Fatal Shot

Chapter 342 - “Biker” Feng Luo!

Chapter 342: “Biker” Feng Luo!

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In the middle of the winding road, the front tire of the silver Energy motorcycle violently smashed on the chest of the Level 39 Licker.



Even though the Licker had a body size of more than two meters, it was sent flying by the high-speed silver Energy motorcycle, and a damage coefficient of over 1000 emerged at its head — however, the reaction of this Licker was incredibly fast.

When it was knocked into the air, its long dark red tongue shot out from inside its mouth lined with sharp teeth, instantly coiling around the body of the biker on the Energy motorcycle!

Due to being coiled around the waist, the biker was forcefully pulled off the silver Energy motorcycle which had flown outwards from the inertia, smashing into a nearby SUV.


The Licker’s special AI revealed a cruel expression. Having its escape plan affected by the hit, it had already decided to devour the brat who had gotten in its way.

Since its sight was already lost, leaving only its eyelids but even sharper sensory cells, it was able to detect that this humanoid organism’s life force was “richer” than those from before, making it feel even more bloodthirsty.


The biker who had fallen off the silver Energy motorcycle was wearing a blueish-purple alloy light armor and a piece on his head which were clearly part of an equipment set, and a helmet which almost completely covered his face, only revealing his pair of ice-cold eyes.

Even when he had been coiled around the waist by the Licker’s tongue, which had the same killing power as other lethal snake-species, his eyes did not have much movement — he just stared even more coldly and let out a loud grunt.


With a sudden rise of the biker’s right hand, a dark-red knife tip was in an instant drawn straight across the long red tongue of the Licker.


An extremely painful cry came from the Licker’s mouth. That tongue of its, possessing enough toughness and power to match up to a sniper bullet, actually broke right in front of its prey, spilling a large amount of dark red blood substance from where it was cut. It also meant that it had lost its most important attack mode!


Even with its special AI, the Licker had been instantly enraged. With a loud cry, it violently lunged at its prey, its sharp fingernails like stilettos as they created a swoosh in the wind. At such a short distance and with its speed, it was not possible for a humanoid organism to dodge its charged attack.

It wanted revenge!



The Licker’s claws had only scratched the air in the end — this attack of rage had actually missed!

“A miss!”

The slightly special brain of the Licker was a little ignorant. It felt that at the moment when contact was close, the opponent had actually moved to the side at a speed inferior to its own, but the Licker was unable to change its course midair; it could only land past the opponent.


It felt that as it went past the opponent, there was a very icy-cold sharp object stabbed into its body from its back.


A red damage coefficient — lethal damage!

The biker held a reddish-black reversed military knife as it plunged accurately into the Licker’s back. With a length of over 30 centimeters, the blade had pierced straight through the Licker’s most vital organ.

A Licker’s weakness was not its head, but that rapidly beating heart at the front of its body wrapped in a thin layer of muscle. As an organism transformed from a human infected by the T-Virus, it still retained some basic human body structures, including this fatal critical spot!

Normally, in order to protect its critical point, the Licker stuck close to and crawled on walls or on the ground so the thick muscle and bones on its back would be safe from typical sniper bullets.

“Why, this humanoid organism’s weapon was actually able to pierce through my body so smoothly!”

The Licker had only pondered up to this point before its life ended.

By then, a system message had already flashed past the vision of the Light Armored Warrior biker.

[“You have killed a Licker (Level 39 · Elite), Experience earned: 390. Biohazard crisis plot points earned: 7, Merit earned: 1!”]

“How violent!”]

“His reaction was so fast!”

“What was that skill just now? A Rare Thrust skill?”

Although it felt like this battle’s duration was a little long, the entire battle process was actually not even five seconds.

The players who had come over chasing the Licker had not had the chance to attack before they had already seen the falling dead body of the Licker. Among them, many people had noticed the Superspeed Movement of this Light Armored Warrior when he was dodging the attacks of the Licker.

“What high damage!”

“Over 4000 damage from a slash? How could a Light Armored Warrior do that without using any skill?”

There were also people who had their attention focused on the Light Armored Warrior’s over-4000 lethal damage coefficient with just one attack.

A Light Armored Warrior holding a one-handed short weapon and without using any skill was actually able to cause such a level of damage?

“How good must this person’s equipment be?”

“But could it be…”

There were people who thought of possibilities, their eyes landing on the red knife, which looked nothing like a typical military knife at first glance, used by the Light Armored Warrior.

“My friend, you’ve smashed my car!”

A voice suddenly sounded from the side of the battleground.

From the SUV smashed by the silver Energy motorcycle, three players walked out. The leader was a tall and slim Heavy Armored Warrior.

“Plus, that Licker should have been ours in the first place before you suddenly charged out and snatched it away!”


Feng Luo stared uninterestedly at the Heavy Armored Warrior who had deliberately walked over. The greed in the Heavy Armored Warrior’s eyes as he pretended to unintentionally glance at Ghost Weep had no chance of being hidden from Feng Luo.

“Don’t you ‘oh’ me! You smashed into our car and snatched our prey — you must pay for the damages!”

Standing beside the Heavy Armored Warrior, the Scout player — a head shorter, with red hair and who was chewing something in his mouth — held a grey submachine gun in his hand and pointed it at Feng Luo.

“Pay? How much?” Feng Luo asked flatly as he held onto Ghost Weep in his hand, not keeping it into his backpack.

His eyes looked past the three closest people, silently scanning all the surrounding players within a 20-meter distance.

“250,000 credits!”

The red-dyed-haired player’s eyes lit up, spitting out a sky-high price.


Feng Luo’s gaze was pulled back calmly, glancing sideways at him with a mocking laugh.

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