Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 426: Trouble Arrives

Chapter 426: Trouble Arrives

While Chad is worrying about what will happen tonight, Michael who had disappeared from the camp earlier had appeared at the coastal area on the northern side of the island, whereas the campground is located south of the island.

Michael squatted down as he immediately started digging through the sand and dirt, after he had dug deep enough, a black object appeared before his eyes, which made Michael dig more vigorously and around it.

And not long after, the appearance of a small plastic black briefcase appeared, where Michael quickly grabbed it and placed it beside him and filled the hole back with sand and dirt.

Then he placed his attention back to the black briefcase beside him, and with a click, the briefcase opened, revealing spoons and forks. Ignoring the items inside, Michael pressed something inside the briefcase, and with another click, it revealed another compartment inside containing something, and anyone with knowledge about the hidden items would recognize that they are a pair of Karambit Knives, originating from a large country in the east.

But where did this black briefcase containing this pair of knives come from?

Well, earlier today, just an hour after they had arrived on the island, Michael broke away from the group and had hidden this pair of weapons on the spot where he’s at right now. It was meant to be used for any kind of emergency, and right now is the best time to use it as Michael had long spotted something heading towards them in the distant sea.

“Are they here to bring supplies or are they here to cause some trouble? It must be the latter as we had just arrived today and we are not lacking in anything yet”

Michael had some guesses in his heart, and if it’s true, then it would certainly spell trouble to not only the instructors, but also to the students. Which is certainly a troubling matter as he had only dared to smuggle this pair of knives, and right now is an accurate definition of the idiom ‘don’t bring a knife to a gunfight’.

“We just arrived on the island, and a potential trouble is already heading over. I seem to attract a lot of trouble lately, what sh*tty luck” Michael complained, while thinking that trouble seems to be attracted to him lately as he had never had any peace of mind lately as trouble keeps popping up whenever he solves one.

Meanwhile, back at the campgrounds.

“Bedtime! I’m turning off the lights!”

Professor Santos yelled towards his students, and complaints and groans from the students immediately entered his ears, but he didn’t care as he just turned off the generator that had been providing electricity on the campgrounds, and the place was immediately covered in darkness, with only the source of the light the moon hanging in the sky and the few campfires.

Then the complaints turned to awe when they saw the starry night sky.

“Wow, no matter how many times I see it. This scene is still amazing!”

“I suddenly want to buy a beach house when we get back”

“You will? I still have some savings. Maybe I should too, I just don’t know if it will be enough for a good beach house though”

The students admired the starry sky as they even started taking pictures of it, while the rest just went to bed immediately to get sufficient rest for the upcoming events tomorrow.

Sometimes, these rich kids even wondered why they agreed to this M.T just to suffer when they had already heard how batsh*t crazy it is!

These students failed to notice that Professor Santos and the other instructors had sneaked away with bags in their hands as they headed in the northern direction of the island in haste.

‘I can’t stop thinking that something bad is about to happen any minute now’

Staring at the ceiling of their tent, Chad couldn’t fall asleep as he kept thinking about what he felt earlier, and then he turned his head towards his friends and frowned, “These bastards snores so loud!”


Chad was so infuriated that he couldn’t help but slap his friend beside him, and even with that, the dude is still sleeping soundly after he had unconsciously touched his face.


“Move out”

The boat finally arrived at the shore, and the armed people immediately disembarked from it and slowly made their way towards the beach.

While they were doing that, someone was watching them from a tree along the coast.

“They’re here, and it seems they are really troublemakers. Are they here for me? Wait, aren’t the others from prominent and rich families? They must be here for them, so it’s either they’re here to capture them and ransom them for money or kill someone” Michael said after confirming that the uninvited guests are all armed.

If one were to look at the island from above, then they would see that Professor Santos and the instructors had long spotted they’re guests coming ashore, as they immediately spreaded out to prepare an ambush, while the other group are also moving towards their direction, and it won’t be long till the opposing groups will bump into each other.

“Tsk, tsk! I knew that the Professor is not an ordinary person” Michael clicked his tongue when he realized that his professor was among the second group of armed people that came.

He had a hunch since the first time they had met, but he was still stumped to know that he has a hidden identity while teaching at their university.

“Now then, let me see how good you guys are” Michael lightly muttered, then he jumped down from the tree like a cat as he only produced an almost non-existent sound when he landed, showing just how much control he had over his body.

“Heh, I’m still good after all”

No matter how many times he does it, Michael still amazes himself on how fast he has managed to train his body.

“Even though my strength is only around forty five percent, it still feels amazing that I’ve already come this far even in the absence of the serum” Michael was muttering to himself while he started distancing himself from the place that would turn to become a silent battlefield.

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