Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391: Young Man in White Looks Like a God

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Liu Jie and Ji Feng were like constellations that adorned the moon that was Lin Yuan. It was evident that he had the highest position amongst the three of them.

Luo Ya was ready to face death quietly until she heard the dragon roar coming from the distance. However, she did not expect the person arriving to be Lin Yuan.

After all, she knew very little about Lin Yuan. All she knew was that he had a white cat with many tails.

When the black flood dragon neared, Luo Ya’s eyes almost flew out of her sockets so they could attach themselves to him.

Back when Luo Ya and Lin Yuan had been living together, she secretly studied him every few minutes and felt that she had a firm grasp on his appearance. Although Lin Yuan’s features had not changed, his intrinsic change made her feel that he had become much more handsome than before. Now, his aura and eliteness were even harder to conceal.


If Lin Yuan had had this aura before, she would not have mistaken him for a lost member of a merchant group, no matter how much dirt was covering his body.

The young man in white riding on a dragon was like a god in her moment of despair. The wisps of hair blowing across his forehead mesmerized her.

At that moment, Lin Yuan was befuddled as he did not understand why Luo Ya had asked to meet him at such a crowded place.

Moreover, most of the people at Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard were guards, and the hustle and bustle that Luo Ya had mentioned were completely absent. Also, why was there a Platinum purplish-black giant snake? This fey should be of a very high level in a place such as Phoebe Zhennan City.

Lin Yuan instinctively used True Data to check on the large black snake. What he saw made his lips twitch.

The Platinum X/Fantasy I Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm’s low-grade ability and first exclusive skill showed that it was going in the physical direction. Yet, the person nurturing it was trying to take it up the poison-type route. However, no spirit qi was being used to change the fey’s directional evolution.

This could cause the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm to forever lose its change to evolve its bloodline again.

It was true that poison-type feys had more impressive combat power than other types of feys when they were Silver, Gold, and Platinum. However, once they evolved past that level, they would be useless.

“Blackie, don’t disturb the citizens. Retract your aura when we arrive in the city.”Continue read full chapters on our website:B on n o v e l.com

Lin Yuan touched Blackie’s horns, and Blackie’s body turned to jelly to the point that it almost fell out of the sky. Lin Yuan had touched Blackie’s horn before, and a flood-dragon-species fey’s horns were the most sensitive parts of their bodies.


Blackie had been troubled by this. It had explicitly told Lin Yuan not to touch its horns, so why was he doing it now? However, it was not repulsed by Lin Yuan touching its horns. Hence, it did not remind Lin Yuan and obediently retracted its aura as per Lin Yuan’s order.

Blackie retracted its pure flood-dragon-species aura, and the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm immediately snapped out from its terrified state. It remembered the target that Zhang Tong had ordered it to attack. Thus, it opened its mouth and lunged toward Luo Ya.

Luo Ya was much more appetizing than the old bag of bones that was Luo De. Hence, it decided to start off its meal with Luo Ya.

Lin Yuan frowned and ordered Blackie, “Blackie, use Spirit Essence Explosion on the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm.”

Blackie swayed its tail, and a black scale fell from the back of its tail.

A ball of pure spirit qi rose from its body and combined with the black scale. With a swish of its tail, Blackie sent the black scale and pure spirit qi flying toward the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm’s body.

When the scale and spirit qi made contact with the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm, it exploded a large hole in its body. The Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm reared its head and let out an anguished roar.

Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

Naturally, Blackie would be able to use its own exclusive skill. However, the spirit qi it used was not as pure as Lin Yuan’s own spirit qi. Hence, Blackie’s attack was much less powerful than the one Lin Yuan could produce.

Although Blackie was a support-type fey, its combat ability was not weak. It might not be able to use Spirit Essence Explosion to defeat a combat-type fey of the same grade, but it was more than enough to cause serious damage to a combat-type fey of a lower grade.

When the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm was roaring in pain, Luo Ya took the chance to yank Luo De to the side to prevent him from becoming injured by the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm’s flailing.

The black flood dragon’s sudden attack caused Zhang Tong’s expression to shift abruptly. Even Jian Li’s gaze darkened.

Could the three people riding on the black flood dragon be foes instead of friends?

Jian Li could not remember if he had met these three people. He turned to look at Luo Ya and noticed that her gaze was fixed on the young man in white. Now, he realized that Luo Ya knew that young man.

This explained why the young man had suddenly attacked the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm.

While Jian Li was thinking, the two guards were afraid that the black flood dragon would attack Jian Li next, so they stood in front of him despite not being permitted by Jian Li to do so. The two of them summoned their feys.

The Divine Wood Federation had trained the guards to protect the safety of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence, and all of them were top experts.

In order for their main feys to have the most power possible, the Divine Wood Federation invested all their resources into the main feys of the guards. As such, every guard only had one fey.

The guards summoned a large armored insect and a golden and brown monkey that was a head shorter than Jian Li.

The dark green armored insect was seven-meters-long, three meters tall, and four meters wide. It resembled a moving tank. Its shell was like a mirror that clearly reflected its surroundings. Its thick insect armor and clumsy movements were proof that it excelled at defense.

Meanwhile, the golden and brown monkey’s body erupted into flames. The fire set the air in Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard alight, and waves of heat rolled off the monkey’s body and shot into the sky. Its fists were raised, with two fire pillars shooting out of them. Evidently, this monkey was very skilled at attacking.

The guards assigned to the members of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence were usually evenly matched by one being skilled at attacking while the other defending.

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