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Chapter 430: The Story Behind The M.T

Chapter 430: The Story Behind The M.T


“Did you guys hear those weird sounds last night?”

“What sounds?”

A group of students preparing their breakfast suddenly started talking about things that happened last night, and the nearby students from other groups around them suddenly had guilt written on their faces, especially the women who heard their conversation as almost all of them threw glares at a certain someone.

Meanwhile, two of the instructors not far off from were clearly startled at first when the topic of “weird sounds” was suddenly brought up, but they were immediately relieved when it was just about the slamma jamma that happened between the students last night.

“You know, those…piak piak sounds, hahaha” replied that student, then followed by an awkward laugh.

His friend hurriedly gestured at him to lower his voice by placing his finger over his own lips, “Shhh! Lower your voice stupid”

“What? It’s true though, no one here is a kid. You think there are still virgins here?”

The student who brought up the topic laughed seeing the baffled expressions on the faces of the people near them.

“Hahaha, but you’re the one who got a lot of action last night you bastard! How dare you point fingers at others?!”

“SHUT UP! Especially you Martin! If you’re done eating, then go to the beach and line up! You have thirty seconds!”

As the students gossiped about what happened yesterday night, Santo’s blaring voice suddenly interrupted them and even started scolding one of the students through the megaphone in his hand.

The students quickly put down their plates or whatever things that they were doing and hurriedly made their way towards the beach, and the scene look so chaotic that the students looked like a flock of chickens being chased away

Michael was also among the students, and has a toast hanging from his mouth as he ran from behind the group.

And not even thirty seconds later, the students had diligently all lined up neatly along the beach with varying emotions displayed on their faces.

Mr. Santos and the instructors soon followed and stood before the students as the former closely examined his students.

“Is this everyone? Because I’m not seeing Chad and Mary, where are they?!” he asked with a squint of his eyes.

“P-professor, we’re here! S-sorry for being late!”

Suddenly the sound of disorderly footsteps, and the panicked voice of a man sounded as a man and a woman ran out from one corner of the forest and hurriedly lined up at the back, both people drenched in sweat like they had just finished an hour of workout at the gym.

But what drew the attention of the people was their disorderly appearance, especially Mary who looked really disheveled with her hair in a chaotic mess like she had just gone from a catfight and with her shorts she wore inside out!

“Heh, it seems someone was having this early in the morning”

“Brats these days really knows how to have fun anytime anywhere”

Chad and Mary were ashamed seeing the playful looks thrown at them, especially when Mary saw Chad’s friends throwing thumbs up his way, making the woman grit her teeth in anger!

Feeling like she got played!

Brandon on the other hand was looking at his cousin with eyes that looked like it would spit fire anytime due to anger, while Michael on the other hand is smiling at their audacity to do the deed so early in the morning knowing how rough they are being treated on the island that it even turned their professor, Mr. Santos, who had always been amiable and gentlemanly in their school had turned into a devilish drill sergeant of some sorts when he stepped foot on the island like he was possessed.

“Chad and Mary, step forward”

With no hesitation, Chad stepped to the forefront from the back, while Mary hesitated before following suit knowing that whining wouldn’t do her any good while they are on the island during the duration of their stay.

“Well, well, well, would you look at that? If isn’t usual suspects”

Mr. Santos eyed his two students with a playful smile on his face, causing the two people to show two awkward smiles on their faces.

“Anyway, today is the day that I will be handing the reins to the head instructor. So I’ll let him decide what your punishment for being late” said Mr. Santos as he gestured for the bald man beside him to step forth and introduce himself, and to be clear, there’s five instructors including the head who is bald, one long haired instructor and the rest all had short haircuts meant for law enforcement.

“Listen up ya brats! I am Steve, a retired lieutenant colonel of the Eastern Wolf Brigade! From now on onwards until the end of this retreat, I’m in charge! Don’t even think that you’re special! On this island, every student is equal, even if you’re the son of this country’s president! You don’t get special privileges, unless of course…you do well with the task that will be given to each…and every…single one of you!”

Steve surveyed everything single one of them while paying attention to the expressions of the faces of the students.

Their expressions varied, some clearly worried and nervous, some were conscious about their surroundings as they subtly kept looking at the students around them, and there’s some who just didn’t care, like Michael, except he’s the only student who looked incredibly nonchalant like a tiger leisurely mingling among a flock of sheeps.

“Chad and Mary, stay, the rest are dismissed”

For a few seconds, no one moved as the students just looked at each other as no one dared to move first, and they talked to each other through their eye gestures, and it was obvious that a lot of the students were pressuring each other to take the initiative.

Because of this, the ones receiving the most pressure are those students who are studying under a scholarship, while those students who are completely opposite of them didn’t want to be on the receiving end of whatever results that it might imply.

After all, as mentioned before, most of the students in Michael’s class are from influential and authoritative families, and a lot of them are quite sly with arrogance engraved in their bones.

Sadly for them, these students hailing from ordinary families aren’t idiots, especially when it was just a few moments ago that the head instructor had mentioned to them that every student is standing on equal footing while all of them are stuck on the island, and at the side, the instructors just watched them with amused expressions.


‘No, you move!’

Thump! Thump! Thump!

But…there’s just this one student who simply didn’t care and is even the oldest among them, and just started walking away as the man broke away from the group while scratching his cheek with his finger.

All eyes quickly shifted over to this one particular individual, the students stopped glaring at each other and the amused expression on the faces of the instructors disappeared and was replaced by gloom as this particular student has been giving them headaches.

“Oh right, Chad! Awesome job man!”

Reminded by something, Michael didn’t care that all attention was on him, he halted in his tracks, turned his head around and looked at his fellow student and gave him a thumbs up for a job well done and started laughing as he walked away.


“Bastard” Chad uttered through gritted teeth as he glared at Michael with venomous eyes.

When Michael left and the other students saw that the instructors didn’t do anything. So, all of them quickly followed suit after, with Mr. Santos behind them, and the beach had once again regained its peace.

Those left behind, had gloom written over their faces while Steve on the other hand is recalling something inside his head.

Michael Gray

He has a very special background, exercising caution is absolutely necessary.

Before the start of this M.T, the instructors that were assigned for this task all received documents containing detailed information of the students attending.

More importantly, this so-called membership training is very special as it wasn’t something that happened before where they’d have instructors that are retired from the military looking after them.

It’s only happening because of the circumstance that all of the students are either important students with a lot of expectations behind them or have special identities.

‘Is he a spy sent from a secret government agency?’

Steve had always considered that notion since he had read Michael’s file that only contains a single sentence with one word even written in red, and for Steve, the feasibility of it made it even more believable considering Michael’s youthful appearance that doesn’t match with his age.

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