Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 5: Ambush!

A group of five players, between Level 2 and Level 3 are currently surrounding and attacking a heavily injured huge ash grey wolf.

"[Magic Arrow]!" a beautiful looking woman yelled as an arrow condensed from mana materialized in front of her before shooting towards her target and landing on the Boss’s body as it caused a short explosion.


< -7! >

[Magic Arrow]: a single target skill that uses one’s mana to conjure an arrow, +10% Magic Damage. Usage: 5 MP. Cooldown: 2 Seconds. Range: 1~8 Meters.

Restriction: Apprentice Wizard.

"[Power Stab]!" Jin rushed towards the Boss and yelled his skill as he stabbed towards his target twice!

[Power Stab]: Performs two sword thrust on the target immediately. +10% Physical Damage. Usage: 7 MP. Cooldown: 3 Seconds. Range: 1 Meter(s).

Restriction: Novice Barbarian.

<- 5! >

<- 5! >


The wolf had gotten angry as it shook its head and released a powerful roar that sent the players around it stumbling backwards and at the same time stunned them for a second!

And during those one second, the wolf took the opportunity to attack the nearest player from it.

"Mira! Dodge!" Jin yelled in horror when he saw the wolf pouncing towards their Mage!

*Slash!* *Bite!*

< - 87! >

< - 97! >

The huge wolf slashed Mira and then bit their Mage to pieces and then she burst into light and disappeared as her party members received a notification of her death.

[Your party member [Level 3 Apprentice Mage] < Mira > has fallen!].

"No! Goddamnit! Spread out, now!" Jin cursed as he and the other members immediately kept a distance from the monster.

While these parties are at a stalemate.

They didn’t know that there is someone watching them, just twenty meters away from their position.

"Wow, these people are really courageous on taking on these boss monster" Michael, who is currently on [Stealth] said as he took cover behind from behind the bushes and trees as he watched the battle from a distance.

Jin and his remaining party members are actually fighting a heavily injured Boss Monster that they coincidentally stumbled upon deep inside the Beginners Map.

[Ash Wolf] (Normal Mid-Boss)

Level: 5

HP: 97/300

"Hehe, you guys can do better than that, right?" Michael released a soft disdainful laugh.

Michael plans to have Jin and his remaining party members to thoroughly wore down the Mid-Boss before swooping in and stealing the boss kill!

"I’ll make you feel anger, pain and despair just like what your father did when he sent assassins after us and killing Amanda!" Micheal gritted his teeth in anger while his hands shivered in excitement, because he felt in his mind that he was back in the days of being an assassin as he waited and waited patiently for his prey to show up or let down his guard!

"Haa~ I truly am borne, an Assassin" Michael mumbled as he suddenly had the urge to just charge out and start a killing spree!

"But not yet!" Michael kept the urge back as he didn’t want to ruin this chance to inflict pain to that bastard in front of him and at the same time annoy him by getting killed!

"But If I kill him, won’t I get a red name or something? Damn, I should start learning about games later after this" Michael said and made plans to learn about things inside the game or anything related to RPG.

"Yes! We can kill it! Make sure to watch out for its attacks!"

That sudden yell immediately brought Michael’s attention back to them.

[Ash Wolf] (Normal Mid-Boss)

Level: 5

HP: 57/300

Michael checked the Boss Monster and smiled when he saw that, the monster is nearing its end.

So while in [Stealth], Michael slowly approached them as silently as possible and maneuvered around things on his way that would attract attention.

Once he was just five meters away from them and seeing that the Boss only had 23 HP left. Michael immediately pulled out his new weapon, the Rat King Dagger and immediately pounced towards the nearest player!

Michael stabbed the unsuspecting player on his back and then his left hand let go of the dagger while his right hand immediately pulled out his weapon and while he was pulling out his weapon, his left hand had finally covered the Priest’s mouth and Michael immediately slit his throat while using [Bleed] but Michael wasn’t finished! He re-positioned his dagger on his hand and stabbed the Priest’s heart while multiple Critical Hits appeared above the player!

< Critical Hit! -37! >

< Critical Hit! -39! >

<- 2! >

<- 2! >

<- 2! >

< Critical Hit! -40! >

Coupled with his passive skill [Ambush] and him attacking the critical points of the human body, Michael had successfully one shot the player!

Everything happened so fast that the Priest didn’t even had the chance to utter a scream before he exploded into particles of light and was sent into the graveyard!

< Your party member [Level 2 Apprentice Priest] < Tomy > has fallen! >

The sudden death of their only support startled all of them and due to it, their Assassin who just got out from his [Stealth] and with his weapon just halfway through on landing on the Boss was killed in the process by a [Swipe] from the Boss!

< Your party member [Level 2 Apprentice Assassin] < Tomy > has fallen! >

Jin immediately turned around to where their Priest was supposed to be but he only managed to catch the silhouette of their attacker before it disappeared into the bushes but not before picking up his loots!

Jin gritted his teeth in rage as he immediately ran towards his remaining companion, the female Hunter and stood beside her.

"Just keep attacking! Make sure to watch out for that Assassin!" Jin told her which the latter immediately nodded in response while both of them started dodging the attacks of the Boss! Luckily for them, this Boss doesn’t have powerful skills or else they would have been wiped out long ago!

<- 1! >

<- 1! >

<- 1! >

But unfortunately for them, their attacks could only caused 1 damage while there’s still 20 Hp left on the Boss which wouldn’t have been a problem for the two of them if they were left alone but the unluckiest thing is, that there is also an Assassin lurking in the dark waiting for another opportune moment to attack!

They were already in a dire situation the moment their Wizard fell but now, it just turned into an extremely dire one, the moment their other two companions died!

"Friend! I’ll make sure to ’repay’ this debt a hundred fold!" Jin yelled angrily as he jumped backwards as he clumsily dodge the Boss’s attack.


The Boss’s paw blasted the ground where Jin was before and missed, and this time, the Boss seems to have reached its boiling point as it issued another terrifying [Roar]!


"Now!" Michael uttered and got out from his [Stealth] as he immediately charged towards the Boss while the others are stunned.

Michael was lucky that he was just at the edge of the skill of the Boss and didn’t reach him so immediately attack it while the others are stunned!

Michael pounced towards the Boss at the same time that Jin and the Hunter’ stunned state wore off and so the Hunter immediately attack with her only skill [Arrow Assault], as the arrow shot out of its bow and it flew towards Michael!

[Arrow Assault]: Faster than a normal arrow attack. +8% Physical Damage. Usage: 10 MP. Cooldown: 1 Second. Range: 1~10 Meter(s).

It was either the arrow would arrive first and disrupt Michael or Michael’s attack would land on the Boss first!

It was like the world around them slowed down as Jin was running towards the Boss but he is moving in slow motion just like Michael that’s still in mid-air with his dagger in hand, prepared to thrust it towards one of the Boss’s eyes.

But it seems lady luck wasn’t at Michael’s side this time as the arrow was faster than him, because it already reached just a foot away from his head!

And as everything is happening in slow motion...

What Michael did next would utterly shock his enemies!

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