Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 429: Monk and Genesis

Chapter 429: Monk and Genesis

The next day.

The island was full of tranquility, the serene sound of the waves splashing on the shore of the island, along with the sound of birds singing in the woods in the morning created a scenery that any person who loves tranquility and freedom would appreciate.


But such a lovely scene was suddenly destroyed into pieces by an ear piercing and annoying sound of a siren blasting off of a megaphone that reverberated throughout the island!

Scaring off the birds nesting on the trees as they flew away in fear!

“Ahh! W-what? What!?”

“Dammit! I’m almost homebase with the girl in my dreams! That juicy wet…ahhh! What are you doing you bastard?! Wake up and stop trying to kiss me!”

A lot of students were quickly startled awake as a lot of them sat straight up in fright, especially those students who were having good dreams only to suddenly turn into a nightmare!

“Get you ass*ss up! NOW!”


While the students were frantically getting up from their beds, Michael on the other hand had long since woken up and was even leisurely brushing his teeth inside the bathroom before a mirror.

Hearing the frantic footsteps passing by the door, and the chaotic voices outside, Michael mumbled hoarsely, “Poor kids, they’re gonna suffer a lot in these coming days”

While the students with the exception of Michael are suffering on an island in the middle of nowhere, a small ruckus is currently happening back at the mansion in Central City.

With a duffel bag slung over his shoulders, Monk was walking down the stairs when a covered in sweat Tony suddenly walked past through the front door and immediately saw him, especially noticing the bag slung over his shoulders.

“What’s with the bag? Are you going somewhere?” asked Tony while taking off the sweat drenched grappling gloves from her hands.

Clang! Clang!

Monk didn’t immediately answer her as he lightly placed the bag on the floor as it issued a muffled sound of metals grinding against each other, before walking over towards the kitchen and taking out a bottle of water from the fridge, while Tony just stood before the door and watched him.


Monk only uttered a single word before gulping down mouthfuls of water.

Scrunching up her eyebrows, Tony said, “A job? Like a job in a department store, or that job job?”

Roughly wiping the water off his lips with the back of his hand, Monk replied, “That job of course”

When Tony

heard his reply, her eyes immediately widened as she yelled angrily at him.

“You’re crazy! We’re already retired! What are you trying to do by accepting one of those bloody jobs?! You’re just asking for trouble!”

When those words escaped Rippley’s mouth, the expression of those people who had been eavesdropping since the beginning underwent changes as they immediately surfaced on the scene like mushrooms suddenly making an appearance after a heavy rainfall.

“Dang, you’re really crazy baldy. Did Michael’s youthfulness suddenly influence your mind to get out of your retirement?”

Suddenly, the voice of someone echoed from upstairs, inviting a glare from Monk as he stared menacingly at Chakram who is wearing a playful smile on his face while leaning against the railings.

“The job was a convenience, but for me, vengeance is nigh!”

When Monk uttered the latter part of his words, his eyes reddened as flashes of distant memories flashed before his eyes!

Hearing his words, the contenounce of the people around the house changed as their eyes flashed with a frosty glint.

“Need a hand?”

And like a dumbas*, Genesis’s head suddenly popped out from the corner of the garage window with a face covered in oil sludge, and wore a bright smile on his face.

Mid day later, Monk was seen exiting the house, followed by Genesis dressed in a suit tailing behind him with a briefcase in his hand and suitcase on the other.

“It’s nice that we’re going out for a change, it’s a little boring just playing games all day”

“Shut up” replied Monk with a dry tone as he boarded the taxi that had been waiting for them in front of their house.

“Aaaouch! Why so serious man?” Genesis made an exaggerated hurtful expression on his face as he also boarded the vehicle from the other side.

‘God, I’m starting to regret bringing this chatterbox with me’

Monk thought to himself with a regretful look as the vehicle finally set off towards their destination, the airport, but at the same time, he also understood that this was originally Genesis’s personality who is very talkative, especially around close friends, except for when they are in a setting where there’s a lot of people…which obviously are public places!

Due to traffic, the duo only arrived at the airport after wasting over an hour on the road, but the journey was not boring as the chatterbox with him kept him entertained.

“You never shut up, do you?” said Monk as both men disembarked from the taxi.

Genesis laughed and gave Monk a pat on his shoulder and said, “Don’t forget that we’d been living a boring life back then, but now we’re back in “civilization”, all thanks to that brat of course. So the original me is back! Back from that boring life! I really wonder how you guys managed to cope with such a boring life?! And how do you think I became a famous rockstar? It’s all because of this mouth my friend, this mouth, got it? It’s the bomb!”

“A bomb full of lies! Uggh! I can’t even count how many pitiful women had fallen because of that sweet and dirty mouth of yours” replied Monk annoyingly as he strode forward, his voice full of anger and tinged with envy, envious at the fact that Genesis had bang an unknown number of women!

Thoughts that should not be surfacing in the minds of a monk!

Sadly, he’s no ordinary monk as he had even named himself that very word that describes a person who practices religious asceticism!

“You my guy, still haven’t changed. You still have a very sharp tongue”

Genesis laughed as he quickly caught up to his friend, and only then did he shut his mouth up.

His chaotic demeanor from earlier long gone, replaced by a chilling cool vibe, and like the smell of an athlete’s foot that refuses to go away, his entire demeanor was even oozing with that sigma male’ish aura that attracts people around him, be they male or female.

Genesis enjoyed the attention he was getting, but Monk on the other hand, absolutely hates it!

Genesis was loving it as a few fans even came to take a photo with him when they recognized who he was.

But when he noticed Monk glaring at him from the side, he just shrugged and said, “What?! I can’t help it when I’m this attractive! Besides, it also a good cover for us and would provide convenience when we board our flight later”

“Good afternoon passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight L1407 to Paragon Republic. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes. Thank you..”

Ten minutes later, Genesis and Monk had successfully boarded their flight, and the plane soon took off to the skies, leaving behind their peaceful lives in the city.

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