Fatal Shot

Chapter 346 - Hound 1007 Reappears

Chapter 346: Hound 1007 Reappears

Although Feng Luo had killed the Fire Manipulator, Feng Luo had entered a crisis.

It was because the Heavy Armor Warrior had charged to his side, and as he stared furiously at Feng Luo, he raised the giant alloy shield in his hands and slammed it downwards at Feng Luo!

Shield Bash!

It was the basic Level 15 skill of Heavy Armor Warriors, but at the same time, it was also a Godly skill for most of the players. Once it hit the head, there was a high probability of inflicting a stunned effect.

“The Light Armor Warrior is in trouble!”

“Unless it’s a main attribute of the individual or a Heavy Armor Warrior who had cast Immovable Mountain, there is no way any profession can remain steady after getting hit by the pushing power of the Resistance Ring of Fire!”

“Look at his attack! It’s clear that he’s equipped with pure attack and speed type equipment, so his HP can’t be high. If he gets stunned by the Heavy Armor Warrior and the Heavy Armor Warrior continues to use a series of control skills, even if he survives, he’ll be in big trouble!”

The number of people surrounding the place had increased, and all of them seemed to be there to check out the commotion. After all, due to the traffic congestion outside Silvermoon City at the moment, it wasn’t so bad to have a PK match to view.

Of course, there was also no lack of players staring at the Devilish dark red Ghost Weep stuck in the throat of the Fire Manipulator.

The only thing was that they had not yet moved; players did not lose possession of their items immediately after they lost hold of them. Moreover, Feng Luo’s action of taking out two players just two to three seconds ago gravely frightened the players.

However, it was just as the players in the audience said.

Having been pushed backward by the force of the Resistance Ring of Fire, even if Feng Luo was still under the effects of Raging Charge, it was impossible for him to control his body, so he could not avoid the Shield Bash of the Heavy Armor Warrior.


Since he could not dodge it, instead he would take it head-on!

Even if a Heavy Armor Warrior were to increase the familiarity level of his Shield Bash skill to the Expert Level, the damage generally wouldn’t exceed 2,000. Would that be too much trouble for Feng Luo, who was fully equipped with Rare Grade items with a high damage reduction percentage?

As for the stun effect, since Shield Bash had an effect, the other skills had effects, too.

Feng Luo looked very calm and no signs of panic could be seen from his face. As the alloy shield was just inches away from hitting Feng Luo, a popup message saying Guidance Successful appeared in front of him.


The large alloy shield of the Heavy Armor Warrior hit Feng Luo’s Thunder Armor on his back, and the front of the shield smashed the back of Feng Luo’s head!


As Feng Luo predicted, even if the Heavy Armor Warrior’s Shield Bash was at the Expert Level, the damage inflicted on him could never exceed 2,000, and right now, with the high defense of the Thunder equipment set, the damage only managed to exceed 1,000.

Although Feng Luo wasn’t a real Light Armor Warrior, due to his Evolution talent and his Level 50 Rare Grade full set equipment, his current HP was actually higher than most Light Armor Warriors. A damage coefficient of over 1,000 was just around one-ninth of his total HP.

More importantly, even though he was hit by Shield Bash, Feng Luo did not show the panic normally shown after getting stunned; instead, he used the momentum generated by the hit and rolled forward as the Resistance Ring of Fire had disappeared.

After he stood up, Feng Luo had already retrieved Ghost Weep from the throat of the Fire Manipulator.

“The shield hit accurately and hard — why is this guy not stunned? That’s way too lucky!”

The surrounding players watching the battle initially thought that Feng Luo would be controlled by the Heavy Armor Warrior; however, unlike their expectation, Feng Luo stood up after the bash. His expression was still extremely calm. He held the military knife and glared at the Heavy Armor Warrior who was two meters away from him. There was no stun effect!

As such, some of the people watching the fight looked surprised while others seemed disappointed.

A Water Manipulator who had secretly taken out his energy converter even said, “That’s not luck; he used a skill!”

However, just beside the Water Manipulator, a Scout player with a sharp gaze wearing a combat uniform shook his head and said, “Before he was struck by Shield Bash, he had already finished using a skill that increased his resistance to stun, blind, freeze, and slow, as well as immunity to bonus damage from most skills!”

Compared to the beautiful and magnificent-looking skills of Manipulators, the skills of Gunners and Warriors in War were “simpler.” Most skills wouldn’t even appear and only top-notch experts would be able to come to the conclusion that someone was using a skill by observing the fine details.

As for the skill that Feng Luo just used, it was a skill that relied on the Human Biochip to temporarily increase his physical traits, which was why his outer appearance did not seem any different. The Scout player recognized it at once and from his tone, he seemed to know the effects of Feng Luo’s skill.

Clearly, a player like this was not your average Joe.

If Feng Luo were to pay attention to the Scout at that moment, he would find out that it was another acquaintance: Hound1007.

Before Feng Luo headed to the Special Agent Examination Mission, Hound1007 specifically went to Feng Luo once. He was the Hound Organization member who went to Feng Luo and wanted Feng Luo to take Hound Organization’s spot in the hidden profession change mission!

“An expert would never leave a battle to something like luck. It’s highly likely that before he chose to kill that Fire Manipulator, he had already predicted and prepared for such a scenario.” Hound1007 spoke sternly as he stared at the expressionless Feng Luo, who was holding Ghost Weep and was already just two meters away from the Heavy Armor Warrior. Clearly, his words were also an objection to the Water Manipulator’s claim that it was down to luck.

However, the Water Manipulator did not detect Hound1007’s attempt to mock him, as after he heard about the effects of the skill, he looked stunned and scared as he exclaimed, “F*ck! Immunity to bonus damage and increased resistance, including freeze and slow? Is this something to counter manipulators’ control skills?” The energy flowing in his energy converter also started to slow down.

“Why haven’t I heard of a skill like this for Light Armor Warriors before?” asked the Water Manipulator, not fully convinced.

“War has more than 100,000 Rare Skills at the moment. Do you think you’ll know all of them?” Hound1007 answered in contempt. His eyes were only focused on the battle between Feng Luo and the Heavy Armor Warrior.

After answering the Water Manipulator, Hound1007 no longer paid any attention to him. He was completely focused on Spectating the battle.

At that exact moment, at the end of the traffic congestion beside the shadows of the trees, Feng Luo and the Heavy Armor Warrior had clashed together!

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