Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 431: Kidnapping

Chapter 431: Kidnapping

In another corner of Central City.

"Calm down, tell me what's happening!"

Randy had just come out of the shower when he saw multiple missed calls from his phone, which were followed by another call from Olivia, he immediately answered it and was greeted by Olivia's incoherent voice full of horror that he can't even understand what she's saying.

"Hic! S-summer, got kidnapped. I-I'm currently at the central police station, please come"

Olivia was sobbing so much from the other side of the call that she barely managed to finish her words.

"Alright, hang on! I'll be there in an hour, no, thirty minutes!" Randy quickly hung up the call and immediately started changing, and he came out charging out of his room while in the process of putting on his shirt.

Tap! Tap! Tap! "What's the hurry for?!"

In the kitchen.

Miya, who was in her soaked gym clothes and drinking a glass of water, couldn't help shouting at Randy when she saw him rushing down the stairs like he wanted to destroy it in his hurry!

"I'm going to the police station!" "Police station?! For what?! Did something happen?! Hey!!" Randy was only halfway through his words when he had already charged out of the front door and towards his car, ignoring Miya who was dying to know what happened that Randy even willingly wanted to go to the police station, whom he never really never had a good relationship with. "Why is he going to the police station?"

Robin's voice soon drifted over as he entered the house from the backdoor while wiping off the water from his hair, freshly out of the pool.

"Don't know, he just bolted out of the door in a hurry like he was on fire. How about giving a call with one of your associates?" replied Miya with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Well, I'll try. After all, it has been a while since I've contacted that person. I don't even know if she's still at Central City"

Robin was heading towards the second floor when he was halfway through the stairs when he suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned his head down below towards Miya and said, "But hey, isn't it kinda weird lately? Everyone is suddenly preoccupied with their own personal businesses. It wasn't even that long when Genesis and Monk left, and now Randy seems to be about to get entangled with the authorities. It kind of feels like the world is messing around and forcing us to come out of retirement and once again step into that stage..."

"I don't really mind, I'm still quite young, but you on the other hand, is already old like a grandfather"


Robin just clicked his tongue in annoyance and proceeded to head upstairs to his room in fit of anger!

While Miya watched him leave, his words from earlier suddenly echoed inside her head.

'Coming out of retirement huh? I've never thought about that before'

Robin's words from before suddenly bothered her, and the thought of doing it doesn't sound so bad.

Then a thought suddenly occurred to her and she couldn't help immediately but let out an exclamation, "Damn it, I just remembered that we won't have enough people during the undead siege later in the game! Why now of all times?!"

Meanwhile, Randy had arrived before the Central Police Station after an almost hour-long traffic jam on the road.

Randy was looking up at the large sign on the building that reads "Central Police Department".

"I didn't expect that there would be a day that I would once again step foot inside these kinds of places"

With a somewhat forced sounding chuckle, Randy stepped foot inside while walking past a couple of police officers exiting the building.

"Is there still any news about my daughter yet? I told you that the person who took her is my ex husband! And why is that bastard not calling me yet?!"

"Ma'am, please calm down. We still don't know if it was your ex-husband, besides you told us it was a group of three masked people that took her, so we don't want to assume yet. After all..."

"After all what?! Was it because of my work?! They wouldn't dare!"

"Mom, calm down! Getting angry at them is useless"


The elevator opened, and just as Randy had just stepped his foot out of the elevator, he could already hear Olivia yelling in anger, mixed with the voice of an officer trying to calm the situation, which badly failed because of a slip of his tongue.

And Randy on the other hand has a blank look on his face as it was his first time seeing and hearing Olivia so freaking angry, especially when it was such a large contrast to when she called him earlier, who sounded so much like a panic stricken maiden in need of help.

Knock! Knock!


In any case, he walked before the door and knocked, which was quickly followed by clearing his throat.

And almost everyone inside the officer turned their heads towards the door and saw Randy standing there with an awkward look on his face, seemingly uncomfortable.

"Babe, you're here!"

That fierce looking slavic woman from earlier suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a gentle looking woman calling to Randy in a coquettish voice, and it made the officers in the department shudder from hearing it, even her daughter Cathy felt secondhand embarrassment looking at the actions of her mother!

"Y-yeah, so what's the status on Summer's case? Who took her?" asked Randy as he hugged the woman back, greatly concerned of the well being of the little kid. Ring~! Ring-! Ring ! The officers and Olivia were about to start an argument again when the latter's phone suddenly started ringing loudly from her hands, and when Olivia looked at the caller, it was an unknown number.

Olivia looked at Randy, then at the officers, "Answer it ma'am"

Putting it on a loudspeaker, Olivia answered the call, "Hello?"

[I told you this won't be the last time that we'll be talking to each other]

The familiar voice of a man immediately sounded from the call, and when Olivia heard it, she just freaking lost it!

"You bastard, it really is you! Give me back my daughter!"

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