Fatal Shot

Chapter 627 - The Surprised Senior Players of Nine-Star Guild

Chapter 627: The Surprised Senior Players of Nine-Star Guild

“God damn, Frontline Command and Sword Ki Long River died in the middle of the operation. If not, with Frontline’s stealth profession skills, we might have a way out of this. Deputy President Zi Wei, if only back then you did not completely agree to allow Frontline carry on with such a dangerous operation…” A high-ranking player with the emblem of the Nine-Star Guild on his chest blurted out grudgingly, as he seemed to put a lot of emphasis on the word “deputy.”

“This baiting operation is a super important aspect of the plan, if none of the Rebel Army and North City people fight, then based on our situation back then with our reduced members, even if Frontline Command was on the field, how much hope of winning would we even have in the end? Although they died, the operation was a success.” Zi Wei looked at him sideways.

“But even if this operation succeeded, there is still not much use. In this current situation, we only have failure as a result. In my opinion, back then, we should not have taken that Feng Zhi Luo Ye’s suggestion… If we treated the situation with more severity, we would be able to think of a more stable plan…” This Nine-Star Guild high-ranking player felt uneasy after being stared at by Zi Wei, as her eyes flashed slightly when he spoke.

“Hmph!” Zi Wei’s face turned cold, as she did not want to comment on the subject.

The high-ranks of the Nine-Star Guild, due to special reasons, were not cooperative. Additionally, in the current situation, it was no surprise that people were trying to shift blame.

It was no surprise, but it was simply disgraceful.

“There is a situation, there is something on the ground!” A nearby Scout player suddenly had a huge shift in his expression as he stared at the scouting instrument in his hand as he interrupted the conversation between the two.


Before the voice of the Scout player faded, the ground between them suddenly revealed a hole where they could vaguely see a brown crab passing through.

“It’s the creatures from the Rebel Army!” The nearby players frantically raised their weapons as they wanted to attack.

“Don’t attack, it’s us!” However, a voice that was familiar to everyone came out from the hole that left everyone stunned.

“Jing Kong… You… are still alive!” The command team of the Nine-Star Guild was watching with great astonishment at Jing Kong, with his slightly dirtied head, popped out of the ground.

“Of course I’m still alive. Not only me, but Old Sword is still alive too, however, Old Y and Frontline Command were caught in the explosion that caused their deaths by the North City’s micro missiles…” After Jing Kong got out of the hole, he made space for Feng Luo who was walking out after him.

“Frontline Command died in battle…” After hearing Jing Kong’s words and confirming Frontline Command was dead, the joy of the top-ranking players of the Nine-Star Guild was naturally reduced a lot.

However, after seeing Feng Luo, who was the second person who walked out of the hole, some people looked at that senior Nine-Star Guild player who was talking behind his back just now.

The eyes of the senior player of the Nine-Star Guild flickered, but he could not say anything.

The one who crawled out last was Sword Ki Long River and he was carrying an extremely obvious instrument in his hands.

Time countdown until location reporting, five minutes and eleven seconds.

“What? You guys have entered the core base, and obtained the manufacturing equipment and chip information?” The senior players of the Nine-Star Guild, including Zi Wei and Uncle Lin, were completely surprised and joyful coupled with an expression filled with disbelief. “How is this possible, how did you all accomplish this?”

“Half of this should be due to luck, the other half, we need to thank…” Sword Ki Long River did not continue, but instead, Jing Kong swiftly summarized the whole process of the incidents as he pointed at Feng Luo a few times throughout the description.

Of course, in this process, the group of Nine-Star Guild senior players continuously had shocked faces. As for the senior player who was talking badly about Feng Luo before, he had such a huge change in the expression of his face.

“Now, we need to think of a feasible solution within the next three minutes…” After spending half a minute describing the situation, Jing Kong’s face became stern as he said.

Countdown to location report, thirty seconds.

“Mr. Feng, I have something to tell you. Before this, we met a small squad from North City and in the end, Digital Cat was met with misfortune…” In the group of Nine-Star Guild warriors and gunners, as they were bringing the group of Feng Luo and the others, swiftly retreating towards the warship, Zi Wei reported to Feng Luo about the incident with some apologies.

“However, that humanoid mech of hers had such a surprising performance. Honestly speaking, I did not think that Digital Cat was such an incredible mech engineer.” Following that, Zi Wei praised her with some admiration.

After hearing Zi Wei’s words, it was obvious that during the battle from before, Digital Cat had a good performance during battle.

[“Attention, Devil’s Triangle Island Ruins expedition is entering its final phase.”]

[“In this phase, those players who obtained the Boss chip, core manufacturing equipment, and the information in chip skills would have their locations reported… any players who kill the players with any of these items, would immediately obtain…”]

[“The players who have obtained the current core equipment are: Storm City Base – Sword Ki Long River, located at… Chip information owner: Ten Mile Tiger, located at …, Boss chip owner: Feng Luo, located at…”]

However, before Feng Luo had the chance to ask Zi Wei in detail, the fifteen-minute countdown for the first location report in the system had ended.

At the moment when the countdown turned zero, the system information immediately rang in everyone’s ears.

“Wow, f*ck! What is the current situation?” The North City players, with a death count not exceeding hundreds, were still being chased by that NPC and the Rebel Army’s creatures, shouted out.

Many of them were shocked before they were stopped in their tracks, hence almost being killed by the creatures chasing them.

“D*mn, what is this?”

Among the Rebel Army camps that occupy the position closest to the center base, those players from the Rebel Army who were completely minding their own business, but because of this situation, have been happily imagining that they had successfully won this mission, and had won countless star players and obtained a lot of pet chips, had faces filled with joy.

“F*ck… Oh, no. Crap, our people obtained the core items and Boss chip?” Even amongst the North City players, some players within the Nine-Star Guild who did not get the news that Zi Wei had intentionally hidden, nearly spewed profanities.

“However, they weren’t even close to the core base, how did they get the items? Never mind, it doesn’t matter, this simply meant that we didn’t need to fight with the Rebel Army anymore.” Some people were already talking joyfully.

“How is it possible not to fight them, didn’t you hear the notice on the system?”

“These three items can burst out from players and you only have to kill them, then the items would go to the opponents. We don’t want to fight, but for the people in the Rebel Army and North City, why would they stop fighting, they would only fight more aggressively.”

Some people were shaking their heads with their frowned brows instead.

“What are you scared of, the manufacturing equipment might be in the hands of the Sword Ki Long River. Whether it is North City or Rebel Army, which player would have the capabilities to kill him off? The information chip is also in the hands of Tiger bro, with this disgusting health points’ talent, which player would be able to kill off him?” The player with a face filled with joy revealed an over-confident look.

Sword Ki Long River had a nickname “Sword God,” and Ten Miles Tiger was also a star player in the Nine-Star Guild.

Although his ranking was only the top thirty in Storm City, his disgusting health points were the most elite in the entirety of War, and he even had a stealth profession.

“Isn’t there also a Feng Luo? Yes, Feng Luo, this name sounds familiar… Yes, isn’t that the player who was the second to awaken his Force? He has also gotten the two Quasi-Boss chips from before, now even the Boss chip is in his hands, is it possible for him to be this disgusting?”

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