Fatal Shot

Chapter 304 - Record-Breaking Price

Chapter 304: Record-Breaking Price

“Wow, the mysterious box 1 buyer is striking again!”

“He has already won five Enhancement Potions in this auction, not to mention the other 20 or so pieces of top quality equipment. He must have already spent a billion credits, at least!”

“One billion credits are 100,000,000 Star Coins! Plus, his voice is really magnetic, able to melt people’s hearts, and I’ll bet that his looks are decent. Handsome nouveau riche, do you have a girlfriend!”

The moment the box 1 buyer took action, it had quickly triggered heated discussions among the players in the hall.

Although there were many local tycoons in this auction, the mysterious buyer in box 1 was definitely the most attention-catching! He had bid frequently throughout the whole auction, and his bids were always high enough to pressure others to give up in competitions.

Winning auction by dramatic overbidding was naturally attention-catching!

But this time, the huge raise by the number 1 box clearly did not scare away the other bidders.


The Whisper of the Wind wasn’t just a Level 50 Rare equipment set; it was known as the cream of the crop among quality equipment. This was the most sought after item in the auction so far, so the bid price was climbing steadily!




Players with good memories quickly recalled the auction of Starry Sky Company, Huan Yu’s rival, not long ago.

“It has exceeded 19,000,000. Two weeks ago, when Starry Sky Company auctioned an identical set of the Whisper of the Wind ornaments, the final bid was only 18,880,000! Logically speaking, equipment prices should depreciate, so why is the price this time exceeding the previous?”

“Right, I remember the previous auction too. That set of Whisper of the Wind ornaments was the finale, and it was bought by September Night Rain for 18,880,000 credits, right? At that time, the September Guild navy had also been promoting September Night Rain on the forum for quite a while!”

“September Night Rain? Say, I heard something about him. Seems like September Night Rain lost all his equipment because of someone the day before yesterday, leaving him in only his undergarments after he revived!”

On the players’ channel, some players immediately exposed the “fake” news loudly.

“Bullsh*t, how’s that possible?”

“September Night Rain is one of the top 10 experts. Even if someone was able to kill him, it wouldn’t be possible to make him lose it all… You’re totally spouting nonsense!”

There were players who expressed disbelief, but there were also players who instantly expressed support.

“He’s not spouting nonsense, I can prove it. My friend is an executive in the September Guild, and he mentioned this to me privately…”

“Yes, I’ve heard it before too…”

“No wonder, that’s why I say September…”

And after these two people had spoken, there were more players speaking up on the forum to discuss the matter of September Night Rain being defeated.

As a top 10 expert, September Night Rain’s popularity in Storm City had always been very high. He had many fans, and because of his handsomeness, he was loved by many young ladies! But such a person would clearly be the arch enemy of most men, and thus people would naturally spare no effort in hating on him as long as they were able to get a chance.

In addition, some of his star player competitors were secretly orchestrating these conversations as well.

“If we consider just the Whisper of the Wind ornaments, there have only been five or six sets in the whole game up until now! In our Storm City, two sets have appeared in only two weeks, and both of them are of Perfect evaluation. Doesn’t that seem unlikely? That’s way too coincidental! Therefore, September Night Rain was definitely beaten by someone, and this ornament set is his!”

“F*ck, you’re the one f*cking beaten! With September God’s ability, he would totally be able to own you even without equipment and without skills! You’re making up nonsense because you’re jealous!”

“Yeah, you have no ability, you look pathetic, and you’re still jealous of others…”

However, it was clear that there was also a huge number of September Night Rain’s fans—if there were hardcore haters, there would naturally be hardcore supporters too!

Thus, on the players’ channel, two huge groups of people had begun quarreling!

In the number 6 box, September Night Rain’s face was so dark it could have rained. As he read the various comments on the players’ channel, his fingernails on both hands were stabbing deeper and deeper into his palms.

“I still haven’t won it?” he asked, his voice filled with rage.

“Brother Night, the guy in the f*cking number 1 box just doesn’t give up!”

In the number 30 box, a local tycoon player who had no relation at all with the September Guild was continuously raising the price, competing with the mysterious player in the number 1 box!




On the auction screen, the price consistently surged upwards, while September Night Rain’s face grew increasingly dark with panic.

Once 20,000,000 credits had been surpassed, only the local tycoon player personally arranged by the September Guild leader and that mysterious player in the number 1 box were still competing. The other people had already given up on the competition!

However, this player was still bidding continuously, even when the price was now beyond 25,000,000 credits. And his opponent apparently had no intention of giving up either!

This situation made September Night Rain feel cold to the core. After all, his guild wasn’t giving him any funds to buy the equipment back; he would have to fork out all of it himself.

More importantly, the mockery from those people on the players’ channel was becoming increasingly ridiculous!

All because…

September Night Rain’s face became calm, and his eyes looked as sharp as a sword. Both his knuckles cracked out loud from being pressed so hard.


“Congratulations to the guest in the number 1 box, winning this iconic, top-grade Manipulator, luxury-status Whisper of the Wind equipment set!”

On the auction stage, the male auctioneer’s face had already reddened.

The auctioneers would also be rewarded for this large-scale auction today—the higher the final price, the more they would earn!


In the number 30 box, that local tycoon player who had failed the competition was breaking into a cold sweat.

He hadn’t stopped bidding because he was unwilling to continue, but because he had exhausted the funds given to him by September Night Rain. The auction time limit expired before they could complete the quick transfer to replenish his funds!

“30,500,000 is more than half again the original selling price. Using so much money to buy a set of game equipment is totally sick…”

He had initially thought that 30,000,000 credits would definitely be enough to win this ornament set; he hadn’t expected that he would meet someone who treated credits like water!

The face of the local tycoon player was grim to the core, following that. As he thought of September Night Rain’s real personality, the one that wasn’t revealed to the public, his face turned pale and the sweat on his forehead intensified!

“30,500,000, what the f*ck, this price has broken records, right?”

“If I remember correctly, even the most expensive ornament set on record was sold for less than 22,000,000. This auction has just exceeded that by 8,000,000!”

“Not just the ornaments; even the most incredible 8-piece Perfect-Grade Warrior Rare equipment did not reach such a price! This set the record for all equipment!”

The auctioneers made the normal arrangements for transporting the item, and the topic on the players’ channel finally shifted away from September Night Rain. The 30,000,000-price had undoubtedly left everyone shocked and envious.

“Such a record-breaking price probably won’t be surpassed for a while!”

“No! You’ve neglected the point that this is only the second-to-last item in this auction!”

“Right, it’s still just the second-to-last item. The true finale item is still to come!”

“F*ck, Huan Yu is really playing it mysterious this time, not announcing what the last thing is. But it definitely must be even more impressive than the permanent Enhancement Potions and the Whisper of the Wind equipment set. If not, how could it be the finale?”


All the players reacted, and everyone on the forum, in the hall, and in their respective boxes had their eyes glued to the golden auction stage. At that moment, the auction’s biggest piece of theater, the veil of the mysterious finale equipment, was going to be opened right away!

“Just what is it?”

Many faces were anxious!

“Could it be…”

Some had an idea.

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