Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Unfinished Love?

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Xiao Lingyu’s second condition was for Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman to get married instantly. This was too unexpected.

Most people assumed Xiao Lingyu still had residual love for Chen Ran, which was why she came up with this condition. It was very touching.

When Chen Ran heard this, he was stunned, and then he was ecstatic. He looked at Xiao Lingyu with indescribable excitement and passion.

‘I knew it! Yu ‘Er still loves me!’

While Chen Ran was happy, someone else was not. Zhao Huiqing frowned and announced, “There is no way!”

Chen Ran was no longer a suitable candidate to be his son-in-law. Chen Ran had shown his ambitions. He didn’t be with Zhao Wenman because he loved her, but he was only interested in the Huiqing Group. Zhao Huiqing would not allow such a man to enter his family.

Xiao Lingyu smiled and said, “Chairman, you have to think carefully before you reject me. This is related to Huiqing Group’s future!”

Zhao Huiqing was furious. He deliberated and said, “Change this to any other condition. I will agree to anything but this!”

“No!” Xiao Lingyu shook her finger and smiled, “Chairman, I don’t have any other condition, just this one!”

Xiao Lingyu looked around and fixed her gaze on Chen Ran’s face. When she saw Chen Ran’s unusually excited expression, she could not help but smile. Her smile was beautiful. Most men were captivated.

Chen Ran couldn’t suppress his emotions. He called out with deep affection. “Yu ‘Er.” He even thought about asking her to be his mistress.

Xiao Lingyu shook her head with a smile. Then she turned to Zhao Huiqing. Her expression turned serious. “Chairman, if you want to protect Huiqing Group, you have to agree to this condition.”

Zhao Huiqing pointed at Xiao Lingyu and shouted angrily, “You…”

“So, yes or no?” Xiao Lingyu’s attitude was firm.

Zhao Wenman did not dare to say anything. She kept her head lowered, and her feelings were complicated. She was angry, resentful, and happy at the same time. After all, she did love Chen Ran. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have used her despicable method to destroy Xiao Lingyu.

Even though Chen Ran had shown how little he cared about her, Zhao Wenman still had feelings for the man. Her feelings couldn’t be uprooted so easily. She needed some time.

On top of that, Zhao Wenman already knew that Chen Ran agreed to be with her due to her background. However, Zhao Wenman had confidence that she could make Chen Ran love her. Once he did, Chen Ran would treat her as well as he did Xiao Lingyu.

Once she got him to fall in love with her, the allure of money wouldn’t be as strong. As long as Zhao Wenman remained Zhao Huiqing’s daughter, Chen Ran wouldn’t dare to do anything to her. Zhao Wenman had all the time in the world to transform Chen Ran into her dream husband.

Zhao Wenman thought about it and went to tug at Zhao Huiqing’s shirt. She looked at her father with pleading eyes.

At that moment, Xiao Lingyu turned to Yan Siming. “Young Master Yan…”

“Fine, I agree!” When Zhao Huiqing saw this, he was frightened. He immediately interrupted Xiao Lingyu and agreed to her condition. Besides, it appeared like his daughter still wanted to marry Chen Ran.

Internally, Zhao Huiqing was certain Xiao Lingyu did all these for Chen Ran. From the way Xiao Lingyu looked at Chen Ran, Zhao Huiqing captured pain, deep affection, and reluctance. ‘The girl still loves Chen Ran.’

Therefore, after Chen Ran married Zhao Wenman, Xiao Lingyu would continue to work at Huiqing Group. Chen Ran would have the support of Xiao Lingyu. And through her, Huiqing Group would get the support of Young Master Yan.

Zhao Huiqing had no reason not to agree to this. This was very beneficial to Huiqing Group.

“Wonderful!” Xiao Lingyu announced. Then she looked at Chen Ran and chuckled. “See, Brother Ran, I told you as long as you told me the truth, I would let you seek your happiness. I will do everything in my power to help you achieve your dream. Why didn’t you believe me?”

The crowd was puzzled. They couldn’t keep up with Xiao Lingyu. A moment ago, Xiao Lingyu was so angry with Chen Ran, but now she was doing everything she could to ensure his happiness.

They sighed at the depth of the love Xiao Lingyu had for Chen Ran.

Chen Ran walked up to Xiao Lingyu and held her hand in excitement. He was so happy that he cried, “I’m sorry, Yu ‘Er. I was the one who hurt you. But I will do everything I can to make up to you in the future.”

Xiao Lingyu’s goosebumps immediately rose when Chen Ran suddenly grabbed her hands. She frowned. She wanted to take her hands out, but Chen Ran held her hands too tightly.

Yan Siming narrowed his eyes. Then, Yan Siming grabbed Chen Ran’s arm and pulled him away. Chen Ran grunted because of the sudden pain.

A bruise formed on Chen Ran’s arm. Chen Ran glared at Yan Siming with anger and hatred in his eyes.

Yan Siming looked at him with a mocking and contemptuous expression. Then, he announced domineeringly, “I don’t like other men grabbing my woman!”

Chen Ran was stunned, but he quickly came to his senses. He immediately lowered his head and apologized, “Young Master Yan, I’m sorry!” However, his hands were tightly clenched. He swore, ‘One day, I will take revenge on you for stealing my wife!’

Yan Siming ignored him. Instead, he turned to Xiao Lingyu and asked with deep concern. “Were you hurt? You silly girl, why didn’t you say anything if he hurt you?”

Xiao Lingyu shook her head and said, “I’m fine. Thank you for your concern, Young Master Yan.”

Zhao Huiqing looked at this scene and frowned. He turned and saw the humiliation and anger on his daughter’s face. Zhao Huiqing was disappointed. He needed to go home and teach his daughter a lesson. But for now, he had more important matters to attend to.

Zhao Huiqing interrupted the flirting and asked, “Miss Xiao, I’ve completed both of your conditions. Now can you ask Young Master Yan to resume the cooperation between the Yan Corporation and Huiqing Group?”

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