Fatal Shot

Chapter 689 - The Counterattack of the Commander-Grade Monster!

Chapter 689: The Counterattack of the Commander-Grade Monster!

“Bang, bang, bang…”


Because the sand whale dived into the sand again, with the blockage of the sand, the damage of Feng Luo instantly dropped a tier.

Even occasionally, the damage would be less than a thousand, this was obviously because due to the sand whale body being located below the sand, it was not easy to determine its specific position, resulting in the hotspots of the bullets being too near from the previous shot locations, and hence the damage was restricted.

Under such circumstances, the giant sand whale kept approaching this way.

When its blood volume dropped to about 50%, its distance from the sand dunes where the two energy SUVs were located was also closed into 500-plus meters.

This distance had entered the attack range of another gunner profession.


The tearing metal sound of a machine gun sounded.

Above the SUV driven by Rose Thorns, a pure black six-barrel machine gun fired at 50 percent of its shooting speed at the sand whale’s position.

Dozens of rounds of bullets gathered into the bullet current every second as it directly hit the moving sand dunes on the ground that was 500 meters away. Suddenly, that dense hole that was approaching at high speed, and growing in size, in front of the sand dunes, shook out a meter-high of sand after being impacted by the bullets.

The bullets of the machine gun had run through the loose sand and were continuously hitting the giant sand whale below.


A series of damage values appeared directly on the projection screen of the legendary bracelet, where the health points of the commander-grade giant sand whale dropped by more than 5% per second.

Even if it was because of changes to the upper limit for the damages at the same position, it caused the gunner, under the circumstances of going all-out shooting, to waste a lot of bullets.

This made the machine gunner’s damage to be extremely restricted as he would often choose not to shoot at full speed under several circumstances.

However, its explosive power was still very powerful.

“Yahoo! Oh, boy! Shooting at this target, which I do not have to worry about missing, and looking at the constantly refreshing damage values is too satisfying!”

On top of the energy SUV, when the machine gunner who was operating a six-barrel machine gun and firing saw this situation, his mouth could not help but shout with excitement.

“Dai, you have to be careful, don’t be too complacent. This distance is not as far, so watch out for the monster’s next counterattack!”

In the driving compartment, Rose Thorns, who was operating the SUV, gave the person on top a reminder.

“OK, rest assured, I will keep that in mind… Babe Rose!”

The machine gunner on top of the SUV replied, and even teased Rose Thorns a little, completely not worrying about Jiao Zong being jealous.

Of course, she did not need to worry.

Because this machine gunner was a chick, but also a black chick!

The Star Federation had three races, only the 17th Administrative Star is dominated by yellow people, but it did not lack black and white people. For example, Sister Rui had the traits of a white person.

And this machine gunner, who was called Dai, was a black person.

However, it was not the kind of carbon-like black but was slightly more black than the bronze-colored skin of Rose Thorns.

Of course, with her rounder face shape and her iconic thick lips, she was very similar to the black people on Earth, from Feng Luo’s memory.

Dai was also a Nightless City employee and was a gold medal coach of the fitness club like Rose Thorns, but on usual days she would have a fixed party with her boyfriend, but this time she was pulled into this by Rose Thorns.

It had to be said that within the game, female machine gunners and female heavy armored warriors were very rare.

Thorn Rose and Dai both intentionally chose these two violent professions, and could absolutely be called as the female heroes.

And as Little Witch wanted to help Mu Wu, hence the party had four slots.

After considering, Feng Luo chose to let all the remaining slots to be filled up by the Nightless City members.

In this case, because they were familiar people, hence it would be easier to team up with them.

Dai’s boyfriend was also pulled in. He had a slightly thin body but had a handsome face, and he was a fire manipulator, his ID being “Burn and Run,” topping up on the position that was left behind by Little Witch.

The other two were warrior players, one heavy armored warrior with his ID called “Qian Jin Ding,” and the other slightly frivolous light armored warrior with his ID called “a column to the sky.”

Four warriors, three gunners, two manipulators, and one doctor.

This full professions combination was very reasonable, as it could be said to be able to handle most of the game situations.

In particular, in order to ensure the success of this mission, the group of people all had rare equipment, their combat effectiveness would naturally be far from an ordinary player squad.

If not, the average team of ten people would definitely retreat after discovering that this commander-grade monster was actually reaching level 70.

After all, this level being displayed there was already scary.

With Dai’s addition, the legendary bracelet projection of the commander-grade sand whale’s health points could be seen to be rapidly declining, as it quickly dropped to less than 30% of its total.

According to this speed, it was impossible to get near the team, before being killed by Feng Luo and Dai’s high output damage.

However, although it seemed to be very smooth and successful.

But instead of being very relaxed, all of them were still prepared with energy converters with ammunition loaded.

Even the two energy SUVs, which were originally not far away, had moved in two directions apart from each other above the sand dunes, pulling the distance between each other apart.

In this way, in theory, even if the sand whale counterattacked, it was impossible to interrupt the output of both SUVs at the same time.

In the face of a commander-grade monster, which was higher than level 50, until the last minute, they absolutely could not be too complacent. This was the experience gained from everyone from their previous dangerous encounters in the past three days.

This matter had also proved that this concept was correct.

After being attacked with two guns in a row along the way, its health points dropped to only a quarter of its total.

The distance between the sand whale and the two SUVs here was finally brought closer into 300 meters.

And then…


The huge body of the sand whale suddenly emerged from the sand again.

However, unlike the previous time, this time, it drilled out from the ground with large amounts of sand emerging out around it.

And above the head was the sand dunes, which were more than fifteen meters high because of the accumulation of the sand along the way.

And then, this large area of sand, along with the sand dunes, flew over through the sky.

Yes, it covered the sky.

This scene was hard to describe.

One could only use this slightly exaggerated phrase.

Although it was a bit of an exaggeration, it was true that this giant sand whale’s attack had an impressive momentum.

You must know, it was a sand dune, and there was a lot of sand. Although it was only a small sand dune, its volume was not lower than a thousand cubic at this height and diameter.

Imagine this, a scene of a thousand cubic sand going to run over your head.

Moreover, that sand dune, perhaps due to its bottom being extruded, the original loose sand flying in the air did not completely dissipate but instead continued to fly over in its sand dune shape.

Feng Luo suddenly thought of the phrase “Mount Taishan.”

Compared with this sand that covers the sky, the Earth Manipulator’s ultimate “Heavenly Meteorite Drop” felt like child’s play.

“Hide! Mu Zi, quickly hide!”

At this unseen moment, Jiao Zong, being an Earth manipulator, who was beside Feng Luo, was already having a head full of sweat as he shouted loudly towards Mu Zi, who was driving the SUV.

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