Assuming attack positions would seal the current circumstances. How was Jian Li supposed to become friends with the young man riding on the black flood dragon if that happened?

Before Jian Li could tell the two guards to recall their feys, Liu Jie’s expression hardened.

There was nothing Liu Jie hated more than someone targeting Lin Yuan. Since they were so clearly preparing to attack Lin Yuan, no one could blame Liu Jie for returning the favor.

The spirit qi in Liu Jie’s body that Blackie had replenished started to flow. If he used his spirit qi, he would produce an even more violent reaction than when the Insect Queen produced the Hurricane Owlet Moths.

Since the Insect Queen had reached Diamond X/Fantasy V, it could produce insect-species feys between Normal quality and Diamond X/Fantasy V quality.

However, Liu Jie had always employed the strategy of using an army of insects. Thus, he rarely instructed the Insect Queen to produce Diamond X/Fantasy feys.

This time, Liu Jie did not instruct the Insect Queen to produce insects that would use a large amount of energy and insect protein like the Hurricane Owlet Moths, Lightning Gathering Moths, or Plasma Caterpillars. Instead, it produced a large number of Flesh-Mincing Blade Insects.

As the Diamond X/Fantasy I Flesh-Mincing Blade Insects were produced one by one by the Insect QueenDimensional in the Dimensional Light Moth’s abdomen, they gathered on the ground and started crawling toward Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard.

The 300 Flesh-Mincing Blade Insects crawled without making any noise. Every step that they took pierced the light green stone below them and left behind a terrifying scar on the ground.

The two guards would not be afraid if it were just one Diamond X/Fantasy I Flesh-Mincing Blade Insect. From their experience in combat, they were confident of being able to kill one Diamond X/Fantasy I Flesh-Mincing Blade Insect. After all, the Armored Wood Reflect Insect was Fantasy IV and the Explosive Fire Golden Monkey was Fantasy V.

But when they gathered together, it was a completely different situation.

Phoebe Zhennan City had never experienced a terrifying disaster on the same scale as 300 Diamond/Fantasy insects. The army of Flesh-Mincing Blade Insects turned Phoebe Zhennan City into a hell.

Even the experienced Jian Li could not help but suck in a sharp breath when he saw the army of Diamond/Fantasy insects.

Once Liu Jie was done doing this, he turned to look at Lin Yuan questioningly as he waited for Lin Yuan’s signal to go ahead with attacking the Armored Wood Reflect Insect and Explosive Fire Golden Monkey.

Lin Yuan gently shook his head. The situation was still too unclear, and there was no need for a direct attack.

A few months ago, Lin Yuan looked up to pinnacle king-class experts. But now, they posed no threat to him. It would not benefit him in any way to kill the two pinnacle king-class experts.

Just as Blackie was about to land on the ground, Lin Yuan waved his hand and returned Blackie to the spiritual spatial zone.

Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Ji Feng landed in Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard in a charismatic manner.

Jian Li, Zhang Tong, and the rest could not help but widen their eyes.

Everyone clearly saw that the young man dressed in white had not taken out an Item-Storing Walnut when he recalled the black flood dragon.

This meant that the giant black flood dragon was the young man’s contracted fey. This was stupefying news! The young man dressed in white was so young, yet he already had a Diamond/Fantasy fey.

Jian Li was #83 of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence, and his strongest fey was only Gold X/Fantasy I. He had always been proud of his power. But compared with this young man, it was clear that Jian Li fell far short.

When Lin Yuan walked toward Jian Li, the latter hurriedly said to the two guards next to him, “What are the two of you doing? Why would you summon your feys when a friend arrived?”

Jian Li spoke loudly enough for every person present to hear what he said.

This left a bad taste in Zhang Tong’s mouth. He was the one who had gone to the effort of setting up this welcoming for Jian Li. In order to pander to Jian Li, Zhang Tong had even called out the strongest fey in his family.

The Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm had been seriously injured by the person riding on the giant black flood dragon and was still rolling around the ground and crying out in agony.

Yet, Jian Li was smiling at the person who had attacked the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm and had addressed him as ‘friend’. This word was a stab in Zhang Tong’s back.

If that young man in white is your friend, what does that make me!?

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