Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292: I’m Giving You a Warning

The Steel Spike Iron Oyster was the standard fey of the Raging Waves Guard, while the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster was the only known mutation of the Steel Spike Iron Oyster.

Although the sword that the Steel Spike Iron Oyster never suited Wang Ce, he never thought about trading it away.

When Wang Ce’s expression soured, Lin Yuan hurriedly said, “The sword that the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster transforms into doesn’t suit traditional defense-type spirit qi professionals. It goes against the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster’s usual role as a defense-type fey.

“All the Raging Waves Guards are hot-blooded men, and very few of them are willing to wield such a sword. How about this? Sky City will provide the Raging Waves Guard with another ten Bronze/Epic Steel Spike Iron Oysters for free in exchange for this Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster. What do you think?”

Lin Yuan had said what he said to strike a chord with Wang Ce before stating his true intention.

He felt that ten Bronze/Epic Steel Spike Iron Oysters were enough to trade for the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster.

All of Wang Ce’s hesitation was wiped off his face, and he replied, “Deal. If you can nurture 210 Bronze/Epic Steel Spike Iron Oysters for the Raging Waves Guard, the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster will be yours.”


Wang Ce immediately drafted the contract. While he was drafting it, he asked Lin Yuan nonchalantly, “Let’s move on from work. I haven’t asked you and Qi Heng why you’re here. If you need my help, you only need to say the word.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “The Sea Bliss Clan will give all of their resources to Sky City. We came to collect.”

Wang Ce’s chest panged. He did not expect his guess to be right. He gathered his thoughts before saying, “It’ll be easy to collect the resources. But I wonder what Sky City plans to do once you collect the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources?

“If Sky City would like to invest some of the resources into Raging Waves City, I can communicate with the higher-ups and try to gain more benefits for Sky City to help with your development.

“70 leagues away from the islands that the Sea Bliss Clan bought, there’s an even larger island. The Sea Bliss Clan didn’t have the means to buy that island. If Sky City is interested and decides to invest resources into Raging Waves City, I can guarantee you a 30% discount. After Sky City purchases the island, I will make sure to dispatch Raging Waves Guards to patrol the area. If a water world dimensional rift opens up there, they will take care of it.”

Lin Yuan immediately realized what Wang Ce’s worries were.

If no faction bought the island, it would belong to Raging Waves City. To a seaside city like Raging Waves City, the island was just a huge expense that they would not mind selling off.

Wang Ce was offering to lower the price and had promised many added benefits to find out if Lin Yuan would pull the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources out of Raging Waves City.

Lin Yuan had long decided to hand over the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources to Gao Feng.

Lin Yuan and Gao Feng held equal shares of Gao Feng’s faction.

If Lin Yuan gave the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources to Gao Feng, he would not have to worry about them or have to assign anyone to handle them. All he had to do was sit back and wait to collect the harvests.

Lin Yuan had not discussed with Gao Feng how they were going to develop the Sea Bliss Clan. However, he felt that Gao Feng would not pull out the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources from Raging Waves City.

Wind Mist City was one of the less illustrious cities of the 36 major cities. The only top faction there was the Gao family.

The Gao family took up half of Wind Mist City’s sea resources and was at the top of the food chain there. It could be said that the Gao family had developed to their full extent in Wind Mist City.

If the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources were moved to Wind Mist City, Gao Feng would be using the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources to compete with his own family’s resources. This would negatively impact both sides.

Thus, Raging Waves City would definitely be the best stepping stone for Gao Feng.

After Wang Ce made his proposal, he started to observe Lin Yuan carefully.

When Lin Yuan did not immediately look convinced, Wang Ce became uneased.

Just as Wang Ce was about to ask again, Lin Yuan said, “Sky City won’t handle the Sea Bliss Clan in the future. I can’t give you a definite answer.”

Wang Ce immediately became anxious.

Lin Yuan went on to say, “Have you heard of the Young Leader of Wind Mist City’s Gao family, Gao Feng?”

Wang Ce was stunned and did not understand what Lin Yuan meant. What did this have to do with Gao Feng?

Gao Feng’s name was famous amongst the major factions and City Lords.

He had been accepted to become Cicada Song’s disciple right in front of all the main members of the major factions at the Guard Ye Banquet.

After the incident, every faction was dying to curry favor with the Gao family.

Neither Gao Feng nor the Gao family were secretive about Gao Feng being accepted as Cicada Song’s disciple. Hence, the news spread far and wide.

Under normal circumstances, rising factions had no right to learn about any members of royalty who had accepted disciples.

However, the Gao family had been so open about it that even rising factions had heard about it.

Although Cicada Song did not hold the disciple-acceptance ritual after the Guard Ye Banquet, nor did he tell the 36 City Lords about his decision, Cicada Song had jurisdiction over all the 36 City Lords. As such, they all privately tried their best to learn as much about Cicada Song as possible.

Since Wang Ce was the Captain of the Raging Waves Guard and was second in position in Raging Waves City after the City Lord, he also knew all about Gao Feng.

Could Gao Feng be the one who would take over the Sea Bliss Clan? But if that was the case, why was Sky City the one to handle the takeover? Could Sky City be connected to Gao Feng?

This thought made Wang Ce’s throat close.

A moment later, he made a noise of acknowledgment.

From Wang Ce’s expression, Lin Yuan knew that Wang Ce was aware of Gao Feng being the disciple of a member of royalty. As such, there was no need for further explanation.

Lin Yuan wrote down Gao Feng’s number and gave it to Wang Ce before saying, “This is Gao Feng’s number. Over the next few days, I will be handling some business on the Sea Bliss Clan’s islands. There will be some repercussions. I’ve already notified the Spirit Guards branch in Raging Waves City, and they will protect Raging Waves City. I’m just giving you a warning.”

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