Fatal Shot

Chapter 347 - Rare Skill, Battle Will!

Chapter 347: Rare Skill, Battle Will!

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On the battlefield, Feng Luo’s military knife clashed against the raised shield of the Heavy Armor Warrior. Just as Hound1007 said, Feng Luo’s body was under the effects of a skill.

[Battle Will]. Level 40 Light Armor Warrior Rare Skill!

Substantially increases the body’s resistance to common negative effects and provides immunity from the bonus damage of certain skills. After the skill’s duration elapses, some unique damage effects received when the skill was in effect will double (Familiarity: Intermediate 52%)!

Active skill. Requires two seconds of guidance, consumes 50 MP. Cooldown depends on the total activated time!

[Warning: If activated for a prolonged period of time, after the skill is deactivated, the user will enter a severe negative state.]

From the system’s introduction, the Rare Skill called Battle Will could only be described as powerful. If one were to disregard the side effects, one could even call it a Godly skill.

Although the total guidance time required was two seconds, when Feng Luo began charging at the Scout, he had already activated the skill and before the Heavy Armor Warrior’s Shield Bash hit him, the skill had already finished activating. Due to this, he instantly resisted the stun effect of the Shield Bash.

Since he already knew that there was a Fire Manipulator and a Heavy Armor Warrior among his enemies, with Feng Luo’s judgment and his PK experience, how would he not consider the two control skills, Resistance Ring of Fire and Shield Bash, and think of a way to counter them? Feng Luo’s calculation and preparation for the battle were actually more comprehensive and detailed than what Hound1007 thought.

From the time he evaded the red-haired player’s submachine gunshots, sidestepped away after the Heavy Armor Warrior blocked his path, and made the enemy’s first set of control skills miss to the time when the Fire Manipulator cast the Resistance Ring of Fire that pushed him back before getting hit by the thrown Ghost Weep, all of the actions and reactions of the three enemies were within Feng Luo’s expectations. As such, even though there seemed to be a lot of accidents in the fight, they were all the same to Feng Luo, which was apparent from his unchanging gaze.

All of this had to be attributed to Feng Luo’s increasingly active mind. Even as he moved at a high-speed, he could still react and respond to situations perfectly.


Ghost Weep moved quickly, leaving black afterimages in its wake before slamming heavily on the alloy shield swung by the Heavy Armor Warrior.


The shield produced from high-quality alloy metals was actually cut in the corner and the 30-centimeter dark red Ghost Weep sliced through the Heavy Armor Warrior’s neck. If it weren’t for the fact that the alloy shield was of high quality and the Heavy Armor Warrior’s defense was well-rounded, the Heavy Armor Warrior himself might have already been sliced open.

“How is that possible?” The Heavy Armor Warrior who was almost cut by Feng Luo looked stunned. One could even see some sort of panic forming in his eyes — first because the destructive power of the Legendary Grade weapon of the enemy was so frightening that it could slice off a chunk of his shield and second because his control skill had failed!

When he clashed with Feng Luo, he cast his Level 35 Heavy Armor Warrior Skill, Slam. The skill had an effect called Bone Crush, which reduced the target’s movement speed. As a veteran PK player, he knew its effect on an opponent who moved at insane speed during battles.

However, what he did not expect was that the Light Armor Warrior actually did not slow down even a little bit even though the skill was a direct hit.

“Just what is this? A rare skill? Ignoring control skills? Damn it! Wouldn’t that make pure attacking Light Armor Warriors invincible?”

The Heavy Armor Warrior’s heart sank. He quickly moved the shield in his hands to temporarily switch from offense to defense. One could not deny the fact that the rare skill, Battle Will, was incredibly powerful; however, it was far from being called invincible.

Firstly, the skill did not negate all skills’ bonus effects. For example, with the combined impact of Shield Bash as well as Resistance Ring of Fire, the caster would still be able to certain control skills.

Secondly, though the skill did not specify a skill length, it was actually quite similar to the skill Feng Luo exchanged at the Special Agent warehouse, Pseudo Environment. If it became activated for too long, the user would suffer severe negative ailments.

So, what exactly were severe negative ailments?

Feng Luo tried it once and found that after reaching a certain period of time, his HP, MP, and stamina, would all decrease quickly. Even his vision, hearing, and other perceptions would deteriorate. In addition, he would feel incredibly fatigued and have extreme muscle pain. And if he were to keep the skill activated for a longer period of time, his condition would become very similar to the Heavy Injury status, and he might even simply drop to the ground.

Based on the system’s explanation, the skill was actually a temporary overdrive of the body using the biochip. By stimulating the human body’s nerves, muscles, locomotor, and other systems, the biochip would achieve an effect much like humans injecting themselves with adrenaline. As such, the user would be extremely powerful when the skill was activated, but the moment the skill deactivated, it would be time to pay the debts!

It was a good thing Feng Luo had strong endurance and he did not reach a stage where he couldn’t bear it. That was why he chose to learn this skill and gave up the Hurricane Slash as well as other ultimate Light Armor Warrior Level 40 skills. However, since Feng Luo had already activated the skill, he had to finish the battle as soon as possible.


With the effects of Raging Charge, Feng Luo took two steps and avoided the alloy shield. Then, with his right hand holding Ghost Weep in a reverse grip, he slashed the gap in the Heavy Armor Warrior’s armor on his waist.


Sparks flew as metals clanged together. Half of Ghost Weep’s blade entered the Heavy Armor Warrior’s alloy armor, and a number of over 2,000 appeared above the Heavy Armor Warrior’s head.

To receive almost 2,500 damage in one hit? The Heavy Armor Warrior looked shellshocked! However, what made him shiver was that after Feng Luo pulled Ghost Weep out from his armor, he did not back off as one would normally expect. Instead, he used his left leg to pivot; then, using the momentum from the spin, he kicked the Heavy Armor Warrior in the waist with his right leg, exactly where Ghost Weep had just been a few tenths of a second before!


The large body of the Heavy Armor Warrior was actually pushed one whole step back from Feng Luo’s roundhouse kick! He looked to be suffering from excruciating pain!


At the same time, a yellow weakness damage appeared on top of his head. Although the damage wasn’t too high, one should remember it was only a kick. To reach damage as high as that, apart from Feng Luo’s talent bonus, there were definitely other skill bonuses involved!

“Enhanced Martial Arts, huh? Another rare skill. This is definitely unexpected!” said Hound1007 with surprise on his face.

“Battle Will, Enhanced Martial Arts, Raging Charge… uses a military knife as his weapon…”

“Taking all these together… The final combat style doesn’t really look like a Light Armor Warrior. Why do I feel that it’s more like a Scout?”

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