Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390: Giant Black Dragon in the Sky

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Although Huang Yu liked Luo Ya, he would not sacrifice himself for her.

Now that she was faced with possible death in the form of Zhang Tong, Jian Li, and the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm, Luo Ya found that she was not as terrified as she thought she would be. Rather, her mind was exceptionally clear.

At that moment, she suddenly felt boiling rage. In Phoebe Zhennan City, Class 2 Creation Master families were not focused on how they could evolve feys but how they could butter up Class 3 Creation Master families.

She had enraged a member of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence because of the expression she made. This was ludicrous!

At that moment, Luo Ya understood that power was the foundation of everything, and bootlicking was nothing more than a trick.


Compared to the terror of being eaten by the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm, Jian Li’s tyrannical and malicious ways made Luo Ya worried over Lin Yuan, who would arrive at any moment.

Zhang Tong assumed that Luo Ya would immediately fall to her knees and start begging for mercy from Jian Li once she saw the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm. Yet, Luo De was the only one begging for mercy at the moment.

Zhang Tong noticed Jian Li’s annoyance intensifying as he watched Luo De put on an ugly display of crying and trembling. He anxiously ordered the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm, “Go! Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm, time to eat.”

The Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm moved its body, and its scales produced an ear-splitting screech as they rubbed together.

In a flash, the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm’s enormous body appeared in front of Luo De and Luo Ya. Just as the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm was about to begin its feast, a melodious dragon roar filled the sky.

Jian Li narrowed his eyes.

He was not a Creation Master, but he was from the Jian family in Sacred Forest City and had seen his fair share of dragon-species feys. This dragon roar was enough for him to tell that this dragon-species fey had a more elite bloodline than the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm.

This dragon roar did not have the aura of carnage. Instead, it was full of dignity and beauty. As such, it was likely that it came from a pure-blooded flood-dragon-species fey.

It would not be surprising if such a fey appeared in a large city like Sacred Forest City or Oak City. However, it was strange that it was appearing in Phoebe Zhennan City. Could it be that another important person was coming to Phoebe Zhennan City?

The most important thing about dragon-species feys was their bloodlines. The roar of a pure-blooded flood-dragon-species fey might not scare the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm because terrifying-dragon-species feys and flood-dragon-species feys were generally matched, but the pressure from a pure-blooded flood-dragon-species fey could cause the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm to lose its appetite.

When everyone looked up to the sky, they saw a 100-meter-long dragon soaring toward Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard.

Blackie had been elated ever since Lin Yuan let it out. It released its Diamond/Fantasy aura without holding back. Every person in Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard could sense its aura.

The two guards by Jian Li’s side became austere when they caught sight of the Diamond/Fantasy flood-dragon-species fey.

When the black flood dragon drew near, the people suddenly realized three people were on its back.

The young man dressed in white standing at the front slowly stroked the black flood dragon with an elegant expression. His sharp brows, ruby lips, and exquisite features made it difficult for people to tear their eyes away from him.

Although he was not wearing a fur cloak, the fashionable item in the Divine Wood Federation, his white spirit qi clothes seemed to be shrouded in mist. It was likely that it was made from silk from the Water Mist Freezing Silkworm.

He was wearing a belt with various gems embedded in it. Most of the guards on the ground could not identify the gems. Zhang Tong was the only one who knew that some of them were jade-textured wood, and some were the Blue Radiant Stones, which were only found in Class 3 subterranean dimensional rifts.

From the accessories on the belt, Zhang Tong could tell that this person’s background was impressive. Otherwise, he would not be wearing a belt worth at least 1,000,000 Great Lush dollars.

Zhang Tong was the Young Leader of a Class 3 Creation Master family, and he would not be as knowledgeable as Jian Li, who had grown up in Sacred Forest City.

Jian Li noticed even more than Zhang Tong could. Jian Li knew that the light yellow wood on Lin Yuan’s belt that Zhang Tong had assumed was jade-textured yellow willow wood was actually jade-textured beautiful pear wood. The two had values that differed by several hundred times.

The Blue Radiant Stones that Zhang Tong had recognized were the most common things on the belt. Amazonite, larimar, and other impeccable blue-type gems were embedded on the belt. This formed the image of a shining sea on the belt.

This belt made Jian Li wary of Lin Yuan, and he noticed Lin Yuan’s black hair and eyes. From this, he became certain that Lin Yuan was a secret aristocrat from the Great Lush Federation.

The secret aristocratic families from the Great Lush Federation controlled the merchants of the entire Startling Lines Continent and possessed 60% of all the wealth in the Startling Lines Continent. Every family held immense power in the Startling Lines Continent.

Although the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation always attacked merchant groups from the Great Lush Federation, it was mostly to push blame on each other. Stealing wealth was just a convenient side-benefit. This indicated that the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation made efforts to disparage each other in front of the merchant groups of the Great Lush Federation.

This meant that the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation cared about what the Great Lush Federation merchant groups thought of them.

Given that Jian Li came from an important aristocratic family in Sacred Forest City, he knew far more than ordinary people. This made him even more fearful of the secret elite families of the Great Lush Federation than Zhang Tong was. Once he verified Lin Yuan’s background, he decided he would pull Lin Yuan to his side.

Even if he could not reach the level of becoming Lin Yuan’s friend, he would make sure that he did not make himself into an enemy.

Jian Li immediately spotted Liu Jie and Ji Feng behind Lin Yuan.

Liu Jie was dressed in black armor, while Ji Feng was wearing a black robe. Neither of them was wearing fur cloaks, but Jian Li immediately sensed a remarkable elite aura coming from them.

Liu Jie was a member of the Radiance Hundred Sequence and the disciple of the Radiance Federation’s Chief Spirit Guard. Someone of his status should have been specially welcomed by the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court with a greeting banquet, and the aristocrats of the Divine Wood Federation would fight over an invitation to the banquet.

Ji Feng had been in a sorry state when he met Lin Yuan. However, he was still the true Young Leader of Sea Sky Nurture. The eliteness he had accumulated in his youth could not be removed so easily.

Jian Li could be certain that the three people riding on the Diamond/Fantasy black flood dragon had extraordinary backgrounds.

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