Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 844 - You're Not Allowed to Open Your Eyes or to Move

Chapter 844: You’re Not Allowed to Open Your Eyes or to Move

He scanned through the conversation between Yan Qingsi and You Yi and saw that monochrome photograph.

Yan Qingsi had wanted to hide it, but… it was no use hiding now.

“You saw it,” she sighed.

Yue Tingfeng reached his hand out and plucked Yan Qingsi’s phone out of her hand. “I didn’t want to see it, but you didn’t reply for a long time. Who knows if you’ve been seduced by some young, handsome fellow behind my back? There’s too much temptation in the entertainment industry…”

“No way. Don’t tell me that you don’t have confidence?” Yan Qingsi said, grinning.

“Of course, I’m confident. I just don’t trust those sc*mbags and b*stards outside…” Yue Tingfeng replied, pouting.

Yan Qingsi patted his face. “I already told you that I only like you. Why are you so scared?”

Yue Tingfeng pushed his face forward. “Come on. Take a bite.”

Yan Qingsi pinched Yue Tingfeng’s face. “Good boy. Be obedient…”

Yue Tingfeng released a sigh and tapped on the monochrome photograph, enlarging it. “Come. Let me see. I want to admire my mother-in-law’s photo of her younger days.”

Yue Tingfeng lifted the phone. “You can already tell that she’ll blossom into a beauty when she’s older,” he sighed. “No wonder she could have such a beautiful daughter. My mother-in-law is a true beauty…”

“Does she look like me when I was younger?” Yan Qingsi asked.

“People will believe that this is you if you told them so,” Yue Tingfeng said, pointing at the girl, her smile splitting her face.

Yan Qingsi leaned against Yue Tingfeng’s chest. “You Yi said… that my mother’s birthright might create a commotion. I don’t know if, what I’ve always longed for, what I’ve always chased for… Will it be what I really want after it’s finally in my grip?”

All the anxiety that had knotted in Yan Qingsi loosened after she finally said this. She was used to shouldering everything herself but having someone to share the burden eased the pain off her.

Yue Tingfeng hugged Yan Qingsi tightly. At last, he understood what Yan Qingsi had been worrying about over these past few days. “Don’t you still have me even if it creates absolute chaos? No matter what happens, at least… I’m still here?”

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. “Yeah…”

“Go to sleep. I still need to do something in the morning. We can have a good heart-to-heart if you really can’t sleep though.”

Yan Qingsi smiled and pinched his nose. “Heart-to-heart on how to drain you dry?”

“Yan Qingsi, all you know is to talk all day. Why don’t you come and try it for yourself? I sashay in front of you every day. I’m such a wonderful man. Am I not able to seduce you?”

“Not for now…”

“Then when will you be seduced?”

Yue Tingfeng kept pressing on.

Yan Qingsi pulled the blankets over herself and laid down, lazy to entertain him. “I can kick you out now if you don’t sleep.”

Yue Tingfeng flopped over immediately. He closed his eyes and pulled the blankets over. “Agh. Why do I feel so tired today? I can’t even open my eyes.’

Yan Qingsi could not help but spew out laughter.

No matter how heavy her heartfelt, it would slowly lighten with Yue Tingfeng around.

Yan Qingsi studied Yue Tingfeng’s attractive profile and leaned over to gently peck his cheek. “You’re not allowed to open your eyes,” she warned before his eyelids could flutter open, “Or move. Go to sleep.”

She lay her head on Yue Tingfeng’s chest, the strong thrum of his heart beating against her ear. The knot between her brows finally loosened.

Before, when she was alone, she always felt that the days were long and hard as if she would never see the end of the road till the end of time. Now though, she had a lover and friends beside her. She had no reason to feel the pain anymore.

No matter what tomorrow harbored, it would not be worse than yesterday.

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