Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 41: Storm Raptor

During the last update of the game, the difference between the two worlds had been changed from the original 12 hour difference to a two day difference.

It means that one day in the real world is equivalent to two days in the virtual world.

"Hmm..it might not mean much for us in killing a king of the green goblins, but for the populace, it’s considered as a huge feat because we’d need at least a platoon of soldiers to subjugate one, and It seems you have plans to recruit him in the League because of that?"

Marcus grinned and answered, "En..but we’ll see for now".

His bearing suddenly changed from his subservient attitude to someone with an air of authority.

After all, Marcus isn’t just an ordinary servant of the Mikhailov Family, but was the right hand man of the previous of the head of the family. Meaning, his status isn’t just something that Gustav could brushed off as he could also be considered a family, especially with his other identity.

"Alright then, I’ll see what this young man’s purpose for coming here and even disturbing my leisure time" Gustav said as he stood up and said to Marcus with respect.

A few minutes later.

Michael, who’s been leaning on the guard rail of the bridge and waiting for Marcus is now carrying something on his hand that was covered in cloth, and then he finally saw Marcus exiting the gates and who waved towards him to come over.

Michael immediately made his was towards him, as the soldiers above the walls and the ones who are guarding the bridge are intently watching his movements.

"Come..the City Lord has agreed for you to see him" Marcus said as he gestured for him to follow him inside, he also noticed the thing Michael is holding, but didn’t bother asking.

Michael walked over and followed behind the man, while feeling the numerous gazes directed towards him from behind, where they only disappeared when he passed through the gate.

’I just hope that this thing is enough for me to enter their treasury again, and get that item’ Michael thought, as he remembered an item that caught his eye inside the treasury of the City Lord before, but he didn’t choose it because he thought he didn’t need something like that for the time being...but he just didn’t expect that he would need something like that so soon!

By then, they once again arrived inside the main hall of the mansion, where Michael saw the City Lord and his daughter sitting in their seats, with his wife missing, and also this time, there are soldiers dressed silver armor radiating with a silver hue, standing guard inside.

Two of them are standing just below the City Lord and his daughter are, while the ten others are standing at both sides of the room, near the columns that supports the building.

Michael continued to discreetly observe his surroundings.

"I heard that you have something that my daughter would surely like?" Gustav’s voice suddenly echoed throughout the hall, as Michael’s attention were immediately drawn towards him.

"Ahh...yes" Michael smiled, especially to Tiana who certainly looks excited as she kept glancing at the thing that Michael is carrying.

Then Michael took off the cloth covering, revealing a cage with an azure colored bird with a pinkish neck and half the size of an adult’s hand inside, and the bird also has a long pointy beak just like a hummingbird.

"Its..its a Storm Raptor! Oh my gosh!" Tiana yelped in excitement as she immediately walked down the stairs and ran towards Michael as she squatted and stared at the little thing inside with stars in her eyes!

’S-storm Raptor!? How the heck is this little thing called Storm Raptor!? More like a hummingbird if you ask me!’ Michael exclaimed inside, as he didn’t expect such a cute little thing would have fearsome name.

"Haha..don’t look so surprised" Gustav laughed, as he also came down from his chair and stood in front of Michael.

"Can I?"

"Sure" Michael handed the cage to Gustav.

Then Gustav put his face close to the cage and started observing the little bird inside, while the Storm Raptor seems oblivious to its surroundings as it just kept sleeping.

"Father! I wanna look!" Tiana excitedly tugged his robe.

While the father and daughter are busy observing the bird.

"Why is it called a Storm Raptor?" Michael leaned the to side and whispered to Marcus.

Marcus smiled at him and whispered, "It looks harmless because it’s still a baby, an adult one can grow to become as big as an adult male"



"Where did you get it? Because as far as I know, their species don’t live around these parts" Gustav suddenly turned to Michael and said, as he knew that their species lives in a huge forest down the south, where there are no nearby human settlements.

"I stumbled upon it inside a hollow part of a tree when I was hunting Green Goblins" Michael didn’t even hesitate to answer that he even forgot to address Gustav with his title, that it even made Marcus flinched as he smiled.

’Hmm...does that mean monsters could freely travel around the continent, while all of the players are still trapped inside the beginner zones?’ Michael thought, realizing the meaning behind the words that Gustav just told him.

Gustav didn’t mind his attitude and said with a surprised tone, "Really?"

"En.. Is a Storm Raptor rare or something? I don’t understand your reactions about it" Michael started speaking casually with Gustav, as he was also full of curiosity about the bird, because when the first time he saw it, he can’t see any information about the monster except for its level, but now...

[Storm Raptor (Youngling)] [Elite]

Level: 10

Skills: Locked, Locked, Locked

"They are rare monsters, because they are very hard to catch, and if we rank all the monsters in the continent in terms of speed, then they top over all of the other monsters, that’s why they are called Storm Raptors, because of their immense speed and agility" Marcus hurriedly answered his question instead.

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