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Chapter 47 - Past Events

Chapter 47: Past Events

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Xiao Lingyu knew that when Chen Ran’s parents came back from City Z, there would be plenty of trouble. Therefore, she had to think of a way to resolve that problem before it happened.

When she returned to her room, Xiao Lingyu held the jade pendant tightly in her hand. She recalled what had happened in her previous life with an angry and sad expression.

In her previous life, she was disgraced and fled home in a daze.

However, not long after she returned, Chen Ran’s parents brought the whole family over to cause a ruckus. They called her many horrible names. They scolded her for betraying Chen Ran and prostituted herself for the sake of money with an old man who could be her father. Because of her betrayal, Chen Ran was heavily devastated. He was in bed drinking, depressed, and dispirited.

The Chen Family demanded a mental reparation fee of 100,000 from the Xiao Family. They would not accept anything else or else they would come to Taoyuan Village and the Xiao Family to create problems every day. If the Xiao Family still refused, the Chen Family would spread the news around the town so that everyone would know Xiao Lingyu was a shameless prostitute.

The Chen Family had created such a big ruckus that Mother and Father Xiao had no choice but to cough up the money. For the sake of their daughter’s reputation, they borrowed money from everyone they knew and gave the money to the Chen Family. They thought the Chen Family would leave them after that. However, that was only the beginning.

The Chen Family had found a voluntary ATM machine, so naturally, they wouldn’t let the Xiao Family go. The Chen Family kept on coming over to blackmail them. Mother Xiao and Father Xiao had to sell their lands, beg Grandparents Xiao and owe many people to appease the Chen Family.

When they thought they couldn’t suffer anymore grievances, the Xiao Family found out Xiao Lingyu was pregnant.

Once she knew about that, Xiao Lingyu broke down. She kept hitting her stomach, trying to kill the child. However, no matter how hard she tried, the child refused to leave.

Xiao Lingyu was tormented by what had happened. She was wrapped in pain and despair. She lost all hope for life. Therefore, she considered suicide. She chose to slit her wrist. However, she was discovered by Xiao Lingye who returned early from school. The frightened Xiao Lingye had to carry Xiao Lingyu and run to the town hospital.

However, Xiao Lingyu’s injuries were too serious, and she had lost a lot of blood. The town hospital couldn’t treat her. They bandaged her and asked Xiao Lingye to transfer her to the county hospital.

Xiao Lingyu’s suicide was big news. This news naturally reached the Chen Family too. This became another reason for them to create another uproar.

They berated Xiao Lingyu. She became pregnant with a bastard child for money. In contrast, their Chen Ran was still devastated from Xiao Lingyu’s betrayal.

They didn’t care that Xiao Lingyu was hospitalized. They gathered a group of people and came to the Xiao Family to demand exorbitant compensation for mental health recovery. The Chen Family’s reputation was supposedly ruined because people said their son had a relationship with a prostitute. They were laughed at, and they demanded the Xiao Family repay them for the damaged reputation.

They demanded 50,000, or they would come cause trouble every day.

Mother Xiao was under great pressure due to Xiao Lingyu’s suicide attempt. The Chen Family was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mother Xiao’s heart hardened. She ran into the woodshed to pick up an ax. She shouted, “Fine, go on and make trouble. I’ll see who dares to do that. I’ll chop whoever enters the house. I will fight them to death.. I don’t mind dying. After all, thanks to you people, we already have nothing to lose!”

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