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Chapter 50 - The Chen Family People

Chapter 50: The Chen Family People

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Xiao Lingyu had tears streaming down her face when she thought of these things from her previous life. She held the jade pendant tightly.

Other than Xiao Tong, she had disappointed so many people in her past life. Her father, her mother, her brother, and those who had helped her, she had failed them all. How much had they suffered because of her?

All because she couldn’t get over a scumbag.

However, now that she was given a second chance, she would do things differently. Revenge had been taken on the scumbag, Chen Ran. All his dreams and ambitions were shattered.

However, Xiao Lingyu had not forgiven Chen Ran’s family for hurting her family in her previous life. The Chen Family was a group of greedy bastards. Chen Dahua’s siblings and Lan Erying’s siblings were fence-sitters. They were on good terms with Chen Dahua and Lan Erying solely because of Chen Ran.

Chen Ran was the only university graduate from their village. He worked in a big city and brought them benefits. But what would happen after Chen Ran became a burden to the Chen Family? Would the same siblings stand up for Chen Ran’s parents?

Xiao Lingyu touched the jade pendant and came up with an idea.

The next two days, wild rumors started at the Chen Village.

Apparently, after Chen Ran married the CEO’s daughter, the CEO lost his company. It was because Chen Ran and his wife had offended someone powerful at City Z. Chen Ran’s wife blamed everything on her husband. In a fit of anger, she stabbed him.

At Chen Sanhua’s home in the Chen Village, ten people gathered. They were Chen Dahua’s three brothers and their wives, as well as Chen Dahua’s two sisters and their husbands.

“Third brother, I heard that Ran ‘Er offended someone in City Z, and he caused his boss’ company to collapse?” Chen Dahua’s sister, Chen Guihua, asked anxiously.

Chen Ran was the only university student from their village. They thought they could bask in his glory. They didn’t expect him to offend someone important. He actually caused his father-in-law to lose his family company just like that…

What kind of big character did Chen Ran offend? If said person wanted to take revenge, villagers like them wouldn’t stand a chance.

If that was the case, they needed to distance themselves from Chen Ran as soon as possible. After all, there was no telling if the person would one day take revenge on those close to Chen Ran. Of course, they had to find out the truth before cutting off ties with the Chen Family’s only university student.

Chen Sanhua, Chen Dahua’s third brother, frowned. “Big sister, I’m not sure either. That was what Xiao Lingyu said when we went to find the Xiao Family in Taoyuan Village.” Chen Sanhua frowned and continued, “But it is true that Chen Ran was stabbed. The village chief received a call from the city hospital. Big brother and big sister-in-law already rushed to City Z the day before last.”

Chen Erhua said, “That’s right. Big sister-in-law even asked me for 200 RMB for travel fees before they departed.” Chen Erhua’s heart was pained. 200 RMB was enough for him to buy ten cigarettes.

“In that case, Big brother and sister-in-law should arrive in City Z already.” Chen Honghua said, “But we have not heard single news from them. There is not even a call.”

Chen Guihua nodded. “Honghua is right. It’s already been two days. Why haven’t big brother and big sister-in-law called back?”

Everyone was puzzled, but they had a guess in their hearts.

“Little brother, how about this? You should give Big brother and Big Sister-in-law a call. Help us find out what is going on!” Chen Guihua looked at Chen Xiaohua.

Chen Xiaohua replied, “Okay!” He took out a red flip phone from his pocket.

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