Fatal Shot

Chapter 343 - A Compromise?

Chapter 343: A Compromise?

“250,000? F*ck, this fellow really dared to say it!”

“This NC-03 is selling for 500,000 credits in-store for the best edition, and his is obviously not even the best edition! Besides, after the SCV1 banged into the Licker, the force was already reduced by half. The remaining impact would have at most scratched a bit of the car, and repairs would have been a matter of one or two thousand credits!”

Among the surrounding players, there were those who knew exactly what was happening, talking to their companions beside them with a mocking tone.

“Then he’s totally just being greedy? The Light Armored Warrior definitely wouldn’t agree; the price is too high.”

His companion was obviously not as clear about the situation as him, and so his words had a sense of doubt.

“Agree? Definitely impossible! But what they want is probably a disagreement…”

The players who were spectating lowered their voices a little, their faces showing anticipation of a good show.

“F*ck, what do you all know?”

“My big brother’s NC-03 is a high-end modified good — he has already spent over 2,000,000 credits on modifications.

“Furthermore, it was modified by a life profession master requested from our Meng City, and they had reluctantly agreed because of my big brother’s reputation. Now, with this dent, we’d be owing them another huge amount if we brought it back for repair — 250,000 is already lower than it should be!”

The red-haired Scout player had super hearing, clearly listening in on the conversation between the two players, immediately raising his voice as he spoke and turning back to glare at them.

Then, he turned back once more and his finger pressed against the submachine gun trigger still aimed at Feng Luo’s chest!

“My friend, say no more! 250,000 credits, are you paying or not? If you’re not, then don’t blame us…”

This time, the one speaking was the Heavy Armored Warrior, his face still grave as he spoke in a deep voice, staring at Feng Luo.

“I’ll pay up!” Feng Luo said flatly as he stared at the three players, his face revealing a smile that was not quite a smile. He glanced at the cooldown time of his skill.

“F*ck, since you’re not paying, then don’t blame…hmm, what did you say? I’m talking about 250,000 credits! You’re really paying?”

According to the red-haired Scout player’s script, it was naturally impossible for Feng Luo to really agree to pay so many credits, so he had already followed-up according to his prediction — Feng Luo had actually agreed to pay?

He inadvertently let out the second half of what he had said, which had undoubtedly earned the sarcastic and mocking expressions on the faces of many of the surrounding people.

“Damn it! Is this brat f*cking kidding?”

The red-haired player was at first dumbfounded, after which he was enraged once more by the mocking laughter of the surrounding people. Feng Luo had already agreed to pay and he did not have any usable excuse to fight; thus, the red-haired player could only glare fiercely at Feng Luo. But it was not only him — even the pretentious Heavy Armored Warrior who was initially glaring at Feng Luo had now momentarily revealed a stunned expression.

The reasons they had found trouble with Feng Luo were that first, his Land Bullet had certainly crashed into their car, and second, they had taken interest in the Ghost Weep in Feng Luo’s hand.

When the Licker that was chased by so many players was left with half its HP, it had been killed by Feng Luo with just one slash — that lethal damage coefficient of more than 4000 had drawn many people’s attention to the Ghost Weep in Feng Luo’s hand.

The Heavy Armored Warrior had especially noticed the fact that Ghost Weep, which was initially covered in blood after piercing into the Licker’s heart, did not have even a single drop of blood dripping from it; in just a few seconds of time, the bloodstains on it had actually already vanished.

Regarding this fact, Feng Luo himself had overlooked it. His focus had been put on the surrounding players, not noticing the unusual properties of Ghost Weep.

“This military knife, could it be a…”

But as for the Heavy Armored Warrior, he quickly had a thought.

Actually, they had originally come down just to demand compensation from Feng Luo for crashing into their car — although they were definitely going to scam Feng Luo, they still were not going to resort to naming such a ridiculous price.

However, after he formulated his thoughts, the Heavy Armored Warrior could not help but immediately send a message to the red-haired player through the team channel, asking him to deliberately name a greater price. That way, if Feng Luo were to disagree, they would have a reason to take action.

They had three men: a Scout, a Manipulator, and a Heavy Armored Warrior — a complete set of close-range, long-range, attack, and defense professions. In addition, all of their equipment was Level 45 and above Excellent-Grade equipment, and each of them even had one or two Rare-Grade equipment.

Even though this Light Armored Warrior had the ability to finish off an entire half of a Licker’s HP, he did not think that the three of them would be unable to take down this Light Armored Warrior.

But still… weren’t these three players scared of the huge crowd behind Feng Luo?

It must be known, at this stage, that Legendary equipment was as rare as hens’ teeth — whoever who possessed Legendary equipment would definitely not be someone to mess with!

But actually, it was mainly the fact that despite holding onto a stylish-looking Ghost Weep, the vehicle that Feng Luo was riding on was just an SCV1 worth 100,000 plus credits. As such, the Heavy Armored Warrior had already determined that Feng Luo must have just been a lucky player who happened to find a piece of Legendary equipment, not some star player or super tycoon.

Even if he was some godly huge character, they were still not afraid!

After all, it was just in the game. If they did encounter someone truly dangerous, they would at most hand over his equipment and then replay — the loss would just be one Level. In a Star Federation society constantly monitored by central intelligence, even if they were top tycoons, it would not be so easy for them to lay hands on a commoner in real life.

Therefore, after the Scout player had named the price, the Heavy Armored Warrior seemed to have a darkened face but was actually watching Feng Luo’s move.

Even though his Level 50 Excellent Alloy Shield, which he was already carrying when he came down from the car, had not been raised, he had prepared it for use long before. After all, he felt that it was definitely impossible for this Light Armored Warrior to agree to such a ridiculous compensation price.

Nonetheless, it was clear that Feng Luo’s reply had taken everyone by surprise.

“He agreed? A price of 250,000? He actually agreed?”

Even the Heavy Armored Warrior who had mentally made preparations against all sorts of situations was dumbfounded for a moment. He immediately looked at Feng Luo’s face, hoping to see from Feng Luo’s expression whether his words were true.

Unfortunately for him, Feng Luo’s expression, with coldness hidden right beneath his eyes, was rather uncertain as he faked a smile, making the Heavy Armored Warrior clueless about the truth of his words.

“Don’t tell me he has a mission on him and can’t die now? Or is he afraid of being held up by us, allowing more people to notice his Legendary equipment and come up with their own thoughts, so he’s scared and in a hurry to spend money and get out of the situation?”

“But 250,000…it’s rather acceptable!”

Unable to tell anything from Feng Luo’s expression, the Heavy Armored Warrior could not help but wonder; after all, even if they killed Feng Luo, they might not be able to have the military knife.

Because the Criminal Points and Illegal Points on the three of them were not low, even though the unique talent of the red-haired Scout was able to guarantee an extremely high chance of equipment explosion upon killing people, the rate of exploding the military knife was not high.

Rather, 250,000 credits seemed like a better deal.

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