Fatal Shot

Chapter 303 - Whisper of the Wind Equipment Set, Auction Start!

Chapter 303: Whisper of the Wind Equipment Set, Auction Start!


In number 11 box, the Red Queen’s face was very calm, but her bid was a 500,000 credit raise! She was clearly trying to convey her tenacity—she must get this Intelligence Enhancement Potion!


But the male voice from number 1 box did not show any sign of backing down, and the new bid was similarly a raise of 500,000 credits!

“F*ck, already exceeded 10,000,000 and it’s still rising!”

“I’m going to faint!”

All the observers were envious of the two remaining bidders, but they were also filled with curiosity, all wanting to know what kind of shocking price this little “Enhancement Potion” would be sold at!


The Red Queen in box 11 creased her eyebrows as she raised once again.

This time, it was directly raised by an entire 1,000,000 credits!


But right after, the voice of the male player in box 1 sounded once more, directly adding 1,500,000 credits to the 12,000,000 base!

“F*ck, this price is really f*cking creepy!”

“The longer this goes on, the more rapidly the price rises. They are totally going to bid more than 15,000,000!”

The crowd of melon-eating spectators were filled with jealousy and spite!

But their prediction did not come true.

After seeing the opponent’s determination, the Red Queen decisively chose to give up, no longer raising the price!

“A smart woman has no need to fight at a time like this. This first batch of Enhancement Potions are probably the only ones that will be sold for this much…”

In the number 2 box, Feng Luo’s eyes flashed with agreement.

From the voice just now, he had already determined the identity of the bidder. The imperious voice of the Red Queen certainly made an impression.

“13,500,000! Congratulations to the guest in number 1 box, winning War’s very first permanent attribute Enhancement Potion!”

On the auction stage, the two auctioneers, finally seeing the conclusion, made the announcement with delighted faces!

“Spending over 1,000,000 Star Coins to buy a game potion which doesn’t even provide much of an attribute enhancement… What the f*ck!”

Big Pineapple’s face was filled with shock and admiration. His own Rare equipment prizes were similarly being auctioned at impressive prices, totaling around 10,000,000!

But the credits that were spent for just this little blue-colored potion had completely outweighed the profits from 40 pieces of Rare equipment—this was simply daylight robbery!

Daylight robbery, of course it is… Feng Luo thought.

The final bid of 13,500,000 credits was 30% more than his prediction; it was more than daylight robbery! But in truth, the real thief was the system, not him!

His and Lin’s shares were three to one, which meant that he could only get 3,750,000 of those 13,500,000 credits; considering the transaction fee and tax, his net profit should only be around 3,300,000!

But that was still a ridiculous amount of money, wasn’t it?

After all, 3,300,000 credits was almost the price of a “Thunder” armor set!

Nonetheless, there was still one problem; Feng Luo wouldn’t really receive the 3,300,000 credits. As Lin had said before, 90% of the credits from the Enhancement Potion sales would be used in researching the perfect virus and creating even higher grades of Enhancement Potions!

Hence, in reality, Feng Luo would only receive around 300,000 credits for the Enhancement Potion! The biggest share actually belonged to the system or the game company!

Of course, Feng Luo was already very satisfied. After all, other than having to donate blood as an NPC’s lab rat, he still had to satisfy Lin’s requests and help her search for more mutant evolution viruses.

The things he had to do were actually much work, especially with Huan Yu Company’s help in gathering the rare ingredients for creating the Enhancement Potions.

Therefore, these 300,000 credits were essentially a fortune gifted by the system!

Not to mention, if he got 300,000 credits for each, it would be 3,000,000 credits for 10. And Lin had passed him a total of 100, which meant 30,000,000!

Three million Star Coins, and this was only the produce of 10 days from Lin’s laboratory!

The price of the W-virus Enhancement Potion would definitely drop, and if the Resident Evil plot arc officially began, zombies of Commander-Grade and above would produce Enhancement Potions. That would make the potion prices drop dramatically!

But no matter what, he was already striking it big.

Plus there was one more thing to consider; when Feng Luo had finished his mission from before, he had used up three of the four Enhancement Potions he had been given by Lin.

That remaining one Intelligence attribute Enhancement Potion he had kept deliberately. According to the super-high price he had seen just now, this one potion could bring almost 10,000,000 credits into his account!

The auction continued!

Sister Rui’s grasp of the players’ psychology was very good, and the entire auctioning process went smoothly and steadily.

Regardless of whether it was the Eye of the Thunder or the Enhancement Potions, they were all separated and auctioned in batches. Each auction for Rare equipment would be a round of intense competition!

Thus, the auction atmosphere stayed heated, and not only did the price not reduce for long, but the competition among players became rather insane as the auction drew closer to its end!

The second round of 10 Standard-evaluated Eye of the Thunder sniper rifles had a total auction price of 7,500,000 credits!

The first pack of permanent Enhancement Potions of four different attributes had an auction price of 47,300,000 credits (the prices of the other three were slightly lower than that of the Intelligence one)!

The third round of 10 Excellent-evaluated Eye of the Thunder rifles had an auction price of 8,800,000 credits!

The fourth round, one solo Perfect-evaluated Eye of the Thunder, had an auction price of 1,030,000!

With the system directly assisting in the transactions and with more than one more auction stage going at the same time, the auction progressed very quickly. But with more than 5000 pieces of solo-auctioned premium equipment, it still made the duration of the auction quite long. The auction wasn’t nearing its end until after 9PM at night!

After the last round of four permanent Enhancement Potions had been auctioned off at a high price of more than 50,000,000 credits, this auction’s second from the last item, the “Whisper of the Wind” equipment set, finally took the stage!

“Whisper of the Wind series, Level 50 Rare 3-piece set, increases Wind Energy damage by 40%!”

“It is said that a hidden NPC ornament master created it, using a very precious rare crystal, in addition to more than 100 fine-cut Wind Energy Crystals of A-Grade purity—it is known as a top luxury item among Rare equipment!”

The female auctioneer had rested for a period of time halfway through the auction, and now she had once again stepped onstage. Even her eyes looked mesmerized as she introduced the Whisper of the Wind.

After all, the allure of sparkling objects was the same to both women and dragons!

The male auctioneer was more swift, knowing that the players already could not wait!

“Starting price of 12,000,000 credits, each raise cannot be less than 200,000. Let the auction begin now!” he announced loudly.


His words had just been spoken when the male voice from box 1 sounded once again, this time raising 3,000,000 with the first bid!

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