Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 432: The White Man

Chapter 432: The White Man

In a large cabin somewhere around a mountain.

“It seems a certain someone missed me”

[Shut your mouth and bring me back my daughter this instant or-]

“…or what?”

The middle aged man leaning against the wooden railings on the balcony of the cabin cut her off with a playful laugh.

[Or you’re gonna wish we never met each other in our lifetime!]

The woman’s voice from the other end of the line turned menacing like a demon king who wants to conquer humankind.

“Ha! As if your threat would work on me, and don’t even expect those fools from the police to be even able to help you. I’ll call you back later when I’m ready to state my conditions”

[W-what!? He-]

Toot! Toot! Toot!

Olivia’s ex husband didn’t even let her finish and just hung up on her.

Though the moment he did, his expression of confidence earlier had crumbled and was replaced by an expression of subservience and fear as he turned around and faced the people behind him, just standing inside the cabin.

“Good work, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were actually an actor instead of…”

The appearance of the person hiding behind the shadow of the curtains was slowly revealed as he slowly walked past the doorway and onto the balcony.

He was an individual dressed in a white suit and with an air of arrogance around him, he was clearly a man of stature.

And looking at their short conversation, Summer’s kidnapping was certainly premeditated that they even made it look like it was her father who was behind the kidnapping, when in fact, he was clearly just a tool, an scapegoat to be exact after they achieve their objective.

“B-but…will you really give me all of the ransom money that I would request of that woman later?”

The man in white didn’t even bother to turn around as a touch of disdain quickly flashed in his eyes, and he answered, “Do what you want, but if your greed compromises my objective…then you better be ready to receive the consequences”

“Y-yes sir, I will do this perfectly without fail”

The old bastard was clearly frightened as he even stammered when he answered.

No one can really blame him though, because if anyone were to look at the cabin from a distance, then they would actually see a lot of armed guards roaming around the place.

Olivia’s ex-husband then made another call while the man in white suit let out a soft snort and thought inside, ‘I pity the kids that he calls his children, they have such disgusting blood flowing in their veins’

The man then pulled out a photo from his pocket, and in that photo was a group of friends smiling from ear to ear as they faced the camera.

‘And you, we’ll be seeing each other again soon…uncle’


“That damn bastard…!”

Olivia was immediately angered when her ex-husband suddenly hung up on her and wanted to smash her phone on the ground out of anger, but Randy quickly caught her hand just as she was about to do it.

“Calm down, getting angry at this time won’t improve the situation”

“But…my daughter…uwahhh!”

Olivia turned towards Randy, she wanted to maintain her tough demeanor, but it slowly crumbled as she immediately hugged Randy and started crying on his chest.

“It’s gonna be fine, he won’t hurt his own flesh and blood. He’ll call soon to ask for ransom money. Didn’t you always say that he’s one greedy bastard, then we’ll let his greed be his own downfall”

Randy tried to comfort the dismayed Olivia, and at the same time, he was amazed that Cathy was able to remain calm under these circumstances, then he turned towards the detectives inside the office and said, “Detectives, we’ll be relying on you to rescue our daughter”

“Leave it to us sir, we’ll do our best to rescue your daughter”

‘Of course, but in the case these officers can’t do anything about it, then it leaves me no choice but to take action myself’

While hugging Olivia, Randy smiled as he offered his other hand for a handshake and said, “Now that I remember, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Randy, Olivia’s boyfriend and the kidnapped girls’ father, but I’m pretty sure you guys must have realized by now that we’re not blood related knowing that Summer’s blood related father had pathetically kidnap her just to get back at Olivia for divorcing him”

Randy had many assumptions on why Olivia’s ex husband had kidnapped their daughter, but the only plausible reason behind Summer’s kidnapping that he could think of right now is the man trying to get back at Olivia for divorcing him and wanting her money.

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I can feel you over here, I can feel you over here…

The moment Randy was done introducing himself to the detectives, Olivia’s phone had once again rang with a familiar tune.


Olivia was annoyed when a hand suddenly snatched her phone just as she was about to answer it with a tear stricken face.

“You’re really one pathetic bastard, aren’t you?”

[It’s you!]

“S-sir, this..”

One of the detectives wanted to be one to answer the call, but he wasn’t expecting Randy to beat him to it, especially the sinking feeling that both he and his colleagues felt when they heard what he said the moment he picked up the call.

[Why were you the one who answered the call?! I want-]

“Pass the phone to Summer, I want to talk to her”

[You bas-]


[This sh-]

“You’d better do it while I’m talking nicely to you, don’t even think that we won’t ever meet each after this. So you better do what I’m telling you to do or suffer the consequences later, and now, I’m advising you to pick the former”


After Randy said those words, there was suddenly a long silence from the other end of the call.

[Dad, how are you?!]

Then Summer’s cheerful voice soon sounded from the other side of the line, a good indication that she’s at least being treated well.


“Oh baby! Are you okay over there?! He didn’t hurt you, right?!”

[Yes, I’m okay mommy! The white man is really nice to me!]


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