Fatal Shot

Chapter 626 - Hot Potato

Chapter 626: Hot Potato

“The location is to be reported immediately after obtaining the loot after killing the person. This rule is putting the people with the loot onto a barbeque stick to cook.” What Douchebag just said expressed the thoughts of everyone.

This rule is full of evil intentions.

Under the circumstances of having their location reported, the temptation of the Boss Chip, the manufacturing equipment, and the details for it; the person with all three of these things would be under attack from all the opposing players.

The people who were present, even if they were Heavy Armored Warriors with disgusting defense stats like Big Pineapple and Douchebag, they might not be able to survive under such circumstances.

The force that obtained these items would be taking attacks from an alliance of the two other forces.

After all, for an individual player, the price of the first Boss Chip in War was amazing. For a guild, obtaining the chip manufacturing equipment was a must.

Worse still, under such circumstances, what they needed to worry about was not only the opposing players but the people behind them if they have warped intentions.

“The time now is 5:20 a.m., there is still more than half an hour before daybreak, we only can leave the island at that time. The first location report is in 15 minutes, and we need to seize this time to leave the base first. We will decide the distribution of the chips after reaching Storm City.”

However, since it was like this, putting away all these items was even more difficult.

The beetle troops disappeared into the black hole as they crawled through, and Feng Luo shook the Boss-Grade pet chip in his hand before putting it into his Agent Backpack.

This item was like a hot potato, the person holding this item would be under more attack compared to the other two items, hence why no one rejected his act of keeping the item.

After all, in this process of obtaining these chips, everyone was aware of how much contribution Feng Luo’s beetle troops gave.

If it wasn’t for 24K, it was impossible to obtain all three of these items so quickly.

“Seeing from this blueprint, all of the passageways leading to the outside of the base should be sealed right now. Wanting to leave in 15 minutes is almost impossible.” Green Arrow brought out the structural model of the base, as she swiftly mentioned.

“I have an idea. We should leave the base through the same way we entered.” Feng Luo pointed at the blueprint of the model, at the underground passageway under the ocean of flowers where they came in from.

There were 11 minutes and seven seconds left on the countdown.

A group of people appeared at the passageway under the ocean of flowers created by the five mini-missiles explosions from before.

Initially, when they first entered through this passageway, they took an entire half-hour because they needed to break through the ground. Now that they were leaving, they no longer needed to breakthrough, hence the huge decrease in time spent.

“How are we going to get up there?” The group of people looked towards Feng Luo; they wanted to know his plans.

“Tsk, tsk!”

24K squeaked twice as the black hole that gave the other people in the group a shock earlier appeared once again. However, this time, two beetles flew out from within.

One was a transparent beetle that was as big as a thumbnail and did not make any noise as it moved, and the other was a brown beetle that looked to be about one meter in size and had a pair of scorpion-like tongs.

“Yet another two new types of beetles and they’re Commander-Grade creatures.” After being clear of the appearance and the attributes of the two types of beetles that appeared, Jing Kong and the rest were not as surprised as before, mainly because they had been shocked before but now they were mostly numb to it.

Regarding 24K’s level, everyone was almost sure that it was a Boss-Grade pet because a common pet would not be so powerful.

After the Level-42 Commander-Grade Scout Beetle and the Level-50 Collector Beetle appeared, both of them flapped their wings and, under the group’s observation, flew towards the soil layer, which was above their heads.

Being the first Commander-Grade Beetle, the Collector Beetle’s “united” level has been at level 50 for a few days.

Although it did not have much combat strength, its skills were collecting-related and had increased by a huge margin.

After flying up to the covered soil layer in the passageway, its pair of brown tongs drilled effortlessly. In the spots where it passed, a hole appeared that was sufficient to allow the large Heavy Armored Warriors to pass through on their stomachs because of its “transformation mucus” talent. The soil, which was extremely soft and very easy to fall apart, had been transformed into a solid that was as hard as a rock, making it so that the people did not have to worry about this passageway collapsing upon them.

The speed in which the Collector Beetle was digging through the ground was a lot faster than the best drilling machines.

After a few seconds, the group of people was able to pass through using Zhao Yun’s “energy shaped” stairs and before crawling into the hole.


At the same time, on the ground’s surface that was destroyed due to the explosion in the ocean of flowers, a pile of dirt moved subtlely, and a transparent figure flew up from it.

After the group of people entered the passageway…

At the central base, in an area that was not marked on the structure drawing.

The different sized biological cabins were constantly exhaling freezing breaths. Through these translucent biological cabins, all of the different kinds of monsters on the island could be seen.

Poisonous chameleons, anacondas, overlord earthworms, golems…

From their grades, they were all above Elite-Grade. Worse still, there was still the existence of the Quasi-Boss Grade.

Since all these creatures were frozen in the biological cabin from before, there was no life fluctuation; not even the Legendary-Grade Scout spells would not be able to detect it.

However, at the moment, perhaps due to the changes in the center base, the ice blocks with the monsters frozen within were starting to melt gradually.

“Deputy President Zi Wei, what do we do? The opposing alliance troops are simply too aggressive. We are unable to enter the main base.” On one side of the main base, in a slightly thick jungle, the expressions on the faces of the highest leveled members of the Nine-Star Guild were not pleasant.

“Blame it on the group of idiots from North City. They were too stubborn to not clear their bases. In the end, not only were they beaten up but they even had to run away. That led to our opposing alliance taking control of the large amounts of creatures at the base. Even after we joined in, we were unable to hold on!” A player could not resist but blurt out.

When members of the group were still following the plan from before and carrying out their tasks, things were going smoothly. Not only did they annoy the people in North City, but they also decreased the effect of their internal spy to the minimum amount.

However, when they followed the plan to the main base, they discovered that the plan was better off than what was happening now.

Firstly, the fire command was supposed to serve as bait leading to a group of people pretending to die, making them unable to obtain detailed news of the war field.

The next step in the original plan was to come over to clean up the mess. However, they did not expect that when the large forces of Storm City arrived, the battle was incomplete. Although the players from North City have the advantage, their losses were completely different because North City did not gain a victory, but instead took a huge defeat.

When they arrived, there were no more than a hundred North City players still fighting across the mountains.

One of the reasons was that they got what they deserved.

During the battle with North City, the NPC for the opposing Rebel Army camp sent people to the nearest base, the fourth base, that North City did not clear and controlled a huge crowd of monsters to use against the players from Storm City.

Under the aggressive offense by the Rebel Army camp and the assassination of a group of ninjas, the North City people, who were slightly at a lower location, were completely demolished by the attacks from the front and back.

In such situations, the people from Storm City had no other choice but to first get rid of the hatred against North City and team up with them to defeat the Rebel Army camp.

After all, if we say that the two main cities of the federation camp with one thousand top players doing the mission, but the result was to be cut off by hundreds of ordinary rebel players or even destroyed by a regiment of ordinary players, they would be mocked to death by the spectating players from the other main cities after they get back.

This would decrease the morale of these people by a whole lot.

However, the Rebel Army, which was joined by a new force, still did not fall under the situation of having two enemies against itself.

What was more frustrating for them is that they had just received the news that another NPC of the Rebel Army brought monsters from the second and third bases from the North City’s side of the island and was coming over.

Once those monsters join the battle, the ending would be very obvious.

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