Fatal Shot

Chapter 344 - Rare Skill, Raging Charge!

Chapter 344: Rare Skill, Raging Charge!

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“It’s 250,000, right? Not a lot. But my game bank doesn’t have that many credits at the moment.”

As the three players were exchanging glances, Feng Luo was already speaking again.

“How about this? Since this SCV of mine worth more than 1,000,000 crashed into your car, I’ll give it to you as compensation. The extra is on me!”

Feng Luo’s line of sight turned to the SCV slightly disfigured from the crash. He had just noticed the system message that tools within a certain range of the biohazard crisis plot could not be kept back. Even if he really could not keep it back, it was not too big a problem — to him, the price of a Land Bullet SCV-Type One was just a small portion of the returns of manufacturing an Eye of the Thunder.

But to “compensate” these three people… how was that possible?

Feng Luo scanned through the skills rack once more — from originally being on his way to save someone to being obstructed by these people made the coldness in his eyes even more intense!

“An SCV?”

Feng Luo did not really mind the Land Bullet, but it was clearly impossible for the three players not to be bothered. Hearing Feng Luo try to negotiate the compensation, they instinctively exchanged glances among themselves once more.

The eyes of the red-haired Scout and the Manipulator player were filled with joy. Only the Heavy Armored Warrior leader had felt that something was off, though he clearly could not identify the reason. After all, they had three men while the opponent had only one.

The three of them had even made battle preparations in secret beforehand — the Manipulator was already loading a skill and the Scout player already had his submachine gun aimed at the Light Armored Warrior, his finger pressed on the trigger.

On the other hand, the Light Armored Warrior just stood there, looking completely without an intention to retaliate. He did not even have his Alloy Longsword taken out from his backpack, though he was still holding onto his military knife which undoubtedly looked like a piece of Legendary equipment.

In War, Light Armored Warriors had enhancement when using any close-range weapon, but most Warriors would use the Alloy Longsword — after all, this weapon was more suitable for attacking thick-fleshed, high-defense large-type monsters. Plus, the damage of dual-wielding weapon attacks was higher than that of single-wielding weapons. The military knife, although similarly usable by Light Armored Warriors, was ultimately not as complementary as the Alloy Longsword because it was too short.

Although Legendary equipment was indeed useful on its own, it was truly powerful when used with enhancement skills that required Force. But for now, there were still no players in the game who had earned Force, so even though the opponent was holding onto a Legendary-Grade military knife, he did not think that the opponent would really be able to take on three people.

“No way!”

The red-haired Scout player’s expression had initially shown that he was already satisfied with Feng Luo’s compensation, but now that the Heavy Armored Warrior was silent with his forehead creased, he had misunderstood his frustration and instantly spoke to Feng Luo once more with a cold face.

“More than 1,000,000? You think you can bluff me? The price of this SCV model wouldn’t be more than a hundred thousand credits even if it were brand new, let alone now that it’s been smashed into such a state. Even 100,000 credits would be considered too high. No way it can cover for our loss!”

Clearly, the red-haired player was very knowledgeable about the price of the SCV Energy motorcycle.

Even though this SCV model was not considered to be among the top among vehicles, it was the most high-end among Energy motorcycles. Moreover, the price of the updated version of the SCV Type-Two series had already risen above 500,000 credits.

“100,000? I think you’ve got something wrong with your eyes. This SCV1 of mine is a modified good. I’ve spent over 1,000,000 for an expert to modify it, so its true value is worth 1,000,000.”

At that moment, Feng Luo’s expression calmed down all of a sudden, his eyes revealing an unidentified spark.

“Who are you trying to bluff? Who the f*ck would spend over 1,000,000 to modify a vehicle worth so little? You’re treating me like an idiot!” The red-haired Scout player had not regained his senses as he instinctively spouted out his words.

“Yeah, only an idiot would believe that!”

Feng Luo revealed his cold smile, the grip on his hand already tightened on Ghost Weep!

“You’re f*cking playing me?!”

The red-haired player was first taken aback, understanding that Feng Luo’s words were clearly meant to mock what he had said before about their car being modified. This similarly proved that what Feng Luo had said previously about the compensation was very clearly nothing more than just to play him for a fool.

Hence, in a moment’s rage, his finger below the submachine gun vigorously pressed down on the trigger!

“Da, da, da!”

A ray of sparks rushed out from the submachine gun muzzle as a trail of bullets hit Feng Luo’s position!

The spinning bullets flew in the air, and then…missed!

