Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293: You’ll Definitely Die

Lin Yuan paused for a moment before adding, “I hope that no matter what happens the next few days, the Raging Waves Guard will ignore everything that happens on the islands.”

Wang Ce immediately became anxious. He never imagined that he would have the chance to be in contact with Cicada Song’s disciple. Additionally, he was shocked by what Lin Yuan said about the possibility of there being an event that could shake up Raging Waves City happening sometime over the next few days.

The Sea Bliss Clan’s islands were the furthest islands within Raging Waves City’s boundaries as they were about 800 leagues apart. With such a distance between them, the event had to be tremendous in order for its effects to be felt in Raging Waves City.

But at the same time, Wang Ce was also shocked that Sky City could order the people from the Spirit Guards around with one letter. The Guard Envoy was not even obligated to help when Raging Waves City’s City Lord personally went to make the request.

The Guard Envoys reported to the Chief Guard directly. There were even some of them who did not have to heed the words of Chief Guard’s left and right-hand men. Raging Waves City’s Guard Envoy was one of them.

Apparently, Sky City had not only ties to Gao Feng but also the Spirit Guards.

This meant that Sky City, which was currently the center of all conversation, actually already had the support of two members of royalty. It was hard not to be intimidated by such a faction.

Wang Ce nodded, saying, “I will work with the Spirit Guards. If whatever Sky City does on the island causes too large of a commotion and threatens Raging Waves City’s safety, you will have to provide us with an explanation afterward.”

Lin Yuan replied solemnly, “I only informed the Spirit Guards as a warning. Threatening the safety of the people within Raging Waves City is a line I won’t cross.”

He had instructed Red Thorn to inform White Speak so as to prepare stronger power to stand toe to toe against the sea-clan experts and An He’s experts, but also to make sure the effects were contained for the safety of Raging Waves City.

After settling the deal with Wang Ce and completing the handover of the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources, Lin Yuan prepared to leave to meet up with Liu Jie and the Kill Food Sky Butterfly.

Once they stepped out the door, the Mother of Bloodbath asked Lin Yuan, “City Lord, now that the matter is settled, we no longer have any use for Qi Heng. What do you plan to do with him?”

Lin Yuan followed the Mother of Bloodbath to the statuesque Qi Heng standing on the training ground and said, “Mother of Bloodbath, tell Qi Heng to return to the Royal Capital to clean up the mess that is the Sea Bliss Clan. Tell him the 5,000,000 Radiance dollars are waiting for him once he’s done.”

The Mother of Bloodbath flashed itself next to Qi Heng and said, “Your involvement will end here. Return to the Royal Capital now. I won’t recall the red crystal spider on your shoulder, so I can use it to continue to keep a close eye on you. After you’re done cleaning up the mess of resources, throw out all nasty ideas brewing in your head.”

It flashed itself back to Lin Yuan’s side, and they left together.

Qi Heng’s expression was extremely sour, but he was completely helpless. All he could do was scuttle back to the Royal Capital.

He was disappointed that he would not be able to watch the clash between Sky City’s City Lord and An He.

He thought, No matter how strong Sky City is, you’ll definitely die after clashing against the disciple of a member of royalty.


As the clouds lazily sailed by the faintly red sunset, seven rays of light shone through. When one followed the light, they would trace back to an exceptionally extravagant fey carriage.

This fey carriage looked like a temple. The shape of the fey carriage was unusual. However, the most shocking part was that there were seven lanterns in front of the carriage.

If one took a closer look at the lanterns, one would realize that they were each lit with a thousand fireflies. Evidently, each of the seven lanterns contained 1,000 firefly-type feys.

A young man with mid-length hair toyed with a ball of rainbow light within the fey carriage.

His eyes were as sharp as a falcon, but the mole under his right eye softened his gaze.

Two middle-aged men were sitting next to this young man. There was also an elderly man standing behind the young man.

The elderly man’s eyes were half-closed, but he kept his aura locked around the young man.

Although the elderly man was not seated, the two middle-aged men were very respectful toward him. One of the middle-aged men looked at the smiling young man and said, “Young Building Lord, this fight between you and Gu Lang didn’t even last ten minutes. You’ll definitely be able to clinch one of the top three places in the Radiance Envoy selection that’s happening two years later.”

Before the middle-aged man could finish speaking, the young man shot him a glare and flipped over his hand to store the rainbow light inside the lantern-shaped bangle around his wrist.

“Uncle Cheng, I told you many times not to call me Young Building Lord. Senior Brother is the rightful Young Building Lord. By calling me that, you’re disrespecting him.

“Gu Lang didn’t go all out during our fight. He only used the Cuttlefish of Days Past. He didn’t use his fey with the Barren bloodline nor his sacred source lifeform. His fey with the Barren bloodline is stronger than the Cuttlefish of Days Past. His true strength is unleashed when he uses his sacred source lifeform to support his fey with the Barren bloodline to produce explosive power. Since he didn’t use his true power, there’s nothing for me to be happy about over winning the fight,” snarled the young man.

The middle-aged addressed as Uncle Cheng smiled ruefully while forcing down his vexation.

Why can’t I remember to call him Young Lord He? He has needled me at least 20 times about not calling him Young Building Lord. With my lousy memory, it’s no wonder that he doesn’t like me. Why can’t I improve my memory? Can anyone teach me how to filter my words before I say them out?

The other middle-aged man looked out at the scene outside of the fey carriage before checking the time and saying to An He, “Young Lord He, we’re going to reach Raging Waves City in a few hours.”

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