Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 428: It Happened Too Fast

Chapter 428: It Happened Too Fast

“Good thing we got out of there quick, or we would have been captured, worst off, killed!”

“What do you mean, Ross?”

“Did you see something we didn’t?”

When their boat had finally gotten a little bit further away from the island, all of them released sighs of relief, but when they heard Ross’s words, they couldn’t help but start asking questions.

Ross didn’t say anything and just pointed at something towards the dark sea.

“Where are you pointing to?”

“Don’t tell me you have become even more stupid than Oto?”

His companions looked towards the direction of where his finger was pointing at, but all they saw was darkness, and they couldn’t help but curse at him as they thought they were messing with him.

“Shut up! I saw multiple boats docked in that direction! Even though it was only a flash, I managed to catch a glimpse of a few of them! Did you really think I would order for a retreat when we are obviously armed with higher caliber weapons?! Those bastards from that company were certainly watching us and were just waiting for us to do something drastic!”

“Yaaaa! I repeatedly told him that we shouldn’t have accepted this job, but he just had to f*cking insists! Now, he’s f*cking dead because of it, and most of all, we’re now in the red! Damn it all..!!”

Ross furiously scratched his head in anger while yelling towards the sky, making his companions very uncomfortable and at the same time worried about their future.

Soon after, their small boat safely left the vicinity of the island, their fates still unknown.

On the other hand, Ross was right, there really was a small ship docked near the island who had been watching them afar the entire time, and not only that, there were also several high speed boats surrounding the ship that’s carrying armed personnel ready to take action anytime.

“Sir, shall we pursue them?”

“No need, they’re just small-time mercenaries who didn’t know any better. I say they are just a bunch of idiots”

“There will be others who will take care of them”

“I’ve never liked those kinds of bastards, they have no honor!”

“Tsk! What do you know about honor, you brat?!”

Just like those intruders earlier, these armed personnels also quietly left the vicinity of the island.

“The hell was that? They had just arrived for a moment and they had already decided to leave?”

Michael couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed! He made an effort to come here, only to witness something that would make everyone who sees it say ‘what the actual f*ck?!’.

He wasn’t the only one perplexed with the situation, Santos and the others were having the same feelings too, scaring them with the grenades was understandable, but for them to really retreat was very perplexing for them as they thought they were just buying time by scaring them with those grenades.

And seeing that they weren’t actually joking around when they said they wanted out and really did it, was a first!

“They really left”

Santos stood up from behind the boulder as what happened was unbelievable, even for him.

“Did they see something we didn’t?”

“Maybe, maybe not. We probably won’t know when our vision is limited by the night sky”

“Let’s go back”

The instructors started cleaning up before heading back, Santos on the other hand, looked towards the distant sea covered in darkness with a thoughtful look on his face.

“Mr. Santos, let’s go back before the kids notice that something is amiss”

Santos let out a soft groan of approval before following after the group after taking one last look towards the distant horizon.

‘They’re not gonna clean up the place?’

Michael’s face could be seen frowning in confusion as it’s obvious that the aftermath of the battle would certainly be seen by the students if any of them happens to stumble upon the place tomorrow.



After a couple of minutes passed, he was about to jump down and leave, and decided to let his professor deal with with the aftermath when he suddenly heard the soft sound of an engine coming from the sea, and when he squinted his eyes, he was able to make out a few small boats heading towards the direction and as silent as possible.

“Clean up crew? Guess they weren’t being careless after all. They have been watching everything, and there’s a high chance that they have already discovered me, but it would certainly leave them wondering who is it”

“Damn, I didn’t get to do shit at all. What a waste of time”

Slightly shaking his head, Michael left the shore he was hiding at and didn’t bother about how the cleaners will make the place spot clean and as natural as possible after it suffered from the battle that happened earlier.

The cleaners got down from the boat, wearing suits as dark as the night, equipped with night vision goggles as they sneakily walked around the northern part of the island while picking up the bullet casings on the ground with their equipment.

While bullet holes on trees were made to be as natural as possible, like they were pecked by woodpeckers or any other animals that likes to poke holes on trees.

When Michael had returned back to the camp that was almost pitched black. There were a few students still awake and chatting around the campfires, while the rest of the students were probably sleeping with the background sound of muffled moans mixed among the snores around the campground, making Michael raise an eyebrow with a shake of his head.

“I wonder if those horny single dogs will be able to sleep tonight?”

Michael couldn’t help but chuckle as he walked past multiple tents and sneakily went inside the building and started getting ready for bed, and when he looked out the window, he was just in time to see the sneakily returning instructors coming out from one side of the camp where there is a lot of vegetation.

‘It seems they still headed someplace else on the island before coming back’

Tonight, many youths weren’t able to sleep as they were too horny.

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