Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 843 - I Cannot Sleep Without Cuddling with You

Chapter 843: I Cannot Sleep Without Cuddling with You


“Nie Qiuping… Look up everything about her earlier days, especially of anything that happened during her childhood… Also, if you can, help me check the daughters of the Xia family.”

Su Zhan paused over the phone. “The Xias… You’re saying that Xia family…”

“That’s right.”

“We don’t need to check this. In fact, we may cause a ruckus if we really conduct an investigation,” Su Zhan said, “I’ll help you ask my grandma instead when I get back. She’s a long-time friend with old Mrs. Xia!”

“Please do.”

“Why so courteous with me? You finally looked for me after you left for so many years!”

“All right. Then I’ll drop the niceties with you.”

You Yi hung up and pondered there for a while. Then he sent the photos of that photograph to Yan Qingsi.

It was nearly three in the morning. You Yi had thought that Yan Qingsi would only reply at a more acceptable time, but not much time passed when she sent another photo in reply. It was also an old photograph, but it was in color. It showed a skinny girl of six or seven-years-old with big eyes and a bashful smile. Her gaze was wide and innocent. She was practically the same person as the young girl in the photograph You Yi took.

However, some small details were different if you looked closely. It was as though they were from different eras, and the clothes of the girl in the monochrome photograph and the background were much better than the girl in the colored photograph.

You Yi immediately texted Yan Qingsi a reply, “Is this a photo of you?”

Yan Qingsi quickly answered, “This is the only photo I could find of me from my childhood. Don’t we look similar?”

You Yi’s chest tightened as he looked at the photograph. He replied, “Too similar. I’m still not too sure if this is a photo of your mother now. I’ll tell you when I’ve clarified everything. Wait for me. I’ll definitely find the truth.”

He was practically sure, but You Yi still did not dare to decide that was Nie Qiuping before he could obtain sufficient evidence.

Yet—the ginkgo leaf necklace, the photograph, Mrs. You, Nie Qiuping, Yan Qingsi. He was extremely sure in his heart that a string had already connected them. He could actually conclude this now.

However, You Yi still did not dare to ascertain what relationship… Nie Qiuping had with the Xia family. Were they directly related, or indirectly related?

If there were two-piece to that ginkgo leaf necklace, why did his sister-in-law claim that there was only one?

Yan Qingsi’s hand trembled with her phone in her grip. Supposing that there was truly a photo of her mother in her childhood, then that meant that her history would be revealed very soon.

Yan Qingsi texted You Yi a single word “Okay…”

The truth that she had been waiting for all this while, was it… going to be brought to light very soon?

Yan Qingsi looked at that monochrome photograph. Tears began to pool in her eyes. This was definitely an old photograph of her mother in her childhood. The truth that had been hidden for years was about to be unearthed.

“Don’t cry,” a voice suddenly rang out by her ear. “I’ll kiss you if you continue crying’.’

Yan Qingsi raised her head wildly, looking at Yue Tingfeng. “You… Why are you awake?”

She could not hide the phone even if she wanted to.

Yue Tingfeng wrapped his arms around Yan Qingsi from behind, kissing her ear, then pecking at her cheeks. Along the way, he poked his tongue out and licked the tears that streamed out of her eyes away. They were salty and astringent.

Yue Tingfeng pursed lips, expression displeased. “You’re not even here. How can I sleep peacefully? You have trained me into an obedient puppy. I can’t sleep without cuddling with you.”

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