Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 4: The World Is Truly Small Between Us

Michael’s face contorted in anger before it immediately returned to normal when he saw a group of people heading towards his direction but his eyes are only glued at the person who looks like the leader of the group and walking at the front.

It was a man with an undercut blonde hair, who also had the same attire as him but instead of a dagger, he has a sword strapped at his waist. He was surrounded by three people trying to flatter him as all of them would laugh or smile at him.

"The game has hundreds of cities but for us to actually bumped with each other here, hehe. It seems this is fate" Michael gave a really ferocious grin as an absurd thought entered his mind.

Michael continued walking forward and gave another grin as he passed by them. The man stopped as he felt a shiver run down his spine and looked back at the disappearing back of Michael.

"What’s wrong Brother Jin?" asked a girl with huge assets beside him.

"Nothing" Jin just shook his head while thinking ’ What the heck was that? I thought I was being looked at by a predator looking at his prey’ and then all of them also entered the training hall.

"I should level up first before I do that" Michael thought as he opened his quest log this time. It was a new function he got after finishing his first quest. The quest log let’s you access the available quest in your area, of course the quest in the Quest Log are the most common kind that you can do repeatedly.

Michael picked one quest and headed towards the City Administration at the middle of the city.

* * * * *

"Damn, so this is the reason why no one is taking this quest. The smell is so awful here" Michael creased his brows when he got a whiff of the stinky smell coming from the Sewer. It was a quest that the City Administration issued.

[Eliminate All The Sewer Rats] Difficulty: E]

Eliminate all the Sewer Rats that have been troubling the residents lately especially the City Lord. Complete it and report back to the City Administration to get your appropriate rewards.

Rewards: 3 Silvers, +100 Haven City Reputation]

Michael was walking along the side pathway of the sewer tunnel. Just as he turned around a corner, he heard a sound.


"Damn! They f*cking call this a Sewer Rat? More like a dog rat, It’s as big as those small sized dogs!"

[Level 2] Sewer Rat]

HP: 100/100

Skills: [Poison Bite]

The [Sewer Rat] pounced at Michael trying to take a bite off him while its two huge teeth glowed purple as it used its skill < Poison Bite >. Michael just coolly dodge to right and gave it a flurry of normal attacks on its back while it’s still in mid air and at the same time he casted < Bleed > and the as the [Sewer Rat] landed on the ground, it shrieked in rage as it probably didn’t expect Michael to dodge him that easily but sadly, a rat is still a rat because still did the same attack pattern before getting itself killed.

[You have killed a Level 2 Sewer Rat]

[You’ve gained 5 Copper Coins]

[You’ve gained 15 EXP]

Michael continued its way as he delve deeper inside while killing Sewer Rats that he encountered along the way.

Michael stopped as he finally reached the end of the Dungeon. In front of him was a 1000 sq. ft. room with different kind of bones littered everywhere and in the middle of it was a monster as big a medium size dog.

[Level 5 Boss] Sewer Rat King

HP: 300/300

Skills: [Hyper Fang] [Shrill Cry] [Poison Bite] [Tackle] [Scratch]

"Ooft! Damn this bitch, it stinks here!" Michael cursed as he clutched his nose not even one bit bothered about the monster that was glaring at him.

Shriek!!! ~

The Rat King grew angry when it saw that the human is ignoring him when it intruded into his home and so it immediately issued a [Shrill Cry].

"Fuck! That rattled my eardrums a bit, annoying pest! Die!" Michael immediately attacked the Rat King head on and stabbed its forehead and executed [Bleed] as he dodge the [Hyper Fang] that was coming for him.

< Miss > < [Critical Hit] -15 >

Both of them then jumped backwards and started circling each other.

"Tsk! If this was the real world you’d be dead already" Michael sneered looking at the Rat King.

The Boss sensing that it was being looked down upon, dashed and lunged at him as its two front teeth glowed purple as it activated its [Poison Bite]. Michael immediately dodge to left and performed a [Backstab] when they passed by each other, followed by a roundhouse kick sending the Boss stumbling for 2 meters forwards.

< Miss > < -30 > < -15 >

"Pity, even though you’re 3 Levels higher than me, you’re no different than those other Rats before you" Michael clicked his tongue when he noticed that the Boss in front of him seemed weak.

This time Michael didn’t waste anymore time and sent a barrage of attacks towards the Boss not even bothering to use his abilities as the Boss was toyed to death.

The Rat King released a low growl before its body burst into loot.

[You have successfully cleared Sewer Rat Dungeon!]

[You have gained additional rewards related to your class: [Rat King Dagger(Normal)]

[You have received 500 Bonus Exp]

[You are now Level 3, gains 5 free stats and 1 skill points]

[Rat King Dagger(Normal)]

Properties: 3-5 Attack Damage, +1 Agility

Level Requirement: 3]

"Nice!" Michael made a fist and hastily equipped it, replacing his old dagger before hurrying over to pick up the rest of the loot.

[Rat King Leather Shoes(Normal)]

Properties: +2 Defense, +1 Strength

Level Requirement: 3]

Michael equipped it as he also picked up Rat Leather Skin, Rat King Poison Fangs and 1 Silver and 3 Coppers.

"This is truly great, it seems fate is helping me! I thought I need to at least Level up to 5 before executing ’that’, but now with this change in equipment....." Michael laughed along the way to the exit while thinking about what he prepared to do.

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