Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393: Ambiguous Identity

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Lin Yuan did not know who Jian Li was and ignored his greeting.

Since the only person present that he knew was Luo Ya, he waved at her and went over to ask her how she was.

When Lin Yuan waved at Luo Ya, she hurriedly dragged the shocked Luo De along with her as she sprinted to Lin Yuan.

Previously, Luo De’s face had been one of absolute terror as he assumed that he was about to be eaten by a snake because of his daughter.

He did not expect the giant black flood dragon that had suddenly appeared in the sky to save him and Luo Ya.


A guess formed in Luo De’s mind.

Could one of the three people on the giant black flood dragon’s back be Luo Ya’s boyfriend? If so, there would be no point in him forcing Luo Ya and Huang Yu to get to know and eventually marry Huang Yu. Jian Li had already acted in a friendly manner to those three people.

Luo De slowly stopped trembling, and his body became ramrod straight. It was as though his position had been elevated to the same level as that of Zhang Tong and Jian Li.

When Lin Yuan saw Luo Ya running toward him, he asked, “Didn’t we agree to meet here? What’s going on?”

Luo Ya lowered her head in embarrassment. She turned to look in Zhang Tong and Jian Li’s direction and noticed that Zhang Tong was looking at her threateningly.

Her eyes flashed, and she turned to say to Lin Yuan, “I didn’t know what Zhang Tong would be welcoming Lord Jian Li here when I told you to meet me here. Luckily, no misunderstanding took place.”

Luo Ya lowered her voice and explained to Lin Yuan softly, “Zhang Tong is the Young Leader of a Class 3 Creation Master family in Phoebe Zhennan City, while Lord Jian Li is a member of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence.”

At that moment, Luo Ya felt extremely wronged over almost becoming the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm’s meal just because of an expression she pulled.

However, her relationship with Lin Yuan was still not deep enough. To put it in strict terms, their relationship extended as far as him saving her life from the Class 2 subterranean dimensional rift at the border between the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation.

Thus, Luo Ya did not explain the situation to Lin Yuan exactly.

If Lin Yuan had not arrived on the giant black flood dragon, the current situation would have been completely different.

Judging from the current situation, Lin Yuan knew that something had to have happened. Nonetheless, he did not care.

Zhang Tong was the Young Leader of a Class 3 Creation Master family and could act as he pleased in Phoebe Zhennan City. However, this did not matter to Lin Yuan in the slightest.

If Lin Yuan wanted a Class 3 Creation Master, it would take less than two days for Genius to train a Hundred Questions Beast to that level. To Lin Yuan, a Class 3 Creation Master was as good as worthless.

Rather, it was Jian Li’s status as a member of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence that piqued Lin Yuan’s interest.

If Lin Yuan could use Jian Li’s status, he would be able to quickly gain access to the upper echelon of the Divine Wood Federation and gain information that only the most elite would have access to.

While Lin Yuan was thinking about what he could do with Jian Li’s status, Jian Li walked over to Lin Yuan.

When Jian Li walked over to the young man dressed in white, his two guards and Zhang Tong quickly followed.

The approaching Jian Li and Zhang Tong frightened Luo Ya, and her first instinct was to curl up.

Lin Yuan noticed Luo Ya’s reaction and linked it to the Platinum Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm that had almost gobbled her up. This led him to realize what was going on.

Liu Jie had been noticing Lin Yuan’s gaze. When he saw Lin Yuan looking at Jian Li with interest, he realized what Lin Yuan had in mind.

Coincidentally, the thrashing Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm used its tail to tightly wrap around its wound in an attempt to quicken the growth of new flesh. This caused it to let out a series of cries.

Liu Jie bowed to Lin Yuan and asked, “Young Master, this little snake that hasn’t even awakened its flood dragon bloodline has disturbed you. Why don’t I do away with it so that it won’t bother you again?”

Lin Yuan understood Liu Jie’s personality and knew that he was not bloodthirsty. Although Liu Jie was Lin Yuan’s retainer, he never bowed to him. He usually addressed Lin Yuan by name and only called him ‘Young Master’ during important situations.

Hence, it was most likely that Liu Jie was trying to set up the situation for Lin Yuan so that he would be able to gain power over the situation.

Lin Yuan glanced at Zhang Tong, and a thoughtful expression came over him. It was as though he was pondering whether Liu Jie’s suggestion was feasible.

Zhang Tong’s expression shifted when he heard what Liu Jie said, and he felt the same despair that had filled Luo Ya’s world just minutes ago.

The Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm was his father’s main fey and the Zhang family’s strongest combatant. If the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm was killed, his father’s spirit would be damaged.

A Class 3 Creation Master relied on their spiritual energy to concoct spirit fluid. If his spirit was injured, his father would be demoted from a Class 3 Creation Master, and the Zhang family’s status as a Class 3 Creation Master family would be stripped from them.

Without Zhang Tong’s father, the Zhang family would no longer be valuable in Jian Li’s eyes.

The Zhang family had dictated Phoebe Zhennan City for a long time. If Zhang Tong’s father fell and the Zhang family lost their strongest combat power, the Huang family would not attack them on account of Zhang Tong’s mother. However, the Luo, Meng, and Li families would band together to target the Zhang family.

Moreover, Luo Ya was acquainted with the young man dressed in white, and it was possible that he would move on to attacking the Zhang family after he killed the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm.

Zhang Tong turned and looked at Jian Li with pleading eyes, hoping the latter would say something on his behalf to garner mercy.

Alas, when Jian Li noticed Zhang Tong’s gaze, he looked away without sparing him another glance.

Jian Li’s standoffish behavior caused Zhang Tong’s heart to become cold.

Jian Li had assumed that the three people who had arrived on the black flood dragon were colleagues. All of them had exceptional auras and seemed like members of the Great Lush Federation’s secret elite families.

Yet, it turned out that the young man in black armor was the servant of the young man dressed in white. Moreover, the young man in black armor was the one who had produced the army of insects. It was astonishing that a mere servant would have the aura of a son of a secret elite family.

This made it even more difficult for Jian Li to figure Lin Yuan out. He started to hesitate in his steps forward.

When Zhang Tong became sure that Jian Li had no intention of helping him, he gnashed his teeth and took a few steps forward before falling to his knees and speaking to Lin Yuan.

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