Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294: Disciple of Royalty: An He

“However, the large whale fall occurred within Raging Waves City’s territory. Should we notify the City Lord of Raging Waves City first?”

An He picked up a fruit from the table and took a bite before replying, “Uncle Jiang, isn’t the whale fall below the Sea Bliss Clan’s island? Since the Sea Bliss Clan bought the island, it has nothing to do with Raging Waves City anymore. We don’t have to notify Raging Waves City’s City Lord.

“Uncle Cheng, Uncle Jiang, there should be several people from your Five Thearch Soldiers who are stationed on the Sea Bliss Clan’s islands. Go and contact them. If anyone from the Sea Bliss Clan is on the islands, I’ll discuss trade with them first. If none of them is on the islands, we can go and take over the whale fall without any trouble.

“It’s not like the Sea Bliss Clan has the ability to hold out against the sea-clan experts. Since they already made a deal with the sea-clan experts not to touch the whale fall, what’s wrong with us laying a hand on it?”

Zhang Cheng and Sun Jiang were stumped by what An He said.

What logic was this?

Although he technically was not wrong, the Sea Bliss Clan had gone through the official channels of Raging Waves City’s City Lord and the Spirit Guards when they bought the islands.

Cicada Song and Night Leaning Moon would definitely hear of it if they truly started fighting over the whale fall.

Cicada Song was on good terms with Long Lamplight and would probably keep one eye closed for Long Lamplight’s sake if he heard of the commotion.

However, Night Leaning Moon and Long Lamplight had always gotten along as well as water and fire. They never even bothered to offer each other pleasantries in the imperial court. Hence, if Night Leaning Moon found out about the matter, she would relentlessly sink her teeth into it.

Nonetheless, Zhang Cheng and Sun Jiang knew about An He’s temperament. He would not listen even if they tried to persuade him now. As such, they decided to find another way to convince him.

Otherwise, if the matter truly blew up and Long Lamplight returned to the Bright Light Building, he would spare the rod for An He, whom he adored but make sure that Zhang Cheng and Sun Jiang were taught a lesson they would not soon forget.

“We heard about the whale fall from our subordinates. They did not manage to learn about its exact scale. If it’s also the burial ground of old whales on top of one large whale, sea kings will definitely be amongst the sea-clan experts that have come forward to protect it. The sea kings have Immortal power. Due to their environment, they become much stronger.

“Young Lord He, if you plan on using the whale fall to temper your sacred source lifeform, it will affect the formation of the Island Whale embryo. I’m afraid that if the sea kings are riled up, they’ll be able to use the power of the four seas to threaten the safety of the far-off Raging Waves City,” said Sun Jiang.

An He acted in a cavalier manner. He tossed the spirit fruit seed into the trash and said, “Regardless of whether it’s a burial ground for the Island Whales, I’m not worried even if it attracts sea kings. Grandfather Gu will handle it. With him around, the sea kings won’t have any chance to summon any tsunamis. Unless any of the sea kings have power that exceeds pinnacle Immortal, I will definitely make the whale fall mine!


“I’m going to use it to temper my sacred source lifeform. At the very most, the newest formed Island Whale embryos will fail to be formed. The sea-clan experts only care about whether the Island Whales will hatch but not if the Island Whales will fall under anyone’s control. As long as I promise to protect the whale fall and allow the Island Whale embryos to hatch, I’m sure the sea-clan experts won’t oppose me.”

The elderly man behind An He opened his eyes and said, “Young Lord He, when we arrive on the island, I will seek out the strongest sea-clan expert protecting the whale fall and have a talk with them. You can focus on tempering your sacred source lifeform. If you can evolve your sacred source lifeform to 4 Stars and enable it to gain its second ability before Lord Long Lamplight returns, I’m sure it will please him.”

After hearing what An He and the Path Protector that Long Lamplight assigned to watch over An He said, Zhang Cheng and Sun Jiang knew there was no choice trying to step on the brakes.

The Sea Bliss Clan had won the blood pact ultimate fight against Connected Beast Park with Sky City’s help.

There was no way that Sky City had helped the Sea Bliss Clan out of the goodness of their heart. It was all but certain that the Sea Bliss Clan had offered Sky City significant benefits.

Thus, the question was, did the Sea Bliss Clan tell Sky City about the large whale fall? If they did, Sky City would definitely be unable to resist the allure of the whale fall and come forward to participate in the fight for it.

Zhang Cheng and Sun Jiang had personally witnessed the blood pact ultimate fight between Sky City and the blood pact ultimate fight. As such, the two of them were certain that Sky City had to possess thearch-class combat power at the very least.

When Miao Zhenshan did not cause trouble after rushing to the scene, it indicated that the hidden expert from Sky City was more powerful than Miao Zhenshan.

Sky City was a mysterious faction that seemed to have popped out of thin air. They not only had a mountain of Creation Master resources that enabled them to produce a Bronze/Epic fey per day but also the combat power of a top faction.

Given how deeply mysterious Sky City was, it was not unlikely that they had an Immortal expert amongst their ranks.

If they did have an Immortal expert fighting for them from the shadows, it would cause trouble for An He.

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Cheng decided to give An He a warning.

“Young Lord He, have you heard of Sky City?”

An He tossed a grape into his mouth in annoyance while shaking his head.

This made Zhang Cheng feel very awkward.

Since An He did not know of Sky City, Zhang Cheng was momentarily at a loss about how he should start telling An He about Sky City.

When Zhang Cheng mentioned Sky City, the elderly man behind An He frowned slightly and said to An He in an austere tone, “I talked about Sky City with Lord Long Lamplight some time ago. I wouldn’t have thought about it if Zhang Cheng didn’t mention it. Young Lord He, you best be prepared. Sky City could rise and cause trouble during the matter of the whale fall.”

An He spat out the grape seeds irritatedly and said, “Grandfather Gu, you know I don’t like to go onto Star Web. I haven’t logged in ever since I competed and made my way into the Celestial Stairway Hall. What is Sky City? Who will tell me about it?”


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