Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 842 - An Answer Just Within Reach

Chapter 842: An Answer Just Within Reach

When she was working in here today, she let the maid in to clean the room. She saw the maid pushing the window open, then closing it. Perhaps it was then that the window had not been closed properly.

Mrs. You pulled the window close and left the room, forgetting to lock the door.

She heard some noise from downstairs. Mrs. You went down and just so happened to catch You Yi. She squinted her eyes and put on a surprised expression. “You Yi? When did you come back?”

You Yi had taken his jacket off, and his shirt was wrinkled. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his well-built forearms. A long, frightening scar lightly traced over his forearm. His face was well into his forties, yet it only grew more attractive with age—even more so than any young, handsome men. A dejected air hug over his head at this moment and his almond eyes were malicious and distant.

“I just came back,” You Yi replied tonelessly, “Why aren’t you asleep yet, Sis?”

Mrs. You raked her fingers through her hair, flashing a small smile. “Oh, I just remembered that I had something to do, that’s why I woke up to settle it…” She wrinkled her nose and continued. “You… were drinking?”

You Yi nodded. “I went out for a gathering. You’re really busy, Sis but you should take care of your health no matter how busy you get. After all, you can’t compare yourself to your twenty-year-old self.”

The corners of Mrs. You’s mouth twitched. Was he saying that she was old?

If You Yi’s expression was not as serious as it usually was, Mrs. You would definitely take his words as a jab. However, it looked as if he was genuinely concerned.

Mrs. You smiled lightly, nodding her head. “You’re right. I do feel more and more tired as I do things lately. My memory isn’t what it once used to be. It’s late. You should rest early. I’ll go back to sleep too.”

You Yi bobbed his head.

Mrs. You took two steps away then wheeled around abruptly. “Wait, You Yi. You… I heard that you went to Luo city?”

You Yi nodded. “Yeah. I did. Why?”

Mrs. You shook her head. “It’s nothing. Mother is going to celebrate her 80th birthday soon. You shouldn’t be running about like you usually do.”

“Got it.”

You Yi brushed past Mrs. You and strode up the stairs. His broad shadow quickly faded from view.

The scent of alcohol from his body lingered in the air. Mrs. You frowned for a while, then turned around and went upstairs.

Once he closed the door, You Yi took his clothes off and went straight into the bathroom, washing off any trace of alcohol from his body.

His sister-in-law was a very smart person. When he had leaped out of the window, he had made sure to leave it open by a crack. This was so the wind that blew in would disguise any movement that had disturbed the curtains as it would move the curtains itself, getting rid of any suspicions.

He had purposely searched for his father’s secret stash of white wine when he came down and flicked it all over himself, making him look as though he had just gone out drinking. This would totally make his sister-in-law believe that he had not entered the room, because the study would have the smell of alcohol if he had gone in.

Cold water poured down from over his head. You Yi’s mind was full of images of those photographs. He was practically certain that the young girl in that photo was Nie Qiuping.

You Yi felt like the answer was just within reach. All he had to do was extend a hand and grab it.

However… It was the most difficult part now, actually, because he could not simply rush into the Xia family and ask who the little girl was in the photo.

You Yi turned the shower off. He took a towel and roughly wiped his body, then slipped into a bathrobe. He whipped his phone out and made a call. It took a while before the call went through.

“Su Zhan,” You Yi said right off, “Help me find someone.”

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