Fatal Shot

Chapter 625 - 24K Level Explosion 

Chapter 625: 24K Level Explosion


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“Tsk, tsk!”

On Feng Luo’s shoulder, 24K’s mouth had completely chewed the first psionics crystal. Almost immediately, it nimbly retrieved another crystal from Feng Luo’s combat pack and held it in its mouth.


With the psionics crystal providing the resources for 24K to consume, Feng Luo could be said to be one of the “big dogs,” as he had utilized the “Zerg Blast” spell until the end.

However, the fourth type to burst was not an attacking troop type.

That was because two Spider Machinery Guards were breaking through the energy shield built from the players and the beetles, directly charging towards Jing Kong who was retrieving data from his recon meter.


Over a hundred energy beetles flew out from that black hole and formed into a closed energy shield, covering the entire area, with Jing Kong along with that instrument in it.


“Wow f*ck, an energy shield? He even has this!” Zhao Yun, who just put on an energy shield on himself, blurted out with a face of surprise and “envy with jealously.”

With all four conventional combat type beetles present, the situation which was originally extremely dangerous was halfway solved by 24K alone.

With the Steel Beetles forming the “fortifications,” the players only needed to hide at the back, while constantly using long-range attacks coupled with the Jet Beetles and Blade Beetles to destroy those Spider Machinery Guards which are trying means to charge forward.

Of course, under such circumstances, there would be issues because, in this team, those who had professions with long-range attacks, were only Feng Luo, Zhao Yun, and Green Arrow. Jing Kong was unable to participate in combat.

Hence, those Spider Machinery Guards were unable to be eliminated immediately one by one, and a huge crowd of them would charge into the experimentation lab, with only a few combating players needed to eliminate them.

If it was only a few of them, then naturally there would be no issue, however, over time, there were over ten Spider Machinery Guards in the experimentation lab attacking with their dancing drills. In the base, there were nearing two hundred Spider Machinery Guards still waiting.

Luckily, in this small team of eight people, 24K was not the only Boss-Grade pet.


Jelly, which was beside Phoenix, was fed a wind-system crystal.

After finally consuming the Commander-Grade energy crystal, it immediately activated its “Runaway Battery” model.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

Enormous pale green wind blades were flying towards the Spider Machinery Guards.

Liken to consecutively shot out energy cannons, the wind blades that hit the metal carapace and the legs of the Spider Machinery Guards would leave a deep slash, some even directly corroding some parts of it.

“Jie!” With a howling eagle cry, Jing Kong also called out for his Commander-Grade pet.

Although it was an Elite-Grade flying pet, its combat effectiveness in this room was not very great, but it would still increase the allied strength by a little.

This was a battle with no way to retreat because if they died, they would lose all of their accumulated loot.

If they were unable to win, then they would forsake all of the efforts they have put in from before this moment.


After a full 20 minutes, after the final combat bullet exploded the last Spider Machinery Guard apart, which only had four legs remaining that was trying to squeeze past the corpses of its allies, this battle was announced to be finally over.

“Wow…we…won?” Douchebag was panting frantically his mouth open, as his face had an expression that suggested that he did not believe what was happening.

Looking around at the different types of corpses of the Spider Machinery Guards, and the white shining loot that was making the whole experimentation lab glowing. They were a team of only eight players facing two hundred Level-60 Elite-Grade Machinery creatures.

In the end, the team was victorious, and it was under the condition where no one died in battle; a feat that was a little too unbelievable.

Of course, after being emotional and thinking back, everyone understood why they were able to win in the end.

Other than the two people, Jing Kong and Big Pineapple who were defending in front of the instrument, the other four people were all putting their attention on 24K who was lying down and chewing on the energy crystal on Feng Luo’s shoulder.

“This battle was won all thanks to the pets!” Douchebag could not hold back his excitement anymore and blurted out his praise to the pets.

“Old Feng? Is your pet…” Zhao Yun could not resist anymore either and asked blatantly.

“Yes,” Feng Luo nodded.

“D*mn…” Even Zhao Yun, who was a star player who prioritized self-image in front of strangers, could not resist but blurt out some profanities.

“It is finally done!” However, before he continued to ask about something, Jing Kong suddenly shouted out, while wiping the sweat off his head.

“Hm? Is there an issue between you?” After he turned back and discovered that there was something strange about the expressions on the others’ faces, Jing Kong could not figure what was going on.

“I was thinking, what were we about to do after this?” Feng Luo did not want to discuss 24K in front of so many people and used this chance to change the topic.

“Now we can first clear the Spider Machinery Guards. After clearing them, we can split up to search the base to see if it has anything else hidden. This type of wasteland ruins usually would hide some good stuff.” Big Pineapple revealed his greedy nature as he suggested.

“No, I feel like that is inappropriate,” Green Arrow shook her head, as she acted more rational towards this idea.

“It is most important that we retreat now, no matter how good the other stuff here is, it will not be as good as the two things we have in hand, and it will not be good if an issue arises. I feel that we can decide after seeing the situation,” After disassembling the parts, Jing Kong carried the core instrument but eventually discovered that he was unable to fit it in his backpack, hence only able to carry it by hand as he said.

[“Attention, Devil’s Triangle Island Ruins Reclamation entering its final phase.”]

[“In this phase, the players with the Boss Chip, core investment manufacturing equipment, and the technological chip would have their locations revealed every two minutes.”]

[“If any players kill another player with any of the aforementioned items, they can directly obtain all of the loot from the island that the killed player has.”]

[“Countdown to the first location report: 900 seconds, 899 seconds, 898 seconds…”]

However, before anyone could say anything in time, four messages were continuously ringing in their ears suddenly.

“What is this situation?” Everyone, after being stunned for a while, all changed in expression.

“What is this? Why is there even such a phase at the end of the mission?” Douchebag could not help but blurt out.

The original thought was that the stuff was already in hand and they just needed to stroll down the base through the structure diagram and find an exit out. And then the group sneaked to the landing beach, waited until just before dawn to return directly to the warship. Therefore, the mission would have been completed.

But no one expected that there was such a change!

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