Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Ruffian Uncle

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Ding Rong did not expect Huo Tian to call her “Mom” so easily. Tears immediately trickled down her face.

Huo Tian took a step forward, wanting to comfort Ding Rong, but was pulled her into her arms instead. “Tiantian, Mom has let you down. I can’t give you the life you used to have. Having not heard from you for so many days, I thought you would never come back.”

“But I just found out yesterday that I’m not the daughter of the Huo Family. Of course, I didn’t hear anything about it before.”

Huo Tian recalled the treatment the original owner of this body received at the Huo Family and said without much surprise, “Maybe they completely forgot about me. They only remembered that there was still a fake young miss in the villa before the banquet started, so they anxiously asked me to leave.”

Ding Rong’s heart couldn’t help but ache as she asked, “Tiantian, were you unhappy in the Huo family?”

“It’s alright. At least I’ve never been aggrieved materialistic-wise. It’s just that I only get to see servants through the years.”

What Huo Tian didn’t say was that to attract Mr. and Mrs. Huo’s attention, the original owner of this body had deliberately dressed as a punk, submitted blank papers during the exams… She had always yearned for the kinship that didn’t belong to her.

“It’s alright. From now on, Tiantian will live together with Mommy. Mommy will give you even more love.” Ding Rong carefully caressed Huo Tian’s cheeks, her gaze filled with pity.

“If Tiantian feels unhappy in the future, you must tell Mommy.”

“Alright, I understand!” Huo Tian gave Ding Rong a wide smile.

Huo Tian felt that the original owner of this body had died an unworthy death. As long as she was willing to abandon the aloof parents from the Huo family, she would be able to get a mother who truly loved her. The kinship she had always yearned for was actually close at hand, but she could no longer feel it.

Then let her take the original owner of this body’s place and cherish this kinship.

Ding Rong found a change of clothes for Huo Tian and let her take a shower. She even helped her remove the remaining makeup on her face.

Huo Tian walked out of the bathroom wearing Ding Rong’s clothes. The eyes of the siblings sitting in the living room lit up.

The tall and thin man in a flowery shirt said, “Sister, this is your biological daughter, right? She looks exactly like you when you were young. Both of you are beauties.”

Ding Rong rolled her eyes at Ding Chen. “You’re an uncle. How can you speak to your niece like that?”

Huo Tian sized Ding Chen up from head to toe. “Uncle? You look like Mom. Everyone in our family is so good-looking!”

After washing the makeup off her face in the bathroom, she was very satisfied with her looks that resembled Ding Rong’s! Now that she realized that she had a handsome uncle, she was in an extremely good mood!

Ding Chen’s smile became even friendlier. “Tiantian has good taste. This is my girl, unlike that Huo You…”

“Ding Chen!” Ding Rong immediately interrupted her brother.

Ding Chen snorted unhappily, and the atmosphere became a little strange.

A phone ringtone broke the silence. Ding Rong picked up the call and threw a subconscious glance at Huo Tian.

It was Huo You on the other end of the line. “Mom, Dad and Mom specially organized a banquet for me today. The guests just left, so I called you immediately.”

The living room was too small, and Ding Rong’s phone had some leakage. Both Ding Chen and Huo Tian heard Huo You’s words.

Ding Rong sighed wearily. “I don’t think Mrs. Huo will like you calling me that. Youyou, don’t make her unhappy.”

“It was just a slip of the tongue. Mom loves me very much, she won’t mind,” Huo You explained casually before changing the topic.

“Oh, right, Huo Tian left the Huo Family. She even said out of spite that she wanted to return all the money she spent all these years. Sigh… She doesn’t know the Ding Family’s financial situation. She’ll only cause trouble for the family! Mom, if you have any difficulties in your life in the future, you must tell me. I’ll try to help.”

Ding Rong’s brows gradually furrowed. “Miss Huo, you have your mother, and I have my own daughter. I’m happy that she’s a strong-willed and responsible child. Since she has agreed to return the Huo Family’s money, as her mother, I will support her without hesitation.”

Huo You, who was on the other end of the line, immediately lost her cool. “Support? Do you know how much she’s spent on the Huo Family all these years? It’s more than 20 million yuan, and you can’t even pay that amount in your entire life with that ten-square-meter tailor shop of yours. I’m offering to help you out for your own good. Why are you as ungrateful as Huo Tian?!”

Ding Rong wanted to say something, but her phone was snatched away by Ding Chen, who was next to her.

Ding Chen said to Huo You in a flippant tone, “Hey, isn’t this my ex-niece who got hooked up with wealthy parents? Now that you’re rich, you’re showing off in front of the person who raised you up painstakingly? Let me tell you this. Since you left the Ding family without any hesitation, then cut it off cleanly. Don’t let me know that you’re trying to find a sense of superiority from my sister and Tiantian. Otherwise, I have plenty of ways to deal with you!”

With that, Ding Chen immediately hung up and blacklisted Huo You’s number.

Ding Rong said helplessly, “She had called me Mom for more than ten years. This…”

Ding Chen shrugged his shoulders at Huo Tian and mouthed, “How did Uncle do?”

Huo Tian gave him a thumbs up!

“Uncle is awesome!”

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