Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Getting Marriage Certificates

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Zhao Huiqing asked anxiously, “Miss Xiao, I have already agreed to both of your conditions. Young Master Yan, can you now resume the cooperation between the Yan Corporation and Huiqing Group?”

Xiao Lingyu smiled and said, “Chairman, why are you so anxious?” She paused and stared at Zhao Huiqing with an ambiguous smile before continuing, “It’s true that you have given me five million and agreed to the marriage between Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman. However, seeing is believing. I need to see them married with my own eyes. Do you understand?”

Zhao Huiqing’s eyes narrowed. He hissed angrily, “Xiao Lingyu, don’t push it!”

Xiao Lingyu chuckled. “Am I pushing it? Since Chairman has agreed to their marriage, what’s wrong with me requesting to see the ceremony? After all, who can tell if you’d go back on your words? Chairman, time is pressing. The more you delay, the more money Huiqing Group will lose. I don’t mind it either way. But I’m not sure you can have the same cavalier attitude as I do.”

Zhao Huiqing was exasperated. He howled, “Fine, I’ll send them to the Civil Affairs Bureau to have their marriage registered. Will you be satisfied then?”

‘Since Xiao Lingyu wants to see the marriage certificate, fine, I’ll find one for her! How can a girl like her tell whether the certificate is real or not?’

That’s right. Zhao Huiqing planned to forge the marriage certificate to fool Xiao Lingyu. Zhao Huiqing doubted even Young Master Yan would be experienced enough to tell a fake marriage certificate.

As Zhao Huiqing yelled at them, he shot a look at his secretary. Secretary Lin caught his meaning instantly. She retreated and then sent a message on her phone.

Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman were chased away. The longer they dragged this out, the bigger the loss to the Huiqing group. This was related to their livelihood, so naturally, they had to be fast. This was a strange couple. Even though they had turned on each other earlier, now they were desperate to get their marriage officiated.

“Wait.” Young Master Yan suddenly called out to them. It made Zhao Huiqing, Zhao Wenman, and Chen Ran all stop. Everyone was worried. They had no idea why Young Master Yan had stopped them. Could he have decided to stop this madness?

Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman looked at Young Master Yan nervously.

Young Master Yan said, “You don’t have to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

As soon as he said that, their faces turned pale, and their fear grew.

“Young Master Yan, why…” Zhao Huiqing asked carefully. ‘Is he going to put a stop to Xiao Lingyu’s ways?’

Yan Siming announced, “We’ll get the Civil Affairs Bureau to come here!”

As soon as he said that, he picked up the phone and made a call. “Come to Huiqing Group immediately. Bring along the marriage certificates. You have a marriage to officiate.” Then he hung up.

Everyone present was dumbfounded. Young Master Yan was Young Master Yan for a reason. His ways were unexpected.

Zhao Wenman and Chen Ran were surprised. Then one of them was expressionless, but a hint of joy flashed in her eyes. The other one couldn’t hide the happiness on his face.

One woman fought for him to get glory and wealth. And he got to marry the other woman who was rich and beautiful. Chen Ran was the real winner here!

The others scoffed at the man for being a real scumbag.

The only one unhappy was Zhao Huiqing. The anger in his heart boiled. However, he could only suppress it. Yan Siming had foiled his plan to forge the marriage certificate.

His hands were tightly clenched. The veins on the back of his hands were throbbing violently as if they were about to explode at any moment. It looked exceptionally terrifying.

Ignoring Zhao Huiqing’s anger, Yan Siming put down his phone and turned to Xiao Lingyu endearingly. “My little firecracker, what do you think? This is much more efficient, right?”

Yan Siming had a reason to believe Xiao Lingyu was not doing this out of love for Chen Ran. She must have something else planned, and Yan Siming was quite excited to see that plan revealed.

Xiao Lingyu thanked him very sincerely, “Thank you, Young Master Yan!” Her eyes then deliberately glanced at Chen Ran.

Everyone present thought Xiao Lingyu was thanking Young Master Yan for Chen Ran.

Chen Ran was deeply touched.

After a while, the director of the Civil Affairs Bureau rushed over with a subordinate. He even wiped his sweat as he arrived. It was unknown whether it was because he was too tired from rushing or because he was so scared from receiving a sudden call from Yan Siming.

The director, Zhu Guangming, ran to Yan Siming’s side and said respectfully, “Young Master Yan, I’m sorry. I was stuck in traffic and came late.”

Then, he noticed there was a woman beside Yan Siming. He was confused. ‘Young Master Yan wants to get married to this woman? But there’s no news that Young Master Yan has fallen in love with anyone!’

Young Master Yan nodded and said, “Chief Zhu, you came just in time. Thank you for your trouble.”

Zhu Guangming was flattered. He shook his head and said, “Young Master Yan, I’m only doing my job.” Then he looked at Xiao Lingyu and asked hesitantly, “Young Master Yan, are you the one…” Who wants to get married?

Young Master Yan shook his head and looked at Zhao Wenman and Chen Ran. He said, “You’re here to officiate their marriage!”

Chu Guangming looked at Chen Ran and the battered Zhao Wenman. He looked a little confused and asked uncertainly, “Who are they?”

Young Master Yan said, “The girl is Chairman Zhao’s daughter, and the man is his son-in-law-to-be!”

Only then did Chu Guangming notice Zhao Huiqing who was standing behind him. He was surprised.

“Huh?” Chu Guangming was really confused.

‘When has Young Master Yan cared about other people’s marriage? He even called me to come here in person? Why?’

Yan Siming coughed with dissatisfaction. “Stop wasting time! The more you delay, the more Huiqing Group will suffer.”

Chu Guangming was even more puzzled. What did the Chairman’s daughter’s marriage have anything to do with the business end of the Huiqing Group?

Of course, Chu Guangming didn’t dare to voice his doubts.

He urged his subordinate, and they quickly prepared the marriage certificates. Despite the pig-head that was Zhao Wenman’s face, the marriage picture turned out perfect. Photoshop really could do wonders.

When the two freshly-minted marriage certificates were produced, Chu Guangming said, “Young Master Yan, we are done!” Then he handed the two certificates to Yan Siming.

Young Master Yan did not say anything. Xiao Lingyu, on the other hand, smiled when she saw the two freshly-made marriage certificates.

She reached out to take them, but Chu Guangming avoided her. He was suspicious of Xiao Lingyu.

Young Master Yan’s face immediately darkened, and he said, “Give them to her!”

Zhu Guangming was shocked, and he respectfully handed the marriage certificates to Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu opened the marriage certificates and saw the picture of a beautiful couple on them.. Her expression brightened.

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