Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 6: Perfect Stats!

Michael suddenly felt that everything around him going in slow motion, as his slowly turned towards where the arrow is at and when he saw that the arrow was just a foot away from hitting his head, his eyes suddenly constricted and then he suddenly twisted downwards as the arrow graze passed his cheek and pierce through his left ear!

< - 15! >

A pitiful damage appeared above his head as the arrow gaze passed the side of his head and struck a tree on its path.

"Impossible! How could he dodge that!? Even if you’re a martial artist in real life, the stats of your character would certainly limit your movements!" screamed the Hunter in despair while Jin just stood there dumbstruck as he probably just experienced his first humiliation in this lifetime of his.

And then Michael’s dagger successfully struck the Boss’s left eye as a red and huge, critical hit appeared above the Boss’s head!

< -47! >


The boss gave a weak cry before it erupted into light particles as the boss’s loot scattered everywhere on the ground.

Seeing the boss dying, Jin finally snapped out of it and yelled hysterically towards Michael, "Stop right there! Don’t you dare lay your hands on the items!"

Michael ignored him and showed the middle finger and picked up three gold coins, a book, a pair of shoes and a ring and after that, he immediately fled towards the bushes and ignored everything happening behind him.

But while he was fleeing, Michael had thoughts running through his mind as he kept replaying the scene about the arrow earlier inside his head.

’How did I do that? Even I know that even a martial artist playing VRMMO games would restricted in the early stages due to his character’s weak stats’ Michael thought as he arrived in front of a clearing and he immediately dashed past monsters and players alike and entered through the gate and inside the City of Haven.

Michael went to a nearby bench with thoughtful look on his face and sat there as he ignored the passing people in front of him but just as he sat down for a few seconds, he suddenly had an absurd idea that popped in his head that it immediately made him stand up from his seat!

"Wait, could that be possible?" Michael mumbled with a wide eyed look on his face and then he suddenly pressed something in front of him, as his body started to disintegrate into pixels as he logged off of the game.

He immediately took off his helmet and jumped off from his bed and then he grabbed his wallet from his desk near the bed and ran towards the door and left his small apartment but not before grabbing his jacket.


Michael is frantically running through the stairs from the third floor while putting on his jacket and when he reached the stairs leading towards the ground floor, he immediately skip and jumped over the railing of the stairs as he landed on the ground on his right hand and feet. He was like an action star from how flawless he executed those moves.

Then he disappeared from his cheap apartment building and ran towards nearby internet cafe.

And while Michael is on the road, Jin who is still in the game.

"Raa! Who is that bastard!? F*cking bastard! How dare he!? Not only did he kill my party members, kill the boss but he even went as far as stealing the Boss loot!!! F*ck!" Back at Haven City, Jin is in rage mode in front of his team as he constantly stomped the ground in anger while his party members or lackey are just standing there with their heads lowered, clearly depressed.

After all, the only thing that they got after killing the Boss was a pitiful thirty seven coppers and an old pair of gloves that all newbies are currently wearing.

And the only thing that could console is knowing that they wouldn’t lose experience points or levels during the early stages of the game (below level 10), but that didn’t mean that they wouldn’t hold a grudge towards Michael for what he did to them.

After venting his anger on the ground for almost a minute, Jin finally calmed down and turned towards his companions and said to them in a cold voice, "You remember what’s his name, right?"

They looked at each other for a bit before nodding towards Jin.

"Good, make sure to never forget it because we’re going to start hunting him down once the Beginner Map is over" Jin said with a voice full of malice before leading his lackeys somewhere in the city.

What Jin mentioned about the Beginner Map earlier is that if a player in that particular city, town or village passed through Level 10 and reached Level 11 means that a new map would open up in that particular area of the map and the players in that place would gain an advantage in a new map for leveling spots over the other places.

Means getting PK’ed back to Level 1 and dropping items would then be possible.

Of course, Jin, being the son of Senator at least has hundreds of subordinates or lackeys, trying to suck up to him, means he could’ve order them to hunt down and disrupt the gaming time of the player named [Shadow] but he isn’t stupid, he at least knows that the player called [Shadow] could either be an expert/pro gamer from just his movements alone from their earlier encounter or maybe he is just a noob or an arrogant player who got lucky of having a higher level and equipment than them.

If it’s the former, then he would forget about what happened between them and maybe even try to rope him in the guild he’s planning to create.

But if it’s the latter, then he would make him suffer and to be constantly hunted down until he is forced to quit the game.


"Holy sh*t! So it was real!" Michael exclaimed a bit when he saw that the website of [Fate Online] is being bombarded with complaints about having such low starting stats from noobs and insecure players!

"What a shitty game! Why are my starting stats so low!? My highest stat is only five while the lowest is 1!"

"You’re lucky! Mine is as low as 1 and that is my Luck Stat while my highest is only 3! It’s really hard to fight monsters with such low stats that I keep getting killed from time to time from rabbits! Rabbits dude! How the heck do you get yourself killed from a rabbit!?"

"I really had high hopes for this game! *Sigh* what a disappointment!"

Michael just ignored the comments and read through the simple announcement from the company behind the game.

[In Fate Online, the lowest stat is 1 while the highest is 10. Having a 10 in a stat is equivalent to a world champion in that particular area based from that stat(s) with a 10 points]

"They’re really confident about their game, huh? But wow, World Champion? That’s already the peak of human’s physical capability" Michael said, seeing that the company didn’t even bother giving an explanation towards the complaints they are receiving about the [Game World] but at the same time, he was also feeling ecstatic and shocked from how high his stats is.

"I have a perfect 10 on all of my stats! But still, even though my body is strong in this timeline but it shouldn’t have reached a 10 on all of my stats. It would have been understandable if I have my future body right now as the strength of my body from being an Assassin on my future timeline, surely surpasses human capabilities" Michael muttered.

"Did the [Game System] actually made a mistake though?"

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