Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389: Handled Them

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Jian Li indifferently patted the Dagger Wings Eagle Sparrow’s mouth and said, “This Dagger Wings Eagle Sparrow was just one of the avian-type feys I casually picked from those in my family’s aviary. It isn’t that impressive. Your family’s Platinum/Fantasy Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm must be a very comfortable ride.”

Zhang Tong’s smile turned unnatural.

The Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm belonged to his father and represented the Zhang family’s strongest combatant. As much as the Zhang family wanted the Jian family’s support, he could not allow Jian Li to ride the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm for sport as it would cause the Zhang family to lose the might they enjoyed in Phoebe Zhennan City and become a citywide joke.

Jian Li haughtily studied the people behind Zhang Tong.

When Luo Ya spotted Jian Li, the last glimmer of hope in her heart was extinguished.


If Lin Yuan had arrived first, there might have been a chance to turn things around. But now that Jian Li had arrived first, he would take total control of the situation.

At this moment, Luo Ya was full of worry and self-reproach. She felt Luo De nudge her forcefully, and the pain pulled her back to her senses.

She noticed that Jian Li was currently staring at her, and alarm bells immediately went off in her head.

Jian Li said to her in an amused voice, “What’s wrong? You dolled yourself up so prettily, yet you’re pulling such an unhappy expression. Is it because you don’t want to welcome me? Or is it because you’ve heard of me but feel disappointed now that you’re seeing how short I am?”

Jian Li’s voice became gentler in the middle of his speech. However, his words caused Zhang Tong to break out in a sweat because he knew that the bane of Jian Li’s existence was people mocking his height.

It was clear that Luo Ya’s downhearted expression caused Jian Li to misunderstand.

Zhang Tong did not know if Luo Ya’s expression was truly a result of her being disappointed by Jian Li’s height. However, she had committed a sin just by showing such an expression during Jian Li’s welcoming.

All the guards around Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard should have prohibited outsiders from entering. However, Huang Yu had brought the people from the Luo family with him, and they even angered Jian Li. This was as good as slapping Zhang Tong.

Luo Ya was a mere member of a Class 2 Creation Master family. Did she really consider herself an aristocrat from Sacred Forest City? Given her status, she should have been careful even breathing around Jian Li, much less coveting him and thinking of marrying into the Jian family.

Zhang Tong also became annoyed at Huang Yu, who had brought Luo Ya here.

Luo Ya was worried about Lin Yuan and had been stunned into silence by Jian Li.

Luo De was also stupefied. When he saw Luo Ya stare dumbly at Jian Li without responding, he gathered his courage and said in a trembling voice, “Lord Jian Li, my daughter would never dare to be disappointed by you. She looks upset because the team she had been managing encountered a dimensional rift and was killed. She’s the only survivor. Lord Jian Li, you’re so charming. She would only dare to look up to you.”

After Luo De spoke, Zhang Tong thought that it was possible that this matter could be over.

If it was true that the robber group that Luo Ya had joined had been killed, it was unlikely that Jian Li would continue to put this girl from a Class 2 Creation Master family on the spot. Zhang Tong could just tell someone to take Luo Ya and Luo De away, and the matter would be settled.

However, when Luo De mentioned the last part about ‘looking up’, Zhang Tong paled.

This phrase had hit Jian Li right in his sore spot. Zhang Tong had once seen Jian Li kill a person taller than him for saying the words ‘look up’.

Zhang Tong noticed Huang Yu move and knew that he was about to speak up on Luo Ya’s behalf. He coughed and shot Huang Yu a glare.

Huang Yu was worried about Luo Ya but also embarrassed by how she had caused trouble for Zhang Tong. When he caught sight of Zhang Tong’s glare, Huang Yu was instantly scared into silence.

Jian Li’s initial look of amusement darkened when he heard what Luo De said.

Zhang Tong walked over to Jian Li and said apologetically, “Lord Jian Li, this is the head and daughter of the Luo family, a Class 2 Creation Master family in Phoebe Zhennan City. If you don’t want to dirty your hands, I can handle them on your behalf.”

Zhang Tong blew a strangely high-pitched whistle toward the northwest. The whistle sounded a lot like the hissing of snakes.

A ferocious hiss sounded out from the northwest. The hiss encompassed the might of flood-dragon-species feys.

A 25-meter-long purplish-black scaled snake with two horns on his head flew into the air and headed toward Zhang Tong. While it was flying, it continuously stuck out its half-meter-long black tongue. Its dark purple fangs gleamed menacingly when the light from the sun reflected off them.

Before the giant snake even arrived at Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard, the air turned sickly sweet.

This was the Zhang family’s main combat fey, the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm.

In order to welcome Jian Li, the leader of the Zhang family had released the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm and allowed Zhang Tong to command it.

The Dagger Wings Eagle Sparrow’s insufferably overbearing aura was diminished, and it stopped flapping its wings. It was clear that it was terrified of the Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm.

This was not surprising. Although both the Dagger Wings Eagle Sparrow and Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm were pinnacle Gold feys, one of them was a Fantasy Breed fey while the other was Normal. There was a world of difference between them.


If not for the two guard’s control over the Dagger Wings Eagle Sparrow and the training it had received from a Creation Master, it would have started attacking people hysterically or fled in fear.

Zhang Tong’s words plunged Luo De into despair, and Huang Yu froze.

The Rotting Poison Snake Wyrm had arrived at Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard and looked ready to launch a lethal attack. Its tongue slipped in and out of its mouth, and it was clear that it was famished.

Huang Yu looked at Luo Ya and thought about his father’s teachings. Eventually, he lowered his head.

The Huang family was a Class 2 Creation Master family. If not for his aunt, he would not have the right to stand here to welcome Jian Li. It would be useless if he tried to plead for leniency on Luo Ya’s behalf. It could even offend Jian Li and push the entire Huang family off a cliff.

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