Fatal Shot

Chapter 691 - Manipulator Skill Change

Chapter 691: Manipulator Skill Change

Skills casting could fail. This was a big change for manipulators!

Moreover, this was a lot worse than the change for gunners and warriors.

The reason was that manipulators’ damage mainly came from bonus energy damage. Also, many of them were in the area of effect attacks. As such, the appearance of the single unit damage cap affected them the least!

However, the change which made it possible for skill casting to fail was life-changing to manipulators!

Now, manipulators’ skills could fail in two ways.

The first was from interference between energies!

When two manipulators project and construct the energy models of their skills to the same area or location, an interaction between the two types of energies may occur, and these interactions could cause one or both skills to fail!

Normally, this would be fine, but if it were against a Boss monster, the impact would be huge.

Before the update, a Boss raid would often have the gunners and manipulators piling damage on the boss monster at long-range while the warrior players tried to keep the monster in check and provide cover and protection to the long-ranged attackers.

However, gunners’ firing angles could easily be blocked by the warriors standing in front of them. In addition, Boss monsters were incredibly perceptive of high damage attacks, so after being attacked, they would almost immediately discover the source of the attack. Moreover, Boss monsters typically have a large attack range!

As such, even Snipers faced the very real danger of being taken out by the Boss monster after firing a shot.

On the other hand, since manipulators could project their high-damage skills in the sky or perhaps to a location far from them, the Boss monster would not be able to lock onto its real target instantly. This meant that manipulators faced a lot less danger when fighting Boss monsters, and they were also not as constrained by the terrain.

That was why manipulators had always been one of the main damage outputs during Boss raids, and as such, they were a slightly more coveted profession as compared to the other two professions.

However, this change had undoubtedly affected a manipulators’ ability to damage Boss monsters along with its role of being the absolute best in damaging Boss monsters.

The interference between skills would also increase the difficulty of teamwork between players if the number of manipulators exceeded a certain number.

Clearly, this meant that a huge opportunity had opened up for the gunner profession!

Apart from the interference, a manipulator’s skill casting would fail if the player him or herself lacked concentration.

Yes, concentration!

This was a change that made a lot of people complain. Before the change, to cast a skill, players only needed to click on the skill icon on their energy converter and then quickly confirm a few simple parameters before the system automatically completed the rest of the casting procedure!

However, right now, when the system completed the casting and guidance procedure, it would specifically measure and judge the manipulator’s concentration level.

If the manipulator’s concentration was not focused enough, the skill casting could also fail!

The change was super annoying to the players. After all, who could guarantee a 100% concentration level throughout the skill casting process? In particular, since the system also removed several hints, the number of parameters the players needed to consider had substantially increased!

That meant that the players needed to focus and consider the other more complex parameters associated with their skill casting. It was simply making life difficult for the players!

However, one sentence from the game officials made the countless manipulators who had been complaining and cursing about the change to simply shut up and accept the change.

And that was that the complex combat method was beneficial to the stimulation of the human body. In particular, it was especially helpful when it came to “evolving” the brain domain.


With just this one sentence, War had directly shut the mouth of all the manipulator players complaining about this recent change in War that brought about so much discontent!

However, the funny thing was that this change, the one related to the manipulator, after the explanation, had caused the players of the other two professions to be discontent.

‘Why did the manipulators receive this forced “evolution” improvement? That is not acceptable! We also want these sorts of changes that increase the difficulty of battle!’

This seemed rather funny, but if one were to really think about it, it was actually quite logical and normal.

In the foreseeable age of universal evolution, the competition between humans would no longer be like the current era. For example, people comparing the grades of their gears or the credits they possessed. Instead, they would maybe be comparing their evolution progress displayed on their game capsule?

Maybe this might even be extended to the real world!

In the age of universal change, no one would want to be behind someone else.

As such, the warrior and gunner professions were unhappy and wanted an increase in difficulty.

In this situation, the typically cold Star Gaming game officials finally made a press statement to explain the situation!

The combat method and setting of the manipulator profession would mainly evolve the brain domain while the warrior profession focused on the physical aspect. Gunners, on the other hand, was a hybrid between the two.

The skills and combat methods of all three types of professions were beneficial to the stimulation of their real-life body. And there was no such thing as an advantage over the other!

Moreover, in the future, the multi-profession system would also become available, and no one profession should be worried about anything.

However, if they were really impatient and could no longer wait, they could change their profession. Every player received three chances to change their profession without the need to undergo the profession change mission after the update.

Moreover, after changing their profession, the profession skills and familiarity levels would be preserved. In addition, they could also change back!

After this announcement was made, the complaining players finally quieted down.

Feng Luo’s attention was, however, focused on the “multi-profession system” phrase!

It was clear that just like what he had guessed, the second profession was not something exclusive to the Special Agent profession.

Just like how the Force Guidance Chip function was now existent on every players’ stats panel!

On this, it seemed kind of unfair to them, the Special Agents who were a hidden profession, Big Pineapple even complained to Feng Luo specifically about this through the comms device once!

However, Feng Luo was not very bothered by this.

This was because, in War, there was no real hidden profession in the game, and no player had truly surpassed all other players.

The only real thing that existed was being faster than the rest of the players and the advantage of getting there fast!

Just like the special agent, even though the other players would also get the “double profession” in the future, the special agent players would have already received their third or maybe fourth profession by then. Perhaps they might have even received a real “Universal Profession” that Haruko mentioned once before.

Moreover, Feng Luo understood clearly that the biggest advantage of the Special Agent profession was not that they received a second profession.

Instead, they were the special agent warehouse, a place where they could obtain all kinds of rare items, and the special agent missions, which gave them the chance to earn a huge amount of special agent points!

Who knew when the next mission would be?

Would they have a chance to get the A-Rank Authorization needed for them to get the “Third Profession Chip?”

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