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Chapter 48 - : Past Events 2

Chapter 48: Past Events 2

Everyone knew Mother Xiao’s personality. She was a woman of her words.

The Chen Family had repeatedly bullied the Xiao Family because the Xiao Family was honest and kind people. Plus, Xiao Lingyu also believed she was the guilty party.

After the Chen Family knew they could blackmail the Xiao Family, naturally, they wouldn’t let the money tree go so easily. However, they didn’t expect Mother Xiao to retaliate. They didn’t understand that a rabbit would bite when cornered. If the Xiao Family allowed this to continue, it was better that they die. Furthermore, the Chen Family had already sucked them dry. They had nothing else to give the Chen Family other than their lives.

In contrast, the Chen Family had many things going for them. Chen Ran was going to marry the CEO’s daughter. Their in-laws could make them incredibly rich. It would pave a comfortable life for them in Xing An Town or even Xing Yin County. Therefore, the Chen Family wouldn’t risk their lives to fight Mother Xiao for the measly 50,000.

In the end, the Chen Family backed off.

However, Lan Erying had to have the last words. She looked at the sharp ax Mother Xiao held and chided, “Chen Qiuying, don’t make it sound like we’ve cornered you into this. It was your daughter who prostituted herself first. She is pregnant with a bastard child, and that has harmed the reputation of my Ran ‘Er and the Chen Family. Shouldn’t we ask for compensation?”

Mother Xiao sneered. “Lan Erying, do you think I’m dumb? You said my Yu ‘Er betrayed your Chen Ran but based on what I know, your son got engaged to his boss’ daughter only a few days after my Yu ‘Er returned.

“Lan Erying, there is no telling who has betrayed whom. If you continue to push us, then fine. I’ll go to City Z to make an expose on the new son-in-law of this big company. He has abandoned his loyal girlfriend for the sake of money. We’ll see whose reputation is ruined then!”

Mother Xiao was shrewd. When Xiao Lingyu first came back so dejected, Mother Xiao also believed the rumors. However, when Mother Xiao heard about Chen Ran’s engagement with his boss’ daughter, Mother Xiao started to doubt. She could guess the horrifying truth.

Chen Ran probably had hooked up with that woman a long time ago. However, to save his and that woman’s reputation, Chen Ran pushed Yu ‘Er out as a scapegoat. Yu ‘Er’s pregnant needed a more in-depth investigation. However, the Xiao Family had no power or money to do something like that. Furthermore, Xiao Lingyu was in no state to return to City Z.

Mother Xiao said these things to test the Chen Family. The Chen Family’s reaction verified her suspicion.

Lan Erying panicked and shouted, “Chen Qiuying, stop talking nonsense. It was your Xiao Lingyu who betrayed my Chen Ran. His fiance pitied him, so she decided to help him by getting engaged to him to get over your prostitute daughter!”

Mother Xiao looked at Lan Erying with sarcasm and contempt. She retorted sharply, “We’ll know who is telling the truth once we go to City Z and ask. Chen Dahua, Lan Erying, do you want to continue this madness? If you want to make a scene, that’s fine. We will go to City Z to make a big scene together!”

Mother Xiao scared Chen Ran’s parents. If Mother Xiao really went to City Z to find trouble with Chen Ran, even if he was innocent, his name would be tainted. He was now the son-in-law of a big company CEO. He couldn’t have that.

After Mother Xiao’s ultimatum, the Chen Family finally gave up.

For one, they were scared that Mother Xiao would really come after them with the ax.

For two, they were guilty. It was true that Chen Ran got engaged to another woman not long after Xiao Lingyu returned to the village.

The Chen Family told the others that the CEO’s daughter took pity on Chen Ran. Seeing how Chen Ran was betrayed, she decided to be with him to help him walk out of the scar of betrayal.

The people at Chen Family Village and Taoyuan Village believed them, but some people worked in City Z at Xing An Town. If these people did a little digging, the truth might be found. Someone might suspect it was Xiao Lingyu who was framed. Chen Ran’s reputation could be affected.

Therefore, the Chen Family decided not to take so much risk for 50,000 RMB. After all, Chen Ran would bring them more money. Therefore, they had to protect him with everything they had.

On the other side, Xiao Lingyu was transferred from the town hospital to the county hospital for treatment. When Xiao Lingyu arrived, she had already lost too much blood. Xiao Lingyu demanded an abortion, but her body was too weak to support that. If she insisted, both the mother and the child might die.

Mother and Father Xiao immediately stopped Xiao Lingyu. They didn’t want to lose Xiao Lingyu. Furthermore, the baby was innocent. Since abortion was not an option, then they would keep it. It meant that the baby was fated to be with the Xiao Family.

At the hospital, Mother Xiao finally heard the truth from Xiao Lingyu. She didn’t sleep with an old man but a young man.

It was because Xiao Lingyu was drugged that the incident happened.

It was not Xiao Lingyu’s fault.

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