Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 49 - Past Events 3

Chapter 49: Past Events 3

No one else other than Xiao Lingyu’s family knew that the girl was framed.

However, for Yu ‘Er’s sake, the Xiao Family decided to keep the child despite its unknown origin.

Xiao Lingyu, who was saved, was like a walking corpse. She did not speak, did not eat, and did not drink. Her eyes were empty and indifferent. She did not show any expression.

Mother Xiao tried to persuade, scold, and beat her. However, Xiao Lingyu was unfazed. Mother Xiao’s heart ached so much that she wiped her tears every night.

In the end, Mother Xiao told Xiao Lingyu angrily, “Xiao Lingyu, you’re making yourself into some kind of zombie for that Chen Ran. But do you know what kind of life he is currently living? He has a beautiful new wife and a successful job. His life cannot be better!” Mother Xiao pointed out, “Xiao Lingyu, have you not suspected why you were drugged? How come everything collapsed once you woke up at the hotel? If you ask me, this is all thanks to that kid from the Chen family and his new wife. It’s to protect their reputation so that they can be together officially. You are sacrificed for their gain!”

Mother Xiao didn’t want to say these things without evidence. However, she had to do something to pull her daughter out of her daze.

As expected, Xiao Lingyu’s eyes brightened when she heard her mother. She tugged at Mother Xiao’s clothes and asked in disbelief, “Mom, you’re saying that it was Chen Ran who betrayed me first? Is it really true?” Xiao Lingyu was trapped in the pain of betraying Chen Ran. The guilt suffocated her.

She had been immersed in the pain and despair of betraying Chen Ran and could not walk out of it.

Suddenly, someone came to tell her it was the opposite. She needed time to process this.

Mother Xiao looked into Xiao Lingyu’s eyes and said seriously and calmly, “Yu ‘Er, think about it. Why were you called to the hotel that night? How did the pictures about you appear in the company the next morning? How can everything be so coincidental?” These questions sparked something in Xiao Lingyu’s mind. She started to suspect something was wrong.

However, she was still hesitant. What if Chen Ran was innocent? She had already betrayed him. How could she suspect him on top of that?

Mother Xiao saw Xiao Lingyu’s hesitation, and she let out a heavy sigh, “Yu ‘Er, what is the truth? You’ll need to find out yourself. Yu ‘Er, do you really want to live in guilt and carry the shame of a traitor for the rest of your life?”

Mother Xiao gently stroked Xiao Lingyu’s long hair and said with empathy. “Yu ‘Er, I know what kind of person you are. Even if you want to die, you need to clear your name first. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your mother, your father, and your brother.” Mother Xiao pleaded with Xiao Lingyu. “Ever since this incident, people would point fingers at us wherever we go. They say we’ve raised a prostitute daughter.”

Mother Xiao didn’t want to add to Xiao Lingyu’s pressure. However, she had to say something for her daughter to find the will to live. Hopefully, bond and responsibility to her family could awaken Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu was shocked. She had no idea how much pain she had caused her family. She looked at her mother’s haggard face and red eyes. Suddenly, she burst into tears, “Mom, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Just cry it out.” Mother Xiao patted Xiao Lingyu’s shoulder.

Father Xiao and Brother Xiao, who were standing outside, also had red eyes.

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