Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Protect the Company

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Chu Guangming was confused about why he had to hand the marriage certificates to a woman next to Young Master Yan. However, he knew his place and didn’t ask. He did notice that almost all the employees of Huiqing Group were gathered there, including the chairman, Zhao Huiqing.

Instead of leaving, Chu Guangming had his subordinate bring the things back to the office. He would stay to watch the show. After all, Young Master Yan was involved, so this had to be a good show.

After Xiao Lingyu checked the certificates, she had someone pass them to Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman.

Zhao Huiqing asked with a gloomy face, “Miss Xiao, are you satisfied now?”

Xiao Lingyu nodded and replied, “I am!”

“Then, can you fulfill your end of the promise?”Zhao Huiqing looked at Xiao Lingyu and said through gritted teeth. However, his gaze was directed at Yan Siming. Everyone knew that even though Xiao Lingyu was given the power, the real shot-caller was still Yan Siming.

He could go back on his words any time he wanted. He was Young Master Yan.

Xiao Lingyu replied bluntly, “Of course.” She turned to blink smilingly at Yan Siming. “Young Master Yan, since Chairman Zhao has fulfilled both of my conditions, can we resume the cooperation between the Yan Corporation and Huiqing Corporation?”

Xiao Lingyu then placed one hand on Yan Siming’s palm as if writing something. No one noticed this.

Yan Siming smiled. “Of course!” Then, Yan Siming took out his phone. With his usual ease, he said, “Resume the cooperation with Huiqing Group!”.

As soon as Yan Siming said that, Zhao Huiqing’s tensed heart finally relaxed. He secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he thanked Yan Siming deeply, “Thank you, Young Master Yan, for your exceptional kindness.”

Yan Siming raised his brow and inquired in a mirthless smile, “Chairman Zhao, I wonder… Do you know how your precious daughter has managed to offend me?”

Zhao Huiqing was stunned, and he was confused. His sharp gaze swept over Zhao Wenman, and he put on a smiling face. “Young Master Yan, my daughter is dumb to have offended you. It’s my fault for not educating my daughter well. I will make sure to instill the Zhao Family’s teachings in her. In the future, she will be a better person.”

Young Master Yan said mockingly, “Chairman Zhao, there’s no need. I have seen enough of the Zhao Family’s teachings.”

Zhao Huiqing frowned, not knowing what Yan Siming meant.

At this moment, Xiao Lingyu interrupted with a cold smile, “Chairman, Miss Zhao called Young Master Yan a male prostitute.”

Zhao Huiqing’s expression dropped. No wonder Young Master Yan was so angry. Zhao Huiqing thought that Yan Siming was doing all these because he had hooked up with Xiao Lingyu. Zhao Huiqing had no idea that his own daughter was the cause of all the crisis.

Zhao Huiqing really wanted to sew Zhao Wenman’s mouth shut. If she couldn’t control her words, what was the point of having a mouth?

Zhao Huiqing immediately bowed, “I’m sorry, Young Master Yan. It’s my fault for not teaching her properly. I will teach her some serious lessons for this offense!” Zhao Huiqing then glared at Zhao Wenman and ordered, “Hurry up and apologize to Young Master Yan!”

Zhao Wenman lowered her head and said to Yan Siming again, “I’m sorry, Young Master Yan!”

Young Master Yan sneered, “Do you think a simple apology can settle everything?”

Zhao Wenman was shocked and asked anxiously, “Then, Young Master Yan, what do you want me to do?”

Yan Siming responded in a wicked manner. “Everyone at City Z knows that anyone who offends Young Master Yan will not have a good ending. They have to pay a heavy price. You haven’t heard of that?”

Zhao Huiqing’s heart fell. Before he could do anything, Yan Siming took out his phone again and ordered in a kingly manner, “Prepare to acquire Huiqing Group. It has to be completed within an hour! I don’t want to hear any excuses!”

At that moment, Zhao Huiqing and everyone present were shocked.

Even Chu Guangming was startled. He thought to himself. ‘Thankfully, I didn’t leave. This is such a good show!’

Then, Chu Guangming looked at Zhao Wenman with disdain and pity. ‘This Miss Zhao sure is bold to call Young Master Yan a male prostitute. No wonder Young Master Yan is taking this retaliation. At City Z, who doesn’t know there is a serious consequence to offending Young Master Yan?’

Just like that, a well-known enterprise suddenly changed owner.

Chu Guangming sighed. ‘Zhao Huiqing sure is lucky to have such a prodigal daughter.’ But he was still puzzled. ‘However, what does this have to do with Miss Zhao’s marriage to that man?’

Zhao Huiqing’s eyes rolled, and his head spun. His body swayed. Secretary Lin reached out to hold him, or he would have fallen to the ground.

“Chairman, are you okay?” Secretary Lin asked worriedly.

Zhao Huiqing ignored his secretary and staggered towards Yan Siming. He asked in a panic, “Young Master Yan, didn’t you say you’d let Huiqing Group go?”

Yan Siming laughed. “Zhao Huiqing, when have I ever said that?”

Zhao Huiqing’s face was pale. He looked at Xiao Lingyu and said, “Young Master Yan, you said that Xiao Lingyu would decide the fate of Huiqing Group. I’ve already completed both of her conditions. She also promised to protect Huiqing Group from bankruptcy. So how could you…” Do this to me?

Yan Siming carried a bewitching smile and said lightly. “Zhao Huiqing, you’re right. My little firecracker did save Huiqing Group from bankruptcy, didn’t she? Thanks to her, I manage to acquire an intact enterprise.”

Yan Siming turned around to hug Xiao Lingyu’s shoulder. He sniffed her hair before continuing, “Also, Huiqing Group will fare better under the Yan Group. So haven’t I kept my promise? Huiqing Group will have a brighter future. The only difference is that it will have a different owner. The company doesn’t belong to Zhao Family anymore.”

“No, no…” Zhao Huiqing couldn’t accept this. His eyes landed on Xiao Lingyu, who was close to Yan Siming. He immediately pleaded, “Miss Xiao, I beg you. You have to help us.”

Zhao Huiqing’s gaze kept moving towards Chen Ran.

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