Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 42: Grenari’s Cloak

If the players knew that Michael could actually talk casually to the City Lord like this, then their jaws would probably drop in shock hearing it.

And while the three adults are busy talking about the Storm Raptors, Tiana suddenly casted her magic on the Storm Raptor which immediately attracted their attention.

"Success!" Tiana cheered in joy as she immediately opened the cage, and the bird immediately flew out in flash and appeared on her shoulder.

"W-what the!" Michael actually stuttered in shock as he only saw a shadow flying out of the cage, before the Storm Raptor appeared on one of Tiana’s shoulders.

"Ohh..it seems my daughter got too excited and tamed it without permission" Gustav laughed.

And Tiana looked surprised and said as she looked at Leo then to her father, "Eh? I thought that mister is giving it to me?"

"Of course" Michael smiled, but deep inside he was lamenting, ’Dammit! I wanted to get something for it!’

Gustav knew that he was just being courteous towards them as Michael clearly wanted a reward for it, so he immediately gestured to Marcus to get moving as he whispered something in his ear...then turned towards her daughter and said, "Of course, honey. Come, why don’t we play with your new friend?"

"Thanks mister!" Tiana shouted towards Michael who was just leaving, as the latter wave back towards her and smiled.

"Yay! Let’s go then, daddy!"Tiana cheered as she immediately pulled Gustav’s hand, as both of them left the hall.

Along the corridor, leading deeper inside the mansion.

Both Marcus and Michael are currently heading to the familiar path towards the lord’s treasury, where there are guards posted at both sides of the pathway for every ten meters they passed by.

Michael and Marcus then arrived at the familiar glistening wooden door, Marcus then opened the door under the scrutiny of the guards.

"Let’s go" Marcus said as he went inside first, followed by Michael.

Both of them arrived inside a spacious circular room, the room was just simple with no fancy decorations at all that Michael wasn’t surprised about, instead it was just full of shelves after shelves lined together, forming a circle of shelves around the room.

And every shelf are filled with different armor and weapons by their own category, for example, there is a shelf filled with just swords, then there are sabers, then spears, shields and more.


"You can-" Marcus just turned around and was about to say something to Michael to take one item of his liking, when he suddenly noticed a shadow flashed passed him, so he just smiled bitterly and turned around again, and this time, he saw Michael taking off a black cloak from one of the shelves.

"Old man, I want this" Michael turned around and showed the cloak towards Marcus.

"Why do you need something like this?" Marcus raised an eyebrow, as he knows what the item’s purpose is.

"Yeah, I noticed that it had become troublesome lately for me, and I needed to keep a low profile for the meantime" Michael said as he stored the Item inside his Storage space.

"Is it because of your feat of killing a king of the Green Goblins?" Marcus asked, as he had already heard about him of single handedly taking down a Green Goblin King by himself.

NPCs are always updated on the matters of what’s happening around their vicinity, because of the reputation points that players would receive from their achievements, like when Michael received a huge boost of his reputation from slaying the goblin king by himself.

Because the more reputation a player have in that particular city, town or village, the NPCs would treat him differently than the other players, and in some instances, the players would even receive personal quest or discounts from them.

And Michael with his high reputation is already receiving discounts from shop owners from time to time whenever he purchases something from those particular stores that he frequents.

"En..but not at the level that it could threaten my life. I just want to use it so that I could resume my task a bit more peacefully" Michael told a half lie and a half truth. After all, he’s sure to have people who would keep an eye on him, and their might even people who would try to kill him to disrupt his progress in the game, and he knows he can’t take care of an entire throng of players wanting to kill him.

"I see" Marcus just nodded, and didn’t try to probe further, as he certainly knew that he wasn’t telling the truth, others might believe what he said because of how calm his face and voice are, but for him who had already met most people from all walks of life..someone lying in front of his face can’t escape his keen eyes and observation.

If Michael knew about this, then he would probably snort in dissatisfaction and bitterness as he can’t even lie in front of a computer programmed person.

A minute later.

Michael finally left the Lord’s Mansion under the numerous gazes of the guards as he made his way towards the other end of the bridge, and it was already night when he left the place.

"See ya, old man!" Michael shouted and waved at Marcus, with his back facing them.

Michael then walked towards an alleyway, and when he arrived at the other side of the pathway, he was already covered in a hooded black cloak, reaching passed his shin.

"This is good" Michael muttered under the cloak.

[Grenari’s Cloak] [Rare]

A cloak used during the early years of the Master Assassin - Grenari. It was made from the silk of an Illusion Worm.

Restrictions: Can be used by all classes


Hides your identity from the eyes of the public

50% increase in Stealth during the night

+5 Agility

And the players that would look at Michael would only see this,

[Level ???] [???]

"This would have been a stupid idea, if not for the others who also had the same idea of hiding their appearance" Michael muttered, as he also noticed quite a few players who are also using cloaks.

"Sadly for them, it doesn’t hide their information and could probably only be considered as fashion for those people who has chunibyo disease" Michael grinned, and his grin would looked scary from another person’s perspective.

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