Fatal Shot

Chapter 341 - Arrival, Jammed

Chapter 341: Arrival, Jammed

The few roads outside Silvermoon City were already jammed up by all sorts of vehicles. Among them, half of them were players and NPCs leaving the city with panic on their faces, and the other half were players attempting to enter the city.

There were actually still people who would enter the city at a time of a biohazard crisis — wasn’t this too strange?

It was not strange at all!

A previous system-wide notification had already greatly attracted the curiosity of War’s players.

Following that, many players had posted information on the forum regarding Silvermoon City and other cities on the border being attacked by the biohazard virus and the rebellion. They also posted about mission rewards for killing zombies, which had aroused the interest of some players.

Just the permanent Enhancement Potion alone was sufficient to draw the attention of more than 50% of the players in War.

And what exactly was a biohazard crisis?

The T-Virus, zombies, Lickers, Tyrants…this series of things was just a theory of potential dangers to the players who had never personally been in a city which had a biohazard crisis outbreak plot.

Most importantly, players were different from NPCs — they were not afraid of death at all!

Even if they had really been infected or if they had unfortunately died, they would at most lose one level. If they were lucky, they might get a permanent Enhancement Potion…

Thus, there was a rather strange situation happening outside Silvermoon City up till four hours since the virus outbreak.

If it were not for the surrounding roads already controlled by the Federal troops restricting passage, there would have been even more people wanting to enter the city!

This was simply a game version of a siege.

The people inside Silvermoon City who had seen the craziness of the biohazard crisis wanted to escape, while the players outside of Silvermoon City were dead-set on entering to “send themselves to hell.”

“Move back, would y’all?”

“How? I can’t move back anymore; it’s all cars behind me. Don’t you know how to keep your vehicle and go on foot?”

“F*ck you! Within a 10-kilometer range around Silvermoon City, vehicles can’t be kept back. You think I want to be stuck here? Y’all outsiders are f*cking around! Can’t wait to go to hell, eh? Wait ’till the zombies and Tyrants come out and y’all can all die together!”

“Die my *ss! You Silvermoon City players are just cowardly. It’s just a transformation into mutant monsters if you get infected. Watch us get y’all!”

“Aren’t Tyrants just monster Commanders? Which of the top 10 experts in North City can’t take on a monster Commander solo? It’s just your little border place of a city that can’t even take on a monster Commander!”

“Motherf*cker! You f*cking say it one more time and trust me, I can even give up my car to kill you!”

Being stuck on the jammed roads, many players were yelling and cursing at one another, having conflicts that were progressing towards physical assaults.

The reason they had not really started fighting was because of the existence of a third party.


At some part of the traffic jam, a deafening female scream sounded.

“Da, da, da…”

Right after, there was the sound of all sorts of gunshots and skills!

A pale-faced male zombie wearing a suit with an obvious bite wound on his neck, dense greenish-black veins, and grey, lifeless pupils was attempting to lunge at a player!

Thankfully, he had not lunged at anyone before being shot by the skills and bullets of the surrounding players.

In the heavy traffic, other than players, there were also many NPCs.

After some NPCs had been wounded in the city — unlike the players — they did not know that they had already been completely infected by the T-Virus and had no way to exchange for anti-virus serums. They only had the thought of quickly driving away and escaping, but being jammed there for so long caused them to abruptly change into zombies!

But luckily, as monsters with very slow movement speed after they had just been infected, it was difficult for the zombies to move and come into contact with people — they naturally did not cause too much chaos!

Therefore, the players on both sides were still in the mood to quarrel.

However, since there were infected NPCs, there was, of course, the possibility that there were infected players or Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group players who carried T-Virus injection syringes on them.


The door of an Energy SUV suddenly sounded as it was banged open. A fully naked Licker with a blood-colored sticky substance on its muscles just mutilated from an infected player and charged forward.

After its mutilation, with claws as sharp as blades and with a leap of his body like a bow, it jumped towards a nearby red convertible Energy sports car!

On the gorgeous red convertible Energy sports car, a decently courageous female Water Manipulator player was smiling proudly as she had just shot an ice arrow through the head of a zombie.

What she had not expected that at that moment was a “freak” forming a trajectory straight towards her!


The Licker jumped onto the convertible Energy sports car, its four bare-fleshed claws quickly sending the female player falling onto the seats.


A sharp, deafening scream!

Luckily, before the female player had been knocked down, the system had already detected that her mental fluctuations were too strong and the following scene would exceed the upper limit she had set herself, so it sent her directly offline. She would not see the scene of “herself” having her eyeballs quickly pierced by the Licker’s long red tongue, or her brain being drilled into a pool of blood.

If not, War would have probably had one less courageous female player who dared to join the biohazard crisis plot!

“What the f*ck!”

“What kind of monster is that? Such a disgusting attack method!”

“Looks like that Licker is an Elite monster in the infected unit. It’s a high-speed and high-attack-type monster!”

A few surrounding players from the outside were taken by surprise as they saw what was unfolding — all their faces changed drastically.

Once they regained their senses, they realized the female player had already been absolutely killed by the Licker, and the Licker actually seemed to possess a certain amount of intellect.

When they were raising their weapons one by one attempting to attack it, it actually moved its four limbs once more, quickly jumping to the ground from atop the convertible car, causing the series of fireballs and wind blades shot from the outsider players to miss. Then, the Licker made use of its super speed and ran towards the border through the gaps between the vehicles.

Even though the level of this Licker was not considered high, its movement speed was troublesome; furthermore, because it moved in a crawling motion, it was able to pass underneath all sorts of large-type vehicles.

Along the way, it caused a chain of panic. While many players tried their attacks, not many of them landed. There were even trails of bullets shot by some players using submachine guns. However, due to inaccurate shooting, half of the bullets had hit a player’s car, creating a trail of bullet holes and making the car owner curse in rage.

In the end, the Licker had actually successfully escaped from the surrounding three to four hundred players, and looking at the outermost ring beyond the range of the traffic jam, it could even potentially escape into the forest by the road.


Just then, a straight beam of white light shone on its body.

A high-speed moving silver sci-fi Energy motorcycle appeared around a bend, practically traveling straight along the same route the Licker was about to take.

There was no doubt that if the Licker was up against the Land Bullets’ 300km/h speed, it would not have been able to change its direction in time.


It went like “boom”!

The Licker was directly flung into the air in reverse by the silver Energy motorcycle, which had appeared just in time!

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