Just like how the Licker had lunged at Feng Luo before, these submachine gun bullets had missed as well. The moment just before the red-haired player’s finger had pressed down on the trigger, Feng Luo’s silhouette had already taken a step to the side.

In an instant, his body had moved forward diagonally an entire two or three meters. Such speed, under the light from the moon in the sky and the flares, had even made Feng Luo appear a little blurry to the weaker sighted players.

The submachine gun bullets had futilely hit where Feng Luo was previously standing.

“What? How!”

Very clearly, the red-haired player whose attack had missed was stunned — how was this Light Armored Warrior’s speed so fast?

In comparison to other professions, his sight as a Scout was still able to clearly see Feng Luo’s movement, but that was precisely the reason he was shocked.

“Charge? Impossible!”

Even if it was an Expert-Grade Charge, the highest acceleration would be from a stationary point; the speed when the Charge first started was actually not considered fast, so it was impossible to rely on Charge to dodge a bullet!

Furthermore, even though typical Light Armored Warriors had the fastest Charge speed, it would not have been possible to normally reach such a level… unless he was the kind of Light Armored Warrior with Agility enhancement!

But how was it possible for an Agility-type Light Armored Warrior to have an attack of more than 4000?

“Not good!”

As the red-haired player was dumbfounded, the Heavy Armored Warrior’s expression had changed. After he had dodged the Scout’s attack, Feng Luo, whose face already had a mocking smile, lunged towards the three of them.

With such a fast speed, he could not see clearly under such lighting – it was essentially closing up a three-meter distance in one second!

The trio had deliberately made the gap between them and Feng Luo to be out of the range of the Thunder Leap Slash, not expecting that Feng Luo would not even use Thunder Leap Slash at all, but instead would charge straight over on the ground.

Previously, although he had seen Feng Luo use a similar method to dodge the Licker’s attack, the Heavy Armored Warrior had actually thought that it was a short-distance Quick Dodge skill. But looking at it now, it was clearly a Charge-like Quick Movement skill, and it was so fast that people could hardly react.

“Dream on!”

There was no time to hesitate, so the Heavy Armored Warrior yelled and raised his Alloy Shield up in front of the Scout, hoping to block Feng Luo; he knew that the opponent’s target was definitely the red-haired player.

Nonetheless, with a “swoosh,” his Alloy Shield had only blocked a gush of wind.

With a twist of his leg and his super-speed, Feng Luo’s silhouette had already surpassed the line of defense of the Level 50 Heavy Armored Warrior!


The Heavy Armored Warrior only heard the remaining half of the suffocating groan from the Scout behind him. When he turned his head, there was already a long wound on the red-haired player’s neck spilling huge amounts of blood.


At the same time, the damage coefficient exceeding 4000 above his head was gradually dispersing. A throat-slash by a military knife; a lethal attack!

Ghost Weep’s damage coefficient was B-Grade, and its Rare attribute was the ability to cause damage to A-Grade defenses. The weak defense of the Scout’s neck was essentially nothing, not to mention the damage coefficient enhancement earned from slashing a human with a close-combat profession weapon in such high-speed movement.

Of course, more importantly, it was still Feng Luo’s Lethal talent, and the Charge-like skill he was engaged in now!

[Raging Charge], a Light Armored Warrior Level 35 Rare skill!

“When this skill is engaged, speed will be raised to the personal limit, earning 100% additional Agility attribute enhancement. Within the engagement duration, there is 10% MP loss per second and vision uses a large amount of Stamina (unable to level up, cooldown time determined by the engagement duration per round).”

This was the Rare skill that Feng Luo had picked up at a high price at the Exchange. It related to his second profession as the Agility-type Light Armored Warrior. It was enough to unleash his advantage in super-high Agility enhancement to the maximum!

With this type of super speed-type skill in accompaniment to his system-breaking B-Grade Ghost Weep and Lethal talent, this was the nightmare of every vulnerable profession!

“That’s the first!”

After splitting open the red-haired player’s throat, with his cold face and his combat shoes stepping consecutively, Feng Luo’s body reduced to a black silhouette once more as he continued to lunge at the panicked Fire Manipulator. Having so much time taken up by these three players, plus with such a jammed road to enter the city, Feng Luo had already been impatient long before.

If it were not for using Raging Charge before to dodge the Licker’s attack and thus needing the skill to cooldown, he would have lashed out long before. Why would he have let these three people drag on with so much nonsense?

Since some people were greedy, the consequences served them right!

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