Fatal Shot

Chapter 690 - Bearing of a Sand Dune, Impact of a Flesh Bullet!

Chapter 690: Bearing of a Sand Dune, Impact of a Flesh Bullet!

Of course, there was no need for Chairman Jiao to say it.

In truth, when the Sand Whale charged towards this location, the engine of the SUV had been rotating at high-speed, and Mu Zi’s hands had always remained on the control platform.

Although the Sand Whale’s attack was quite unexpected, it was not to the extent where it caught them off guard.

When the sand dune lifted off into the air, Mu Zi had already accelerated the energy SUV to its maximum speed and was driving sideways from the large sand dune!

As Mu Wu’s “driver” in the game, Mu Zi had naturally learned transportation vehicle driving skills like Feng Luo. Moreover, since his familiarity level had already reached Expert Level 95% progress, under his full control…


When the sand dune landed, the energy SUV brushed past the edge of the dune and charged out of the covered area by a hair’s breadth!

Of course, even if that was the case after the thousand cubic meters sand dune landed, multiple “sand storms” erupted all around the sand dune immediately upon impact, and these storms still managed to reach the back of the SUV.

Sand particles flying at high speed and with great impact poured into the SUV through the SUV’s sunroof and “drowned” the five people inside!

By the time the SUV got out of the area completely engulfed in the large yellow sandstorm, with their faces covered in dirt and sand…

“That was close! That was close!” Relying on the energy shield of the manipulator being activated at the crucial moment, Chairman Jiao, being the only one who did not have sand in his mouth, spoke, trembling.

If they were really directly struck by the sand dune, they might have become one of the first to experience an unprecedented way of dying in War – to be buried alive by the sand descending from the skies!

“Oh, crap! Rose!”

However, just after rejoicing, Chairman Jiao’s expression took a drastic turn.

The reason was that the other vehicle that had traveled over a hundred meters, the energy SUV that Rose Thorns was driving, was also facing the same dangers.

Moreover, their situation was more precarious, and they had not yet escaped from danger!

After getting up and flipping the table before throwing the sand dune toward Feng Luo and the others’ location, the sand whale did not forget the one who dealt a large amount of damage on it – Dai. So, it unexpectedly counterattacked both sides at the same time!

However, on its attack on the SUV that Dai was on, it did not throw a sand dune, it threw itself.

After throwing the sand dune and forcing the people on the two SUVs to stop their attacks and escape in a panic, the Sand Whale, which had reappeared leaped into the air directly, toward the SUV that Rose Thorns was driving.

300 meters. Even though this distance seemed quite far, it also depended on who was making the jump!

For a human, even a Light Armor Warrior in the Charge state would need to run for around ten seconds.

However, compared to the Sand Whale’s 40-meter body, the length of 300 meters was simply around eight times its body length. This was not a distance that was difficult to overcome!


As such, when Feng Luo and the others with him in the SUV were faced with the “Bearing of Mount Taishan,” Rose Thorns’s group was facing the “Impact of a Flesh Bullet!”

If not for Rose Thorns’ equally superb driving skills that allowed her to change the direction of the SUV in that extreme situation, the five of them inside that SUV would definitely have been punched into the sand by the absolutely humongous body of the Sand Whale!

However, even as her extreme control helped them avoid the body slam of the giant whale that spanned over a few dozen meters by just two to three meters, the crisis was not yet over!

After Sand Whale’s hundred tonnes and over 40 meters long body flew over a few hundred meters and slammed heavily into the sand dune, a part of the sand dune crumbled and fell upon impact.

The SUV, which was still moving at high speed, also lost balance due to this and directly flipped and fell on the sandy slope!

At that moment, the crisis had undoubtedly reached its peak.

The Sand Whale had stunned itself considerably in this jump. In addition, its head was not in the same location or direction as Rose Thorns’ SUV, which meant that it was not able to immediately open its gigantic mouth to devour the energy SUV along with the people inside.

However, this would not last long. In just a few seconds, it would definitely be able to react and kill the five people stuck inside the SUV and were not able to get away in time!

There was no need to doubt the attack power of a Level 70 Commander Grade monster. Even though it was not a Quasi Boss monster, its level was just that much higher than normal monsters!

That was why Chairman Jiao shouted in panic when he saw this scene.

“Hurry up! Kill that ‘Boss!’ Its HP is already lower than 20% now!”

Compared to Chairman Jiao, the person who had regained his senses – Mu Zi, was a bit more clear-headed.

He ignored the mess around him and the pain he felt after sand got into his eyes and grabbed the loaded submachine gun beside him. Then, he aimed at the Sand Whale and pulled the trigger!

“Ta, ta, ta…”

The submachine gun fired a barrage of bullets that hit the body of the Sand Whale located only around 100 meters away from him. A bunch of damage numbers appeared.

“-506, -515, -497, -526…”

A bunch of damage numbers appeared and continued lowering the HP line of the giant Sand Whale, which was already low!

“Oh! That’s right! Skills!” Chairman Jiao finally got himself back together amid his worry and panic.

He raised the energy converter he was holding, and a yellow light flashed.

“Earth Wall!”

Earth Manipulators’ basic skills did not have high damage output, so in this situation, he did not bother using the single damage energy guidance skills.

He decided to create an Earth Energy Wall directly between the Sand Whale and the SUV that Rose Thorns and the others were in. At least this way, it could slow down the Sand Whale a little!


A yellow light flashed beside the area where the Sand Whale landed… However, no Earth Wall appeared!

The skill was unsuccessful!

Chairman Jiao was shell-shocked. After that, he grimaced and smacked his energy converter before saying, “Damn it! The casting actually failed in a crucial moment like this!”

After the latest update, warriors and gunners experienced some changes, and naturally, manipulators were not excluded.

For manipulators, the change this time was also quite considerable. And the change was “increased difficulty of releasing skills!”

When manipulators fought, they actually received a lot more visual hints compared to other players. These hints were provided by a biological lens injected inside their eyes that was connected to their energy converters!

As such, they could accurately attack targets that were 200 to 300 meters away, even without a sniping scope!

Apart from that, manipulators’ skills were actually constructs of the “Energy Mode.”

And this process was originally all completed by the energy converter automatically.

Even if it were a guidance skill, as long as the casting was not interrupted halfway, the skill would be successful after release.

However, in the most recent update, the system put a restraint on the hints and removed some of the information that provided the players with calculation results.

Apart from that, manipulators’ skill casting could now “fail!”

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