Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 427: Anti climatic

Chapter 427: Anti climatic

“Oto will take rear this time”

“Yes sir”

“Move out!”

The uninvited island guests quickly formed a line, slightly bending their knees and back, they stealthy made a run towards the coast for cover.

One by one, they found they’re own little covers, hiding behind a tree or a brush, or just plain lying down on the ground behind a mound.

“Are they soldiers or mercenaries?”

Michael wondered what kind of armed group they are. After all, there are also soldiers who have retired to become mercenaries after realizing that they can make more money doing the latter even when they know that it’s a far more dangerous occupation as there won’t be any country backing them up.

A job suitable for only those with no strings attached to hold them back anymore.

“But did the company deliberately ignore this group of armed people? I don’t believe that they didn’t learn about them even before they got here”

He was incredibly confused, as someone not ignorant of the darkness of the world, he didn’t believe that such a large company like Mine Tech. Industries don’t have their own equipment to track and monitor any suspicious movements on their own territory, much less an intelligence department that tracks and gathers intel on the movements of their enemies.


With a duck of his head, a bullet suddenly swept past over his head and struck the tree behind him, and Michael couldn’t help but let out a curse as it happened.

“Damn amateurs! F*ck, if the others found out that I died by the hands of amateurs. Randy and the others would certainly laugh at me, and just thinking about it is already making my blood boil from anger”

If it wasn’t for his perception of danger that seems to have become better after his return, his head would have had an extra hole by now.

He also wasn’t worried about the stray bullets going over towards the direction of the campground where the students are. After all, there’s a small mountain sitting between the two sides, which would naturally act as a barrier for any stray bullets.

Without it, it would have certainly forced Michael to act from the start as he didn’t want the students to be implicated, even though some of them are a bunch of jerks.

On the other hand, while Michael is just at the side watching them.

The fight that had just begun is almost reaching its end.

Among the intruders, there is one body lying on the ground motionless with an extra hole in his head, and the most surprising thing is that Santos and his group didn’t even suffer any deaths except for shallow wounds on their bodies, while those intruders had been suppressed since the beginning as some of them are even panicking.

“Damn, aren’t they just amateurs?”

Michael chuckled while looking at those people pinned down along the beach without being able to move forward from their position.

Of course, they weren’t really amateurs. It was only because Santos and the others had taken a very advantageous position where there are a lot of rocks and trees protecting them, while the opposite group could only lie down behind the sandy mounds and the coconut trees, restricting their ability to move forward, allowing them to be totally expose and easy pickings for Santos and the rest.

“Ross! The boss is dead and we are pinned down, what are your orders?”

“Do you think I can’t see that?! F*ck, I knew that it was too smooth of a journey, so they had been waiting for us to reach the island!”

Their now leader, Ross, was exasperated as he didn’t expect that they would get ambushed the moment they landed!

What’s worse, their leader is dead and he’s now burdened with their lives!

All of them knew the dangers that would come in accepting this mission, but they can only grit their teeth and follow through.

After all, the sea area and the island around the main island are under the jurisdiction of the company.

In fact, it’s the only company that has sovereignty on the sea around it, no other company comes close to their power and authority in the world lately.

“Boss is dead, we shouldn’t have accepted this job, f*ck”

“Shut up, will you die if you don’t shut up?!”

Ross really wanted to smack the mouth of his subordinate right now for stating the obvious, and then he made a decision that would certainly astound anyone who hears it.

“We’re retreating! F*ck, if you dare to shoot at us, then I wouldn’t mind enjoying hell with you guys!”

Seemingly going crazy, Ross unfastened his belt lined grenades hanging on it and raised it up for the people to see that he wasn’t joking around.

Even though it was dark, Santos and the others couldn’t help but look at each other in the dark.

The moon is really bright, they could at least make out the shape of the grenade being shown to them, and all of them couldn’t help but question themselves.

‘If they had grenades with them, couldn’t they have just used it to get out of their predicament?’

Michael was also in the same line of thinking as he couldn’t understand what the hell they have been doing!

“I know what you guys are thinking! So don’t start criticizing us in your minds! God dammit! We were just forced to come here because of our Boss, but now that he’s dead, leave us a way out or it’s gonna be a bloody night tonight! I doubt you’d enjoy it!”

Santos didn’t even hesitate and said, “Then leave and don’t ever come back!”

The others weren’t against it, the only reason that they had gained the upper hand is because they had caught them by surprise and managed to kill their leader during the ambush.

Additionally, they are also reluctant and quite afraid of those grenades exploding on them.

More so that they are under equipped with only machine pistols in their hands, a large contrast towards the intruders who are armed with rifles.

“That’s it? Ten minutes hasn’t even passed!”

Michael just watched those retreating figures in the distance with a blank stare on his face, clearly not satisfied with what just happened.

“Good thing we got out of there quick, or we would have been captured, worst off, killed!”

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