Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 40: In The City Lord Mansion

"How the hell did he suddenly disappear? Did he went into [Stealth] and just left them hanging!?"

"Idiot! You can’t use your abilities inside the city!"

Actually, Michael took the chance to leave when all of them were distracted by the arrival of Falling Moon and the others, that’s why no one noticed that he had already slipped away from the scene earlier.

[Hey! How did you manage to leave this crowded place!? No, that’s not the point here, why did you leave? Aren’t you interested in joining one of the powerful guilds?], a call came from Storm Breaker.

"For now? Nah!" Michael said as he ended the call, as he then rejected all of the following calls.


"What an asshole" Falling Moon said when her call was rejected the third time before giving up in contacting Michael.

"Hmmp!" the representative from Aqua Royals snorted coldly before leaving with his team.

Judgement Fall also left with his group, feeling a bit relieved that Michael doesn’t seem interested in joining any of their guild.

After that small episode, the other players also started leaving one by one as they headed to deal their own business.

"Joining a guild is good and all, but I’m not someone who take orders from someone less skilled and weaker than me" Michael muttered, while walking to a less busier road as he wanted to avoid moving through the busy streets from now on to avoid attention...until he gets something to hide his name or information.

"My time is almost over...need to move fast" Michael increased his pace as he headed towards the City Lord’s mansion.

A few minutes later.

Michael was once again in front of the walled, City Lord’s Mansion.

"Sergeant Marcus!" Michael called out when he saw Marcus standing beside the small guard house at the other side of the bridge.

"Hmm..?" Marcus heard someone yelling his name, so he turned his head around towards where the direction of the voice is coming from and saw Michael at the other side of the bridge, waving towards him.

"Shadow! Young lad!" Marcus waved back as he left his post and started making his way towards Michael.

"What are you doing here lad? Have you come to visit this old man?" Marcus chuckled as he looked at Michael from head to toe, and he was a bit shocked inside at the changes of the young man in front of him.

’It was only a few days, but it seems this lad had become stronger’ Marcus thought, not knowing that it was Michael’s change in equipment and his bonus attributes.

"Yes...but at the same time, my purpose for coming here is if it’s possible to get an audience from the City Lord?" Michael just smiled and went directly on point, as he doesn’t like beating around the bush.

"An audience? Why?" Marcus raised an eyebrow, as he looked suspiciously at him.

"Don’t look at me like that" Michael chuckled, then he continued, "It’s just that I have something that his daughter, Lady Tiana would surely like"

Michael showed him a mysterious smile.

"Hmmm...alright" Marcus agreed, but then he said to him in a menacing voice, "But if you do something...just know that the one who kills you would be me"

"Whoa...why so serious old man. I’m not dumb to do something crazy here" Michael laughed, as he felt that Marcus is being paranoid of his purpose of him coming here.

"You should know that unaffiliated assassins can’t easily be trusted...I’m already doing you a huge favor here...so I hope you don’t do something that might stain my reputation" He coldly snorted then turned around.

"Wait here...I’ll get someone to get you if My Lord wants to see you"

"Oh...sure" Michael was a bit surprised that this man in front of him sounded very confident that he could see the City Lord anytime.

’It seems his identity is not just a normal Gate Guard’ Michael thought as he stared at the back of Marcus, that had just disappeared through the other side of the gate.


Marcus passed through the gate, but he didn’t walk towards the main entrance and instead made his way to the side, towards the right garden and arrived in front of a huge tree, where he suddenly crouched down and pressed something near the roots of the tree, where the sound of a mechanism suddenly hummed, as an entrance appeared in below his feet, where there’s a stairs that leads underground.

Marcus made his way down, as the entrance closed behind him and there was pure darkness for a second, before the lamps attached at the walls started igniting to life one by one starting from his side and deeper inside, slowly illuminating the dark, narrow straight passageway that’s enough for three people to walk side by side together.

Marcus then walked deeper and arrived inside a room full of books, like a small library, and at the side near the large glass window, there was a desk with a man sitting behind it, and where the man is currently engrossed in the book on his hands.

Marcus passed through the passageway, as the book shelf behind him slid into a close.

"My Lord" Marcus said as he bowed towards the City Lord.

"What is it Marcus that you even left your post to come here?" Gustav said without averting his eyes from the book he’s reading.

"Apologies My Lord, but the young lad from before has asked me to request an audience from you" Marcus replied.

Gustav raised an eyebrow, as he closed his book and looked towards Marcus and said, "Shadow? Why?"

Marcus smiled, "En, he said that he has something that the little miss might like"

"It seems you have taken a liking towards the young man that you even personally came to see me where you could’ve just sent someone to report to me" Gustav smiled, as his attention now switched to the man standing in front of him.

"En..only a few days had passed but the young man had become quite a bit stronger than the last time I saw him. It seems the young lad is pretty capable after all, and he even killed a King of the Green Goblins recently"

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