Fatal Shot

Chapter 345 - Rare Skill, Throw!

Chapter 345: Rare Skill, Throw!

Under the effects of Raging Charge, Feng Luo, who was wearing the Thunder equipment set (obtained through an auction), was moving much faster than an average Light Armor Warrior.

Just as the white light of death disappeared from the Scout, Feng Luo was only a few steps away from the Fire Manipulator.


The Fire Manipulator, who had been pretty much invisible throughout, couldn’t help but panic. A condensed fireball quickly appeared on his energy converter’s launcher, and without wasting any moment, the Fire Manipulator fired it off at Feng Luo’s chest.


The fireball made from highly condensed energy was almost white. Before the fireball got close to him, the air ahead of Feng Luo had already become incredibly hot!

But since even a submachine gun aimed at Feng Luo couldn’t hit him, how would a condensed fireball that traveled slower than bullets reach him?


Feng Luo’s gaze was fixed on the color of the Fire Manipulator’s energy converter. Before the Fire Manipulator fired the fireball, Feng Luo had already stepped sideways!


The bright white condensed fireball flew past Feng Luo’s face, but Feng Luo’s eyes under his alloy helmet did not blink even once! Raging Charge made him extremely fast, with his full-strength step taking him over two meters away; even a condensed fireball with a certain direction-change ability would not be able to scratch the corner of his shirt.

As Feng Luo had closed in less than two meters from the Fire Manipulator, Ghost Weep seemed as if it was already seeking blood.



Although the fireball missed, the Fire Manipulator managed to summon a translucent energy shield covered in moving flame at the last moment!

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As the energy shield covered him, the sweaty Fire Manipulator let out a breath of relief.

He continued to retreat quickly while the energy converter in his hands lit up again. He wanted to coordinate with the enraged Heavy Armor Warrior, who had just turned around to initiate a pincer attack on Feng Luo.

There was no doubt that he had the right idea. Unfortunately for him, he did not notice Feng Luo’s cold smirk under the bright illumination from the flame shield.


With one last step, Feng Luo had finally stepped in front of the Fire Manipulator. Ghost Weep in his right hand, synergizing his attack with the forward momentum brought from the charge, Feng Luo slashed at the Fire Manipulator’s shield!


A crack instantly appeared on the flame energy shield where the blade had touched. The energy shield received a powerful and destructive single attack and showed signs that it would directly crumble.

“F*ck me!”


The other players who were watching the fight became pale.

From the look of the shield, the Fire Manipulator’s energy shield skill had already reached the Expert Level, so that meant that the Expert Level energy shield had failed to block a military knife attack from a Light Armor Warrior.

Just what kind of attack power was it?

Theoretically speaking, though the Fire Manipulator’s shield had a lower defense stat since it was an Expert Level shield, it should not have failed to block a single attack from a Light Armor Warrior. However, Feng Luo was equipped with a Legendary Grade weapon; moreover, it was a Legendary weapon that had a destruction coefficient of B-grade.

Manipulators’ energy shields also had defense coefficients, though they were not based on the same formula as warriors’ armor. With Ghost Weep’s destructive power, it would have an absolute advantage over any other type of equipment at the current stage, unless it was also a Legendary grade gear — not to mention, a Light Armor Warrior’s attack was also affected by the movement speed of the character when swinging the weapon, in addition to the person’s stats bonuses. As Feng Luo was under the effects of Raging Charge, he had increased his charging speed to the maximum, so his strike with the military knife would obtain a bonus of at least 30%.

Finally, there was also an equipment advantage. Feng Luo used to face players with better gear back in the day; however, this time, Feng Luo completely crushed his opponent when it came to equipment grades.

That was why, considering all three factors, Feng Luo’s slash had such a devastating effect!

Although Ghost Weep’s Charging Strike ended at the same time as the energy shield, would Feng Luo need a long time to make another swing with his knife?

“Damn it!”

As the shield cracked, the Fire Manipulator who had just relaxed suddenly became pale. Naturally, he understood very clearly what it meant when a shieldless Manipulator faced a Light Armor Warrior in close combat.

“Resistance Ring of Fire!”

Panicked, the light on the Fire Manipulator’s energy converter quickly disappeared, and the huge amount of fire energy transformed into a bright red ring of fire that spread outwards with his body at the center.


A rolling flame of around two meters spread outwards with great force, pushing away everything in its way.

Naturally, Feng Luo, who had already raised Ghost Weep, could not avoid the attack as it would make him lose his distance advantage!

“Good thing my Resistance Ring of Fire is also at the Expert level, and I can cast it instantly. Otherwise, that would have been dangerous!” The Fire Manipulator looked relieved.

As he raised his head to look at the retreating Feng Luo and the Heavy Armor Warrior charging at Feng Luo from behind with his shield raised, he could not help but feel proud that he had trained his skill familiarity in advance!

Though in that short period of around two seconds, he missed his fireball attack and had his shield broken, he ultimately persevered long enough for his teammate to catch up to him.

Heavy Armor Warriors had multiple single enemy control skills, and as long as his teammate could use one to restrict the enemy’s movements, he would be able to cast his fire skills to instantly destroy the enemy!

“But why does it look like he’s…”

However, just as the Fire Manipulator looked up, when his gaze locked with the retreating Feng Luo’s incredibly cold and mocking glare, he felt that something was wrong!

Outside the ring of fire, Feng Luo suddenly let go of Ghost Weep as he was constantly being pushed back and the dark red military knife quickly flew towards the Fire Manipulator!


The Fire Manipulator didn’t have time to react. His vision turned black, and as he opened his eyes, he found out that he was in the game capsule!

Ghost Weep struck the Fire Manipulator’s throat. The 30-centimeter reverse curved blade penetrated halfway through his throat, and the dark red blade emanated a vague and devilish black aura.


A fatal attack!

The Fire Manipulator had decent equipment, and his HP actually exceeded 4,200 — even higher than the Scout player!

However, even his relatively high HP could not prevent him from turning into a flash of white light due to Feng Luo’s unexpected knife throw.

Naturally, this hit was not a simple knife throw; it was also considered a skill!

[Throw] Level 15 rare general skill!

“Throws an object in the hand and deals bonus damage based on basic attack (Final damage depends on the item thrown as well as the process of the throw).”

“Cooldown: 10 seconds. Basic consumption: 5% stamina, 100 MP”

Since Feng Luo chose the Light Armor Warrior as his second profession and he became a tycoon who no longer lacked money, Feng Luo was incredibly picky with his skills. In truth, all the skills he learned for his second profession were rare skills. Moreover, almost all of them were skills that were very different from normal Light Armor Warriors’ skills.

Normal Light Armor Warriors would never learn a skill that would require them to throw away their weapons, especially when the Level 15 Light Armor Warrior Skill — Heavy Slash — was considered a rather powerful basic skill and to many warrior players, was also a Godly skill that could not be replaced.

Only someone like Feng Luo, who was originally a Sniper as well as a Special Agent with a different battle outlook and understanding from normal warrior players, would learn these special skills.

However, one thing worth noting is that the skill chip for Throw was something Feng Luo obtained when he was playing with the slot machine after he completed his Level 50 leveling mission, which was why he said that he was lucky back then.

It was indeed true that he was lucky. It was his first time using it on a player, and he had already succeeded in claiming a life.

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