Fatal Shot

Chapter 305 - 999,999,999!

Chapter 305: 999,999,999!

The last grand finale auction!

The male and female hosts of the auction moved to the sides of the stage.

In their stead, Sister Rui walked onto the stage again, still wearing her purple dress. She looked even more lovely than the female host who’d had plastic surgery.

“I’m sure everyone’s very eager to know just what our mysterious grand finale auction item is, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer… The final item of this auction is…”

As Sister Rui’s voice trailed off, all the lights in the auction hall extinguished, and the hall fell into darkness.

Then, above the heads of the players, a gigantic, magnificent, and beautiful golden crown appeared. It sparkled and shifted as if it had been constructed from golden sand.

“The first Legendary item in War: the Desert Crown!”


As Sister Rui finished speaking, all the stats and attributes of the Desert Crown appeared in front of the audience!

[Desert Crown (Head Decoration)]

Grade: Legendary

HP +1,200

MP +1,000…

Energy Condensation Rate…

Unique Attributes… Skill Attack Range increased by 20%

Attached Skill: Desert Net!

One after another, the stats and attributes of the crown were listed in large golden characters in the air!


Immediately after that came the discussion between the players inside the hall as well as the players watching the auction through the forum!


“What does ‘Legendary grade’ mean?”

“Legendary? Is that a higher grade than Rare?”

Most people were surprised that they hadn’t even heard of the grade before!

“F*ck! This item has crazy stats. One piece of headgear is providing more stats than half of my entire set of defensive items!”

“More importantly, look at the attached skill! And this skill doesn’t have cooldown! Light Armored Warriors wouldn’t be able to close in on Manipulators anymore with this skill! Doesn’t it break the balance?”

Some other players focused their attention on the stats of the Desert Crown and held their breath!

One couldn’t deny the strong reaction the Legendary item brought out of the players. After all, from the data, it was more than just a little better than Rare Grade equipment.

Not to mention the attached skill!

However, only Feng Luo and Big Pineapple knew that there was another crazy attributed attached to the Legendary equipment. The Force!

In fact, only people who had awakened the Force could use the attached skills of Legendary gear. For people without the Force, any Legendary item would lose a lot of value!

“This piece of Legendary equipment was dropped by a Level 55 Boss Desert Tarantula that the Glory Group killed after amassing around 5,000 elite players. To achieve this feat, the Glory Group spent three hours and sacrificed almost 3,000 players’ experience!”

“As such, the starting bid of the Desert Crown is 30 million credits. Every bid needs to raise at least 500,000 credits!”

“Bidding start!”

Just as Sister Rui finished talking, a bid appeared on the big screen!

“50 million!”

It came from box number one!

“Woah! The rich guy has entered the fray!”

All the players at the auction hall became even more excited!

It seemed that the player in box number one had even more cash than people had realized. After all, the previous highest bid was only 30 million credits, and it was on a three-item set. Now, he had added 20 million to the starting price with his first bid!

“This is no longer just some wealthy tycoon; this is a Godly tycoon!”

“Fifty million? Prior to this auction, the record price of a single item was 15 million. He’s already broken the record!”

News of the Legendary item appeared on the forum, and due to this, the number of players watching the live stream of the auction increased drastically. In a short amount of time, the number of viewers went from 20 million to around 50 million!

And as they saw the incredibly high bid, many people became interested in the identity of the player in box number one.

“Spending five million Star Coins to buy a game item. Moreover, it’s an unimportant head decoration; is this guy so rich that he doesn’t know how to spend his money anymore?” Big Pineapple mumbled inside luxurious box number two, which was right next to box number one.

50 million credits… Right now, the real value of a Legendary Grade item should be around there. However, if someone wants to exploit the situation and push the price higher, 50 million will clearly just be the beginning. The final price will definitely shock a lot of people! Feng Luo thought.

He was one of the few who remained calm after seeing the price tag.

With regards to the player in box number one, Feng Luo was pretty sure he was in cahoots with Glory Group.

The man had maintained a very high-profile in the auction thus far, which was probably just preparation for this last expensive bid to purchase the Legendary item. As such, no matter how high the bid went, Feng Luo wouldn’t be too surprised.

Regardless, 50 million was enough to stun a lot of players.

However, there were many wealthy players in War, so the price didn’t surprise everyone. After all, a package of four Enhancement Potions had reached this price earlier!

The price displayed on the screen began to increase.

“55 million!”

“57.5 million!”

“62 million!”

“70.5 million!”

The number kept going up, and before 10 seconds elapsed, the price had broken through the 70 million mark!

“Huh…” Feng Luo looked at the scene before him where more than 30 different players were taking part in the bidding. The corner of his mouth then curved upwards into a smile.

These people definitely did not know one thing, which was that Legendary items had a stat called compatibility. Moreover, one needed to wield the Force to realize the item’s true strength. So once they purchased the item, the buyer would probably stomp their feet in anger!

However, since Glory Group had made prior arrangements, there was no way that any of these people would win the auction, so Feng Luo didn’t bother watching it.

He switched his screen to the group auction list. It was now the last round of items in the group auction, and there was only half a minute left before the auction ended! And since the appearance of the Legendary item had sparked a firestorm of bids, the players were all busy spectating the auction of the Desert Crown instead of paying attention to the group auction. The prices in the group auction list barely moved.

“Hah, I can take advantage of this and save some money!” Feng Luo smiled. He quickly entered bids on some of the items that hadn’t become overly expensive.

“Wow!” However, while he was taking advantage of the situation, the screen in front of Big Pineapple showed a sudden uproar!

The price of the Desert Crown had now exceeded 100 million credits!

One hundred million credits equaled 10 million Star Coins. For a game item, it was an insane price!

However, 100 million credits clearly wasn’t excessive in some people’s eyes.

The price continued to surge!

After half a minute, after Feng Luo took the chance to bid on a few more consumable items, the price of the Desert Crown exceeded 150 million credits!

After that, in just another 40 seconds, the price broke through the 300 million mark!

“Increase the bid! Increase more!”

The audience in the auction hall was now in an uproar as they shouted and cheered for the bidder in box number one.

After a minute and a half, the price reached 400 million credits!

Several players were now up on their seats, shouting at the top of their lungs with flushed faces.

Two minutes later, the price was 500 million credits!

After four minutes and 57 seconds, the result of the auction was out!

The first piece of Legendary equipment in War was sold for 999,999,999 credits!

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